BEV: Resources


Something great to do from now until the last detail is complete is check out wedding resources. All of them. Constantly. Check out websites, blogs, magazines, books, and television shows. This really helps to expose you to different ideas, advice, tips, and gives great inspiration. Some of my favorites were:



The Knot (of course)

TV Shows:

There are several more websites, blogs, and magazines out there, these were just ones I enjoyed and used the most. Getting familiar with these sites will help tremendously as they offer great inspirations through photos and ideas and also are great for finding venues. So while it's early and nothing is set in stone, I would highly advise you to search around these sites and start stocking up on magazines to help with decisions in your future.
Happy Halloween





Kudos to my Wolfpack for taking home the win last night against Florida State. We needed that win.

Friday Favorites

MAC and Disney's Venomous Villains Collection

This collection was released late September/early October and I jumped on it. Most likely because of Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen and Maleficent - what can I say, I'm a Disney baby? 

 Now I didn't purchase all this collection had to offer, although I would have liked to, I only walked away with four items - and I love all of them. And they were all things I didn't necessarily have already as far as makeup. There are a couple other items I would have liked to gone back and purchase, but I didn't. What I do have and love is as follows:

Her Own Devices Beauty Powder
This color is great for just a light dusting of rose blush. Even with a hard hand, the power goes on lightly. 

My Dark Magic Mineralized Eye Shadow Duo
This eyeshadow is awesome for several reasons: It's a duo and iridescent. And it can be used as a shadow (dry) or liner (wet). And when you wet the product, the colors are so much more intense. Love it!

Vainglourious Eye Shadow
This color is great because you can really pack in on and make it true to the color you see below, or you can apply it softly and blend it out into a really pretty light rose/pink color.

Wicked Ways Lipglass
This stuff is awesome. You can't completely tell, but it is a super vibrant, hyper-pigmented red lipglass. And don't let it fool you just because it's not a lipstick. This stuff is the real-red deal. If you want bright red glossy lips - get this. The great thing is that you can apply a couple dots and smooth them out for a (still intense, but) less intense red lip... or apply a full coat for super red lips. It's great. 


(if you are interested in any of these products check on MAC's online store or even at the counters first, then look at places like ebay. You will pay so much more on ebay, but I'm just not sure if these are still available at the counters since the Holiday Collection Tartan Tale has been released)


DIY: Empty Frame Collage

I can't even begin to tell you all how many pictures I have saved on my computer as inspiration for this DIY. One of my most favorite home decor looks is a collage of empty frames. In living rooms, hall ways, dining rooms, bedrooms... anywhere! I love it! And I knew I wanted to have it in my house. And now I do!

5-20 empty picture frames (be sure to get a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs around the edges)
2-4 cans of white spray paint in semi-gloss finish*

Before painting your fames, go ahead and lay them on the floor and play with the arrangement until you get it the way you want. Then snap a photo to reference back to when you begin the hanging process. (My arrangement changed a bit. I broke one and then another one wouldn't take the paint)

Lay out a large piece of cardboard to lay your frames on for painting.

Spray the frames with 2-4 coats of paint or until they are completely and evenly covered.

Once dry, begin hanging your center frame(s) and work your way out. Be sure to refer back to the photo you snapped earlier. Or feel free to hang as you please for a less uniformed look. 


*As always, I like to mention that you can pick any color that you prefer or that may better suit the room you are doing this project for. Same applies with the finish of the paint.


Family, Friends, and Strangers,


I promise I haven't purposefully been neglecting D&T. I promise. I went away for a girls weekend to the NC mountains and came home with an infection. I finally took myself to the doctor this afternoon and he was so generous to stick me in my hiney, prescribe an antibiotic, and three other drugs to make me feel better - a little overboard, maybe, but I'm not going to deny drugs that make me feel better.

I'm hoping in a day or two these drugs will do their magic and I can be me again - back to blogging and all. I can't wait to share my weekend with you, a DIY, a recipe, and a couple BEV posts. Until then, I will be resting. Enjoy this song (sorry, I can't embed it) until I return - I've been listening to this lately. See you soon.


Friday Favorites

A week or so ago I was in Ulta (shocker...) and right as I walked in, I was greeted with a display of several pink products - for breast cancer awareness. On one table there was Ulta shampoos and conditioners and other bath products in pink colors, another table had a huge raffle basket full of pink goodies, and another table had some TIGI products. I naturally moved towards the TIGI products.

On this table was the Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, Massive Shine Hair Spray, and Hard Head Hairspray. What was even prettier than the display of all these pink products was the price. They were all on sale for $6.99. I got one of each. Getting one of each is equivalent to buying one at regular price. That's a deal steal.

