Daily Threads: Cargo

dress: c/o karen kane, jacket: jcpenney, shoes: vera wang

Due to lack of scenery, I decided to sit down for some pictures. Turns out sitting down for outfit pictures is pretty awkward. If you don't believe me, take a closer look at my graceless right arm/hand.  And my smile, or what I like to call: me laughing at myself. Oh well. 

In other news, it's still feeling like the dead of summer around these parts of the US. I was sweating within the first couple of photos - yeah, gross. Hey, Alabama, get a grip on the changing seasons - let's at least have cooler mornings and nights. Please? At the end of September I'm heading up to the glorious mountain region of NC. Oh, I cannot wait! The mountains, cool air, and changing leaves are all I can think about. 


Daily Threads: A New Bag

Handbag Heaven sent me this gorgeous Nola Top Handle Bag. The bag is the perfect size for holding your wallet, phone, planner, and whatever else you carry around - a book, mini makeup bag, or maybe a water bottle? Hey, I'm not judging. I love the top handle because it's perfect for holding or throwing over your arm. This particular bag was also recently featured on the April 2011 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. If you are in need of a new handbag (and let's be honest, who's not?) definitely check out Handbag Heaven and all their bags! They offer such a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors at affordable prices! I'm already eyeing' about five other bags!

Be sure to enter SUMMER11 at check out for 15% off!


Over the Weekend

First, Saturday evening we finished our first week of Insanity! It's definitely something to celebrate. It was hard, insane even. Yes, definitely insane. Perhaps after another week or two I'll write an entire post on it. 

Late Sunday afternoon we took Maeby downtown to the little creek. She loved it! The whole thing is shallow, so she gets to run around and splash to her little heart's content. Here are some photos of her best day ever!


{Sweet Meat goin' fishin'}


Fab Five Friday

I received this color in my Birchbox this month. It's the perfect nude with a hint of pink - I am in love with it and plan on purchasing a full size bottle (and perhaps additional colors) after this bottle goes dry. Please excuse my chipped nails - the polish had been on for a week already in the above picture. 

Greek Yogurt and Granola

Last weekend, while in Savannah, Frannycakes made me this delicious and nutritious breakfast that combined Greek Yogurt and a honey-nut granola. Y'all, it's amazing. It's also extremely fulfilling. 

I've mentioned several times that I love these tees! I can't get enough of them - these pictured above aren't even all the ones I own. They go with any and everything and are ridiculously comfortable and flattering. They are also more than likely on sale in your store, so snag them up while you can!

I made this last night and it was delicious. It's a great alternate to the typical BLT sandwich. I think the recipe calls for too much thyme, but that's just my personal opinion. Next time I make this I might put my own spin on it. We'll see how that goes. 

Shower Cap

Mine is not this adorable, but I have one and use it most times I shower. It's a life saver and I'm not sure why I never invested into one a lot earlier. I've had mine for a couple years and I can't live without it. Have you ever had to shower without getting your hair wet? Where you're dodging the shower head to keep your hair dry, but you fail? Ever been there? Get one of these if you don't have one already.

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Daily Threads: Black and White

top: thrifted, pants: gap, shoes & purse: steve madden, headband: c/o sproos

The sweet Melissa over at Sproos sent me a set of headbands to try out. Let me start out by saying I'm not typically the headband wearing kinda gal. In general, headbands are too tight on my head and within a couple seconds of wearing them I have to pull them off. They usually give me headaches and/or an uncomfortable, tight feeling I just can't deal with.

It was a welcomed surprise to put on this headband and not have to yank it off immediately! It was not too tight and I forgot it was there - I could not be happier! Let's be honest, headbands can be super chic and super adorable and I hated not being able to wear them when I want. This set offers the same headband in five different colors and I'm so excited to have them and wear them!

Check out her site for additional headbands, bow clips, and flower clips! Melissa if offereing you all 10% off her items! Just enter Linley10 at checkout and you're good to go! Thanks, Melissa!

Also, congratulations to Jessica for winning the JCP $50 giftcard giveaway! 


