Over the Weekend

As you can see from this picture-overloaded post we did quite a few things this weekend. The thing we did most often was take lil' Maeby for walks - sometimes even twice a day! She loved it. We try to walk through a few parking lots to keep those nails filed down. 

 I made a special trip to McDonalds to give the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade a try - I'd heard quite a few fabulous things about the frozen drink and let me just say - all the rave is correct! It's delicious. A perfect drink for summer time. 

I found time to lay out by the pool. It was fabulous. I hadn't sunbathed since our honeymoon - so it felt lovely  to soak in that vitamin D. (The pool is behind me - I had to adjust with the sun, you know how that is)

Saturday we traveled up to Birmingham to meet my uncle who was driving through on his trip from NC to NM. Our favorite part of trips (long or short) is stopping by the gas station and loading up with snacks. I found cinnamon buttons! A delicious classic! 

We me my uncle at PF Changs for lunch. It was delicious. It had been a while since my last visit to the Changs - and as you can see... I pigged out! Mmm.

Franncakes and I also stopped by a new local flea market. The grand opening is this weekend, but they were open early! I found a gorgeous and reasonably priced globe! The paper was in tact and the brass looked great. Score! I want a couple more (all different) to start a mini collection to put on display. I also found a purse with markings "JM" in cursive. I'm not sure if it's name brand or not, but it's made well and looks nice. And it was a whopping $10. Finally, I snagged a lightly used Mariah Carey Musicbox CD. I already had it on my ipod, but a physical CD is fabulous to have - and for $3, I couldn't pass it up! Quite the steal! 


Daily Threads: White Out

 top: tj maxx, pants: gap, shoes: c/o modcloth

I don't know about where you live, but we went through a cool spell down here in AL not too long ago. It was fabulous. Beyond fabulous. Amazing. I liked it a lot - can you tell? This was a perfect outfit for a cooler spiring day. I wish I would wear outfits like this everyday. But I can't. Because it's hot here. (does it bother all you grammar folk that I just started sentences with but and because? sorry.) Oh, also, this is the softest shirt everrr. 

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!


Guest Post: Elaine of Clothed Much

Rounding out these guest posts is Elaine of Clothed Much! She's sharing with you all modest options for maxi dresses - a favorite trend of mine! Blog, meet Elaine...

One trend I've been seeing popping up everywhere is the maxi. (Not maxi pads! You're so gross.) Maxi dresses and skirts! I was unsure of the trend at first. I'm small and Asian and have always stayed away from longer skirts and dresses. But when I saw this dress for $5 at Forever 21, I figured I might as well give it a try... And I loved it!!!! I only wore it a few times on the blog but off the blog you wouldn't know I was living in it every other day. I wore it so much that the neckline was getting stretched out. Hardly modest for a modest fashion blogger. I eventually DIYed it into a maxi skirt. But I still have a maxi dress void in my life... I found a few on the interwebz that I wouldn't mind recruiting into my closet...


Poison and Wine

Do you ever come across a song that just speaks to you in some way or another? A song that you can listen to over and over again - where the 100th time is just as amazing as the first time you heard it? I am currently in love with this song. There's so much emotion within the lyrics and their performance; their voices are amazingly haunting and they tell the story so well - it's like watching a movie. I read an interview with Joy and she described the song as "a gut-level-honest tug and pull of affection and affliction." And that's exactly what it is. Enjoy.


Guest Post: Liz of 26 and Counting

Continuing with the guest posts, today you meet Liz, a dear blogging buddy of mine. She has the most fabulous corporate-chic style you will see and she's a sweetheart! Check her out, you'll love her! Also, later tonight I will announce a winner for the Karen Kane giveaway!

Hi there! I’m Liz from 26 and Counting.

D&T 3
{Top: JCrew, Pants: Limited, Flower Pin: Old Navy, Necklace: Express, Shoes: Nordstrom}

While I may have relocated to Ohio recently {I’m a Kentucky girl through and through}, Linley and I are both southern girls. Which means we MUST have a lot in common, right? We both say {and by say, I mean write} y’all. We love a heavy side part. And we both support our sports team til the bitter end.