If you use these products or want to try them out, I would suggest getting to an Ulta now. I'm not completely sure they are still running this sale, but it's worth stopping by to check. I love the dry shampoo. I love the shine hairspray (great for a bit of hold and shine - like when straightening). And I love the hard hold hairspray - my curls stay curled. And the bottles look pretty.

(The large round stickers pull off. So read them first, then pull them off - if you want.)

Bride's Eye View: Suggestions for Getting Organized*


A three-ring notebook
I would suggest a three-ring notebook so that papers can be put in and taken out with ease. If you use something like a spiral notebook, once you rip a page out, it's not going back in - unless you staple or tape it. Then it looks messy, but if you are ok with that, go for it. I could never deal with that. It's up to you.

To put in the three-ring binder...

Dividing Folders
These are what will keep you organized. I would set up dividers for: Caterer information, photographer information, florist information, etc. And by information, I mean paperwork they will give you with menus, photo packages, hourly rates, bouquet costs, and so on. This method ensures that you know exactly where everything is when you need it! And that will keep the stress at bay.

Information Page
Another life-saver right here, my friends. When you open your notebook, I would suggest the very first thing you see is an information page. This page should be complete with vendor names (i.e., Southern Catering, First Christian Church), name(s) of person to contact, phone number, email, website (if available), and any other information you deem necessary.

Ex (all this info is made up):
Southern Catering
Jill Thompson
Raleigh, NC

I'd have this for each booked vendor. I'd also keep this information on the places where you get your dress, the guys get their tux, the girls get their dresses, where you order your invitations, save the dates, and so on. Any person or company you may have one or more contact with throughout this process, I would have at the least a name and number written down and easy to find - just in case. We are eliminating possible stress here, people!

Behind this information page, I would also suggest a couple copies of another list. Once your wedding party is complete, I would go ahead and type up an information sheet for all your bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls (or their parents), and anyone else who is part of the wedding party. Include their name, their role in your wedding, address, number, email, and maybe even their relationship to you. This is helpful to you because people who throw you showers and when his parents are working on the rehearsal dinner, they are going to need this information. And when they ask for it, you have it. Already complete, and all in one place to just easily hand over.

Guest List
I wrote on a guest list here, but I'm going to go ahead and paste it below:

This notebook is also a great place to keep several copies of a guest list with address of each guest. As shower invitations, Save the Date cards, rehearsal dinner invitations, and ceremony invitations are being sent out, it's going to help you and others who may need the list/address and it's going to help ensure every one is accounted for - because people who are invited to showers are expected to be invited to the wedding and you don't want to overlook anyone. I'd also say go ahead and put these in alphabetical order - just to help you out.

Not only will having the guest list with address be helpful with showers and invitations, but also having these addresses on hand as thank you notes are being sent out is quite a blessing. Thank you notes will be a whole other post later on, but just let me go ahead an say, gifts can come in waves and before you know it you are needing to write 50+ TY notes (especially after showers) and having all the addresses in front of you will make things that much easier.

Thank You Note List
I would most definitely have a divider tab for thank you notes. Once you register (I can't wait to post on this!) gifts will start coming in - slowly at first and then they pour in! As these gifts come in, write down the giver and the gift immediately and write the note as soon as you can. The point of this section is so that you always know where your running list of gifts and givers is. Once you write the note, cross off the name and gift. This is just another way to stay organized and ensure that everyone receives a note (then they know you got it and you appreciate it).

Most everyone already has a calendar they use - whether it's at work, in your purse, or on your phone. And if you already have this, that's great! If you have a calendar that's just for work, you may want to consider purchasing an additional one - one that will fit into your notebook. If you keep a calendar with you everywhere you go, then you probably don't need an additional one. Having a calendar is crucial. You are going to be setting up appointments to meet vendors, discuss menu options, cake option, try on dresses, dress fittings, and so on. You are also going to be asked about dates that will work for showers and parties. You need a calendar handy for this. You can usually purchase calendars that are thin and already punched with three holes to fit perfectly into your notebook.

Ideas and Inspirations
As you think of ideas you are considering for the wedding or you see ideas on websites that you like WRITE THEM DOWN. As you come across pictures you like in magazines TEAR THEM OUT. If you find pictures you like online - START A FOLDER on your computer to save these photos to. You are going to have so much on your mind during this time that it's likely you may forget something you read or forget where you saw that gorgeous picture - so when you see or read things like this - hold on to them! Either in a new section of you notebook or even in an entirely new notebook, keep up with all the ideas and inspirations you run into.