Over the Weekend: Savannah

I wanted to post yesterday, but turns out I needed an extra day for recovery over the long weekend. Last night I also had my fantasy football league draft, started Day 1 of Insanity, and had to catch up on True Blood - pretty busy for a Monday! Sorry for the delay, but here are just a few of the photos from this past weekend in Savannah! We headed over there to spend the weekend with husband's parents, sister, and grandparents - it was too short, but so nice to see everyone!

Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine!


Fab Five Friday

It's Friday and that means it's time fore me (and hopefully you!) to share five things that I love. Below are a few things I have been loving for a while and a couple exciting things from this week. Let's go!

Look what just arrived in the mail! Things are about to get insane around here...

We ordered this last week and it came in this week. Our plan is to start it Monday. I'm extremely petrified, but I'm also super excited to get through the program and see the results. Have you tried the program or know anyone that has?

I wake up around 6 each morning - which isn't bad. The bad part is that husband wakes up around 4:45 and I usually have a hard time falling asleep after hearing his alarm. So during that hour that he's up and getting ready I am usually in and out of sleep. Thus, dark, hideous circles are born below my eyes. This stuff (on top of my concealer) does the trick! I use it every day of the week. I'm in love. 


I was first introduced to this wine back during my first year of grad school; however, it's been quite a while since I've had it. It's delicious - perfectly sweet - and by perfectly sweet, I mean not too sweet. I can't do too sweet. It's light and delicious. Stop by Target and get you some!

Sleeping Mask{via}

I've been sleeping with a mast for about seven years now. I'm so in love and so used to wearing them that it's extremely hard for me to fall asleep without one. If I'm without my mask I have to get under the covers or put a pillow over my face. It's addictive. The best part is that in the morning, when you take it off, the sunlight hits you and instantly wakes you. It takes a while to find one that works for you, but don't give up. And the more you wear them, the better they are! 


Today we are heading over to Savannah to spend the weekend with husband's parents and see Julianne before she heads back up to Maine for a new school year. I love traveling to Savannah. It's a gorgeous city and a fun place to spend the weekend. 

Ok, now I want to hear about your current or long-loved favorites! Whatever it is, share it on your blog and link up below! 


Sponsor Spotlight: Megan Nielson

I consider Megan Nielson a dear, online friend and amazing designer and seamstress! If you browser her shop you'll see she has talent that it original and well executed. You can purchase items from her current line or browse sample sales and one of a kind items. In addition to sifting through her pieces, you can also peek into her life through her blog! She is incredibly sweet and I adore her! 

Below are a few of my favorite items from her shop! Check out these pieces and then head over to her online shop - I promise you'll find something you love! 

Image of Ragged Ranges dress

Image of Far Horizon shorts

Image of Jewel Sea skirt

Image of Arid top


Daily Threads: Kenya Scarf

dress: bb dakota, scarf: c/o style rev, bag & belt: target, shoes: c/o jcpenney

Sure it's the middle of summer and I'm wearing a scarf, but it's been about 5-10 degrees cooler with less humidity the past couple of days, so don't worry about it. Moving on, the sweet people over at Style Rev sent me this gorgeous, light-weight scarf. I love the safari print and color combo. The print makes it appropriate for summer and the dark colors help me carry this into fall. They've recently added a few new printed scarves and I think I may need a couple more in my life! Have I ever mentioned my addiction to scarves? Ehh, it's bad. Maybe one day I'll share all of them with you.

On a different note, I thought I wore my scarf pretty well until Maeby walked out of our room with her own take on wearing the scarf. 

Linley: 0 Maeby: 1


Daily Threads: Tie Dye and Neon

top: j crew, skirt: c/o karen kane, shoes: c/o jcpenney, sunnies: UO

I originally picked out this skirt for fall, but I just couldn't wait until then - so I threw on a neon pink top and boom. I love this outfit. The silhouette is lovely and classic, but the pieces make it trendy - love! I'm not quite sure as to what other summer outfits I will make with this skirt, but I have tons of fall ideas running through the fashion part of my brain as I type this! Can you tell I'm excited for fall?

Also, if you haven't already, enter my JCPenney $50 Giftcard Giveaway!