*These are all just suggestions. If you are working on putting together a notebook and find that a different set-up works better for you, go for it! The main point I am trying to share is that making this extra effort and putting in a few hours to create a system where number and information are easily accessible will make your life easier during this process. I was kind of organized with all my information, but not like this. It was all a bit scattered. I had files saved on the computer, I had websites book-marked, I had a notebook with running lists and information, and I had a large folder with everything else. It was better than nothing, but still things were here and there. If I could re-do it, setting up a system would be the first thing I would do.


Bride's Eye View: Getting Organized


In my last BEV post I mentioned that there were two things that needed to take place immediately after becoming engaged: setting a date and getting organized. Going ahead and getting organized will help you from the moment you create an organizational system to the moment you say "I do" (and even after).

Things to organize:

  • Guest list
  • Guest addresses
  • Vendor information
  • Vendor contact information
  • Inspirations
  • Ideas

There are many benefits of being organized during this planning time. You are going to be given and juggling a lot of information as you are meeting and booking vendors. So having all your price sheets, contact information, menu options, package options, and phone numbers, as well as ideas and inspiration, in one place is going to make your life a wee bit easier.

This is also a great place to keep several copies of a guest list with address of each guest. As shower invitations, Save the Date cards, rehearsal dinner invitations, and ceremony invitations are being sent out, it's going to help you and others who may need the list/address and it's going to help ensure every one is accounted for - because people who are invited to showers are expected to be invited to the wedding and you don't want to overlook anyone. I'd also say go ahead and put these in alphabetical order - just to help you out.

Not only will having the guest list with address be helpful with showers and invitations, but also having these addresses on hand as thank you notes are being sent out is quite a blessing. Thank you notes will be a whole other post later on, but just let me go ahead an say, gifts can come in waves and before you know it you are needing to write 50+ TY notes (especially after showers) and having all the addresses in front of you will make things that much easier.

Maybe not initially, but as your wedding date approaches your schedule is going to become busier. If you do not already keep a calendar with you at all times, I would suggest doing so - or at least keep one within your organization notebook. You are going to be making and receiving phone calls to set up appointments and meetings and if your calendar is handy, your life will be easier.

If you are more of an electronic person,you can definitely set up a folder with files on your computer using Word and Excel - or whatever other programs you are familiar and comfortable with. For me, although I love my computer, I am a hands-on kind of gal and I preferred having, holding, and flipping through information. If you prefer this method, you have the option of purchasing an organization system - you can find these online or in book stores such as Barnes&Noble; however, I preferred something custom to meet my needs.

In a nut shell: organized = easier life.

Suggestions for an organizing system coming soon.

Over the Weekend:

This is Friday morning, before my parents, grandmother, and Chloe arrived. Maeby decided she wanted to sleep in just a few extra minutes to rest up before Chloe came. 

Mom and dad (so generously) purchased a large, flat screened television for us a few months ago (it was sort of wedding/birthday/early Christmas gift, if you will...). It wasn't able to be shipped so we had to wait until they came to visit. The new tv is up and running. And we love it!

On their trip down to AL they took the scenic route and went through the mountains - where I used to live. They knew it would be perfect timing to see the leaves changing and they wanted to stop by Barbers Orchard Fruitstand in Waynesville, NC. They bought apple cake (my favorite), apple pie, gala apples, fugi apples, apple butter, blackberry preserves, hot salsa, and pineapple salsa. Nom. Nom. Nom. 

Mom and Sadie sat outside with the girls while Chris put together our much needed entertainment system. We couldn't have our nice new tv sitting on a tiny little table anymore. 

They got a little anxious and bummed out that they couldn't be a part of the action going on inside.

Chris finalizing the new cabinet. 

Then some cooking took place. Above is dad's delicious sautĂ©ed onions and mushrooms that are a must have when he grills streaks. Honestly, I could eat this by itself.  

Here are the steaks before hitting the fire. 

Here is dad charring up the steaks initially - to keep all those delicious juices inside! 

Here are mom and Sadie in the kitchen (excuse the mess, but that mess means people are working and when these people are working that means deliciousness is on the way!).

The next night (Sunday night) dad battered up some fresh bass and fried them along with hush-puppies, homemade french fries, and homemake sweet potato fries. 

That's everything frying away!

Mom made some homemade slaw. 

The girls wrestled. Quite a bit. 

And got to tear up a cardboard box. Chloe, Maeby, and Ally have all thoroughly enjoyed tearing up boxes... is this a boxer thing? Or do all dogs enjoy that feeling?

Chloe posing. 

And Sadie taught me how to make homemade buttermilk biscuits. It was a bit easier than I had thought and they are the most delicious biscuits. Ever. I plan on making them everywhere I go! (recipe to come)

It was absolutely wonderful having family around. It makes me get really excited and even more so look forward to all the holidays and the time we get to spend with the Jackson's and the Johnson's. Can't wait!

Pumpkin Fudge


This recipe may be on my to-do list.


Current Nail Color:


OPI's Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous from the Swiss Collection. To see all swatches from this collection check out this post. I am also diggin that Teal We Meet Again color and I just may have to go make a purchase...

I love this color I have on because it's early fall and this color is perfect because it's not too dark. It's glittery (which is in) and it sparkles so beautifully in the sun. So pretty. It took me about three coats to achieve a look similar to the picture above. I think one coat of this nail color would look nice over top of a black polish too.  It also would look fantastic on the nails when welcoming in 2011 - it's really a perfect New Year's Eve color - and so are any of the Burlesque Collection colors. 

Bride's Eye View: Setting the Date


In my opinion, after becoming engaged, there are two things that immediately need to happen:
  1. Set a date
  2. Get organized
If you've ever been engaged or you are recently engaged (Andrea! Congrats!), you will come to realize that every person you see will ask one thing: Have you set a date? (This question will come shortly after they grab your left hand and stare at your ringEveryone will be curious about when the big event is going to happen - and it's so nice to have a date ready to share with any and every one who asks. 

Chris and I were engaged for over a year before we set a date, and I always had to respond with the same thing: We haven't set a date, yet. We are going to wait until we both graduate, so probably the summer of 2010. See, just saying July 17, 2010 would have been a lot easier during that year and a half of engagement. Trust me. 

I found that picking a date can become very overwhelming because there is so much to consider. First and foremost, you should choose a date that the two of you want. If there is a particular season, month, or date that holds considerable meaning to either of you and/or your relationship, that's something to consider. You also have to consider the schedules and lives of the people you want to be a part of your big day.

I always wanted a Fall wedding. Probably because it's my favorite time of year, a soft pastel color scheme would have fit perfectly, and I always kind of wanted to wear one of those Lace Jackets with my dress. But waiting until Fall would have been a pain - we were ready to get married and summer was convenient. 

Once a date is set, things can get going - like booking a photographer, caterer, church or venue, florist, dj, band, and so on (It is highly important to start booking these as soon as possible). In retrospect, the date is important, but what is most important is that the two of you are married and you were able to share that entire day with everyone you love and who loves you.

Maybe you know the exact date you already want. That's great! Set it in stone and start letting others know! If you are having a bit of trouble deciding, I would advise you to sit down with the fiancĂ© and at least start narrowing it down to a couple months and a couple of dates within those months. This will help. Then talk with your friends and other family members to get a feel for what may work best for everyone involved. Good luck!

On a side note: A last tid-bit of advice that will forever pop up throughout these posts: do what you want to do. It's your wedding. Don't try to make it what this person wants or what that person wants. Don't try to make it anything more that what you two want. That is it. 

Bride's Eye View: Inaugural Post

Let's get this rolling! I'm so excited to finally set up and get going with these Bride's Eye View posts - which will, from here on out, be referred to as BEV. Some things you can expect to see from these posts are:

I learned a lot through out the entire process of planning a wedding. I feel like the advice that I have to share would have most definitely been helpful while I was planning and it wouldn't feel right not to share.

I tried to incorporate several DIY and personalized touches throughout the wedding. There are several things I wanted to do and decide on by myself. That was important to me rather than letting someone else, like a planner, just give me things to pick from.

BEV is more than just about what I learned and did, it's also about what went down. Some posts will simply be photos snapped during the process or during the big day that I just want to share or that might have a story.

Whatever Else
Reminiscing about all the wedding planning and details may or may not have secondary effects causing me to maybe look at wedding dresses... or wedding blogs... or be inspired to share fun things I find... I can't help it. It's a girl things.

I've been keeping a running list of topics to blog about for BEV. You know how when you are driving, exercising , or in the shower you think up some of the best ideas and thoughts that you never would have or could have if you were sitting down and actually trying to do so? And there's no way you can write it down because you are driving, exercising, or showering. Yes? No? Well, this happens to me more than what should be allowed. For this reason, I have been keeping a small notebook handy for when I am in the shower and I think, When I am writing up my post on registering, I need to make sure to include this, this, and this. Or when I am driving and I think, I should really talk about how much of a struggle it was to pick out one detail of the wedding - the first dance. Yeah, that. I don't want to leave anything out!

Finally, I want to acknowledge that anything I say on these posts are solely my opinions from what I've learned. I'm not trying to say that my views are the correct or only way, because they are not. I just what to share what I learned and what I think would have been helpful to know whether it may be advice, resources, or ideas.


Friday Favorites

I have a somewhat busy day today, but I could not skip out on my Friday Favorites. 

This week I wanted to share a mascara with you. Back in September I posted on my Summer Staples. In that post I raved about Maybelline's Colossal Mascara. And I still love that mascara; however, I have ventured out of my comfort zone to try a new one. I chose to try Almay's One Coat Triple Effect Mascara. It's rare that I am initially impressed with a product, they have to grow on me. So after a few uses I really started loving this stuff. It lengthens (which I need) and thickens (which I need). The triple effect stated is that it "instantly builds, extends and sculpts lashes" and I believe that it does. The brush is a bit intimidating in that one side has normal sized bristles and the other side has tiny bristles. You first coat with the long ones, then the short ones for length (I believe). 

I usually do two coats with the long side, then move on to one coat of the shorter side and my lashes look fabulous (and trust me, they need all the help they can get; they are pretty pathetic). I will most definitely be buying a second tube of this mascara.

If you are interested in trying this, I would suggest looking at Walmart for the cheapest price or checking out the weekly sales at your favorite drug store. I did see these where two tubes were packaged together and it was "buy one, get one" which is a good option just in case you do love this mascara. And if you don't love it, you can pass it on to a friend or family member that may like it. Just an option. 

Well I am off to a fabulous weekend with my parents and grandma. They are visiting and I am so excited to see them, show them our place, and just spend time together. Happy weekend to you all!



I had the intention of blogging over the past few days. Several things: a DIY, a picture-proof of how well UD Eye Potion works (much like my Paint Pot post), and maybe even a recipe. That did not happen. My bad. I've been working a little in the house over the past couple of days and then I woke up this morning sick and ended up spending a combined four house finding a doctor, going to the doctor, and waiting and waiting on a prescription.

Quick story on this. When I was talking with the nurse about my medical history, I made it a point to say I was allergic to sulfa drugs. (I think) I saw her write it down. I finally get with the doctor for the verdict; I have an infection and he writes the rx. I drop off the rx, come back in an hour, and the pharmacists asks, "Are you allergic to sulfa?" Yes... "This antibiotic has sulfa, do you want us to call in for a different antibiotic?" Yes... Duh... I'd like to avoid purple whelps all over my body this weekend, thanks. So frustrating. Especially as I was starting to feel worse, and worse throughout the night. Good news is that I finally got my drugs and I am feeling better. Hopefully better enough to wake up, take care of a few errands, and then, maybe, blog!


The Verdict is Here:

After much back and forth debating, I've finally decided to just keep it within the family - Bride's Eye View posts will be on Dwelling&Telling. It's easier for all parties involved.

I'm super excited to finally get started on these bad boys. I've already started a list of post topics to share.

Unless some free time appears in my near future, these posts will not being until early next week. My family is coming to visit this weekend, so between family and football, I won't have much time to blog.

Woop. Woop. I'm super excited to share everything I learned and did!


Cool Weather Staples

Just when Fall starts rolling around and the weather is verging on cool, I like to sport the shorts and long sleeve look. This look definitely falls into my favorites category. Something about pairing shorts with long sleeves is nautical and fresh, and straight out of a Spring LL Bean ad - I love it.

We were in Gap over the weekend and they were having a sale on striped and solid colored SuperSoft Long Sleeve T-shirts. I picked up four - two solids and two stripes (I never ever follow that shopping rule that states, don't buy several colors of the same piece. my rule is, if it works, it works, so stock up.). They are perfect. And don't let the "t-shirt" label through you off - they are exceptionally thick and warm. So you can be sure that I will be wearing my shorts/long sleeve look until I need some warmth around my chicken legs.

These shirts are also a great buy not only because they were on sale, but because of their versatility. They can be paired with skinny jeans, a blazer, and boots; they can be dressed up with a colorful scarf, ,chunky necklace, or long pendant necklace; and they can be tucked into a skirt for an even dressier look.

It's always a good idea to invest in basics.


HELP I Have a Dilemma

I've mentioned in at lease one post that I'm planning on doing a series of Bride's Eye View (BEV) posts. These posts are more or less going to be a compilation of tips I feel like sharing from what I learned, DIY and personal touches I added into our day, and things about our wedding in general. Exciting, right? Right!

The dilemma: I cannot decide if I should made an entire new blog for this or if I should just incorporate a few posts a week on this blog. I just cannot do a one week sharing of everything. I have way too much that I want to share and doing it all in one week would become a full time job.

Making a new blog for BEV:

Pros: The posts would not get mixed into my posts here.
         They could be organized better.
         If bride-to-bes stumbled onto my blog they would not have to sift through everything else I write about.

Cons: Any of you who want to read it would have to go to a completely different page.
          I'd have to manage two blogs (not that that's too difficult, it's just nice only dealing with one).
          Once I finish posting all my thoughts, tips, and info on our wedding, the blog will just stop.
So the pros are out-weighing the cons right now, but I still can't decide. What do you all think? (If you read my blog, I am begging you to comment and voice your opinion, please!) I don't know what to do.


With and Without a Paint Pot

So in my September Favorites post I mentioned that I had really been enjoying my MAC Paint Pot. It works as a base to help your eyeshadow stay on throughout the day, keep it from creasing, and it really intensifies the color. Below is a picture I just took. I have a swatch of just the Paint Pot in Rubenesque (1.) then I used three different eye shadow colors to swatch with and without the Paint Pot underneath.

1. Paint Pot by itself. You can see it's a really gorgeous pink/gold iridescent color. And it can definitely be worn by itself.

2., 4., and 6. Are three different colors that are put on top of the Paint Pot.

3., 5., and 7. Same colors but without being put over a Paint Pot

If you look at the picture and do a color to color comparison (i.e. compare 2. and 3.) you will see just how much the Paint Pot works to really intensify the color of the shadow. It makes the color more vibrant and more true to what you are actually seeing in the shadow's pan.

I image that different colored Paint Pots will intensify the colors differently. Black or matte neutral would have a totally different effect; however, it would still work to make the colors more vibrant in one way or another.

If you are interested in a Paint Pot, I would definitely encourage you to go to your closest MAC counter and talk with someone or play with the Paint Pots yourself. It's fun.

Friday Favorites: September Favorites

Today instead of doing just one favorite, I thought I would share some of my many favorites that I found and enjoyed through the month of September. I know we are over a week into October, but I guess it's better late than never. I'm hopefully going to keep my descriptions a bit shorter than the ones in my Summer Staples.

I hate trying out drug store foundation because you can't try it on before buying it and I almost always pick the wrong color. I had heard people on the internet ranting and raving about this stuff, so I finally put my hate aside and tried it out. Luckily (and seriously, this never happens) I ended up picking the perfect color. And I love it. I've worn this product almost every day since I bought it! It's definitely smooth and gives great coverage - the packaging is kind of weird in that you have to screw open the top to get to the product. If you want to give it a try go to Walmart - it would be the cheapest there or keep a check on your local drug stores. They usually put two to three brands each week on a sale like 40% off or BOGO.

That's a mouth-full. I used this scrub a while back and recently re-purchased it. It smells delicious, it's gentile enough to use every other day, and it does a great job at exfoliating. You may already have or want to add into your routine a scrub that works a bit harder for once a week use, but this stuff is perfect for that constant exfoliating that your skin needs.

The color of this blush is a gorgeous pink-peach. Which I love. This particular product is highly pigmented (which you want so that you use less product making it last longer), it wears well throughout the day, and it's very easy to blend. It's pricey, but like I said above, the fact that it's highly pigmented causes you to use less each time it's worn, thus lasting longer. 

Maybe you have heard of ELF, maybe you haven't. The line used to be solely online, but now it's in Target and I've also seen it in Kmart. It's a super cheap line that offers decent products. I like the eye shadows because they are $1 and are well pigmented. To the brush - if you use brushes to apply makeup, you know they can cost quite a bit of money. Elf's regular brushes are $1 and their Studio brushes are $3. I decided to give the Studio Complexion brush a try because... it was $3... there's barely anything to lose. It's a great brush because it can be used with wet or dry product and the brush is so, so soft! The only thing I can complain about is its density, but it's still an awesome brush for the price. I think the studio line is a great place to start if you don't use brushes and you want to give them a try. The price is low and the quality is high. 

I searched every drug store around, Walmart, Target, and Kmart for this stuff. Couldn't find it. The all of a sudden it was in front of my face at Target - I had just been looking on the wrong aisle. It's not where the medicines is - usually around the medicine there is a lip balm section for sick people - like carmex - no, it was in the makeup section of target. Anyway this stuff is great! I use it every other day. It's packed with lots of different natural oils and made with sugar - so if you accidentally get some in your mouth, it's sweet. Once you scrub, your lips are packed with oils and are super smooth. I usually follow with a generous coat of Vaseline and go to bed. 

I like these for many reason. They come in so many wonderful colors, they can be used by themselves as eye shadow color or they can be used as a base for eye shadow, and they are easy to blend out and into shadows. They are usually around $4 each and you can find them in Ulta, online, and sometimes in certain drug stores. Generally, like mentioned above, drugstores and Ulta will have sales going on for certain brands. I waited to buy mine when Ulta had NYX products 50% off. I will warn... use an eye shadow primer if you use these. I've always used a primer while wearing these, so it hasn't happened to me, but I've heard these pencils will crease up in your eye lid badly if you don't have a primer on. Creasing can ruin your look, especially if you planned on wearing your makeup throughout the day. So make sure to do that, or you may end up hating these!

These paint pots come in several different colors - from natural matte, to iridescent, and to black - it just depends on what you want. The rubenesque color I have is a pink/gold iridescent color. I told the guy working at MAC that day that I generally wear neutrals on my eyes and this was just the color he recommended. And I love it. It's such a pretty color I can even wear it by itself. I use it as a base. I first put on my eye shadow primer, then the pain pot, then my eye shadows. What it does as a base is it helps, like my primer, to keep the color where it is supposed to be and avoid creasing, it also really intensifies the colors of the shadows that I put on. (If I remember, I will take pictures of swatches with the paint pot and without so you can see what it does). This stuff will last forever too because it is highly pigmented and you use very little to cover your lid. 

So those are some of my favorites from September. I guess I failed at keeping each description to a minimum, but I wanted to make sure I said everything I wanted  and what I thought you would need to hear about each product. 


In 25

So many wonderful things took place in the year of 25 and I wanted to share a few that stand out. Here we go:

1. I planned our wedding.
I started planning our wedding the summer before I turned 25, but the majority of the planning took place when I was 25. It was stressful, exciting, and rewarding. I could write and write all day about the planning of the wedding, but I will save that for my Bride's Eye View posts (that - I promise - are coming soon!).

2. I got married!
This is by far one of the best things that happened in my 25th year of life. It was the most exciting day of my life. It's almost too surreal to put into words the feelings and emotions that overcome you on that special day. And then waking up the next morning - all I could do was smile. I was married to the man I love, my best friend. It was nothing less than perfect.

3. (in keeping with the wedding theme) I got to try on wedding dresses.
This was such a fun day. I remember it like it was yesterday. It's something every bride-to-be looks forward to. I went to a small boutique that offered a variety of dresses. So I was able to pick out exactly what I wanted, but also had the one-on-one I needed. It was perfect.

4. I completed graduate school and got my M.S in speech-language pathology. 
I look back sometimes and can't believe I did it. The idea of going to grad school was intimidating and about a year into my undergraduate studies for Language and Communication Disorders I considered changing majors just so I wouldn't have to go to grad school. But I got through and did well. I worked hard and pushed through with the close group of friends I acquired there and we made it. It's something I am so proud of because it's not something everyone has and I ofter doubtful that I could do it.

5. I researched, wrote, and presented my master's project.
Now, I was weary about getting through grad school and it's mainly because of this guy - the master's project.  Not only is it scary enough to go through the entire process that is the master's project, but one of the professors on my committee was probably the most well educated, published, on his own level of thinking, and intimidating professor in our program. Perfect. But I did it. I rocked it, and ended up getting 43/44 combined from the written portion and presentation.

6. I went out of the county for the first time.
Now, I technically have been out of the country before now. I've been to Canada, twice, but I tend not to count those trips. For our honeymoon we went to St. Lucia. It was beautiful and such a memorable time. I hope we can go back.

7. I said goodbye to the dog that I grew up with. 
I can't write too much about this sweet little girl because when I spend too much time thinking about her, I shed tears. Tears that eventually turn into compulsive sobbing. That being said, she was with me from middle school through the beginning of this past summer. All the crucial years of my life. She was so sweet and the perfect dog. I miss her and think about her constantly.

8. I left North Carolina behind. 
Initially, this is not wonderful. I love NC. It is the only state I have lived in up until our big move to AL. I have visited my fair share of states in this country, and NC still hold the key to my heart. We both love NC. We both hope to make it back to NC. That being said, this move is big for us. Chris has an amazing job that he is doing so well with and it was worth the move in the long run.

9. We became "grown ups"
That's right. We pay for our rent, our water, our electricity, our food, our clothes, our gas. We bought a washer and dryer. We bought a cell phone plan. (Now that I am re-reading this, seems like to be a grown up all you have to do is pay for things. That sucks.)

10. I realized that making life-long friends doesn't require some extensive amount of time of knowing them. 

11. I passed the Praxis.
The horrible, dreaded Praxis. It sucked. Studying for it, talking about it, thinking about it, taking it, coming out of it knowing you failed, waiting for weeks to get the scores back... but even after all of that, I passed. This test had so much riding on it and created so much anxiety for me. I remember waking up and getting a text from Michael saying Praxis scores are online. I sat there and contemplated whether I should look because if I didn't pass, I didn't want to have to sit through four classes with all my friends who (had probably) passed. But I decided to look. To get it over with and face the possibility that I may be taking it again. I logged in. Clicked on check scores. And there it was... PASSED. I cried. And cried. So much anxiety was lifted away. Meg walked in my room and assumed I failed. I had to pull it together to talk and let her know I passed. It was a great day.

12. I dressed up for Halloween for the first time as an adult. 
That's right. Since starting college back in 2003 I had never done the whole "it's Halloween, looks like I have an excuse to dress like a tramp tonight." Nope, never did that. In fact, if you couldn't tell already, it really get's on my nerves. It's unoriginal and not an excuse. Dorthy, a referee, Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake? Those aren't costumes, those are reasons 21 year old girls get prego. So anyway, I decided to be Beyonce from her video of All The Single Ladies. And yeah, I guess it was a little revealing, but it wasn't any different than a bathing suit. An extremely conservative one piece bathing suit. I wore a leotard, y'all. And hose. I poofed up my hair. And wore big hoop earrings. It was fabulous.

So those are my main events of 25. There are so many more things I would love to share - emotions, experiences, friendships. That's another time. I remember being scared of 25. I also remember shortly after turning 25 deciding and feeling that it was going to be good. And it was.

Hello 26!

I took yesterday off from blogging. To have "Linley time*" and to enjoy my birthday. The day was wonderful and, as always, I am thankful to welcome a new year.

I spent the majority of the day (because Chris is off at work) by myself just roaming around the town. I went to Michaels for some home decor, scored some amazing skincare products on clearance at Sephora (80% off!), and bought my new favorite purse with a gift card from TJMaxx. Later in the afternoon my friend Brynn and I sat outside, drank a glass of red wine, and let our puppies run around and get out their energies. When Chris got home, he and I drove to Old Cloverdale in Montgomery and ate at a yummy restaurant called Sinclair's. It was delicious and cute, and I can't wait to share it with visitors! When we got home I got to open really sweet cards from Chris and Maeby that made my day!

So, hello 26! You have a lot to live up to as 25 has been the best year of my life so far. Good luck and let's get going!

*Linley time - time to myself. doing things i want to do. it can be sitting around the house in my pj's watching re-runs of jersey shore and keeping up with the kardashians, it could be going to sephora and playing with everything in the store, it could be driving around and exploring; it can be anything of the sort. take your pick. 


Attention All Crafters!

I caught the second half of the Oprah show today. It was random as I'm not necessarily a daily Oprah watcher. I do try to catch shows where people or subjects of interest are featured. Anyway. Martha Stewart, the goddess of all crafts, decors, and cooking, was on the entire show. She shared tips and demonstrations throughout the hour and it was fabulous.

I especially loved and appreciated the segment on How to Fold a Fitted Sheet. I don't know about you, but I suck at folding a fitted sheet, and more times than not it turns into a ball of disaster that gets shoved somewhere until it's ready to go on a bed. And when it goes on the bed it's horribly wrinkled. If you want to see that tutorial click here (and then just click the tutorial link on the right). It's a super old video, and when she showed it today she folded it a bit differently, but both ways work. I'll keep a look out for a clip from the show today.

Back to the reason for the post. As the show ended the audience received a fabulous package full of crafting goodies from Martha and Michaels. For us viewers, a 50% off coupon for any one Martha Stewart item from Michaels!! If you are interested in using this coupon do so QUICKLY! It's only printable for a 24-hour period which ends tomorrow night and is redeemable between now and October 16th. She has so many fabulous things in her line at Michaels and I'm eye-balling her Punch Around the Page tools which are fabulous for scrapbooking, card making, or any thing else where pretty paper is necessary. 


Glittery Pumpkins

Not too long ago I posted on a Martha Stewart craft that turned boring orange plastic pumpkins into glittery and beautiful decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Early last week I tackled the project and I'm ready to share!

I bought a large white pumpkin and two smaller orange pumpkins. As far as the glitter, when I walked into Michaels there was a basket stand full of $1 goodies. One of the $1 goodies was a pack of four different fine, colored glitter. The colors were gold, purple, dark pink, and pink. I decided to buy seven of these and I essentially got a decent amount of four different colors for seven bucks. Quite the deal. The pay off was great, but it was a pain to open each packet to pull out a color every time I ran out. And the tops to each little container just sat on the top, it wasn't secure. And I spilled a lot. And made a mess.

 But the task is over and I think they look fantastic! I'm not completely satisfied with what I've done with the centerpiece. I think this particular set up would look great on a hallway table or the top of a entertainment center that's under a hanging flat screen, but not the dining table. It's not dramatic enough. So I'm either going to completely move it somewhere else and find something better for the table OR I'm going to try out some candle sticks to give it some height. Whatever happens, I still absolutely love the results!