If you haven’t heard, Linley is starting her new job soon. Since I usually focus on corporate appropriate looks {fun business casual if you will}, I thought I’d put a Linley twist on an office look.

 D&T 2

Linley is great when it comes to accessorizing classic looks. She can take something as simple and a t-shirt and make it her own with jewelry, a scarf or even her hairstyle. Keeping that in mind – I decide to jazz up my go-to button up {aka the office staple}. To go for a true Linley look, I added two accessories to make it stand out just a bit more and opted for these wedges over my usual pumps.

D&T 4

D&T 4

What do you think? Would Linley approve?

(Yes, I approve - big time! Love this look Ms. Liz! I'll probably re-create it.)


Over the Weekend

dress: c/o modclothbelt: target, sandals: c/o ruche {via giveaway}, sunglasses: betsey johnson 

The weekend was fabulous and much needed! Friday night husband and I had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the area, Sinclair's. After dinner we hit the movie theater. When we go to movies on the weekends, it's usually just us and tons of teenagers. The teenagers were definitely there this weekend, but weren't allowed to see the movie we came for - Bridesmaids. Have you seen this yet? You should! I guess some may be offended by the movie, but we thought it was hilarious. I also love Kristen Wiig. Everything she does makes me laugh. 

Sunday we headed to Lowe's and bought some cucumber and cherry tomato plants. We potted them, found a sunny area outside of our patio, and now we're waiting for some veggies to bloom. I would have liked to purchase several more plants; my love for vegetables goes on and on. Unfortunately, husband doesn't share my never ending love - so I didn't want to go overboard. However, I will say, he's gotten a lot better and does love these two above! We can't wait to start pulling tomatoes and cucumbers off these plants! I'm thinking I might get a couple herbs planted this week too. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Todays the last day to enter the Karen Kane $200 Styling Day giveaway!


Daily Threads: Neutral


top: c/o Karen Kane
cardigan: j crew
pants: tj maxx
shoes: c/o modcloth

You briefly saw this outfit during my Karen Kane $200 Giveaway post (enter if you haven't already - only a couple days left!). I didn't want to give away the whole thing so I could save the look for today. So, yeah, I've already worn this, but do you really care about the actual day I'm wearing a look? I didn't think so. 

I love this look - I'm just going to go ahead and throw that out there. I love all the neutrals on top of each other. I love the over sized cardigan, the casual loafers, and the skinny black pants - all pulled together with a delicate, beaded top. I feel like I belong in a J Crew ad. 

So yeah, second week in a row with no Freestyle Friday. I've been handling the emails, but not posting on some of the inquiries lately. Sorry about that. I'll get back to it. I just wanted to get at least one "daily threads" post up and this was the only day left in the week. You do the math.


Guest Post: Kristine or Polly

Today's guest post is from Kristine of Kristine or Polly! I adore her fun style and the way she always mixes patterns, styles, and colors - she's pretty fabulous! Blog, meet Kristine!

Hello Dwelling and Telling Readers! My name is Kristine and I have a personal style blog called Kristine or Polly. I'm so excited that Linley asked me to guest post - isn't she adorable?

One of my favorite outfits of Linley's is this one - I just love how she styled polka dots for winter! Since it is now spring (almost summer!), here are a few of my favorite springy polka-dotted items from my favorite online boutique, Modcloth!

Polka Dots

And here are just a few ways that I have styled polka dots...

Well, that's all for today! Thanks again Linley for having me! I hope you have a wonderful, polka-dotted day :) Feel free to check out my blog at Kristine or Polly!


Guest Post: Tania of WWANW

This week I've started my new job! So to make the transition from "housewife" to "workin' woman" a bit easier, I've lined up guests posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next two weeks. There are two perks to this: 1.) I'm not overwhelmed with maintaining a blog AND a new job and 2.) you all get to hear from some fabulous ladies!

Starting off the group is Tania of What Would a Nerd Wear. Tania is definitely one of my favorites - and once you read this post and check out her blog you'll see why!

Blog, meet Tania!



works cited: downeast basics skirt, j. crew belt, forever 21 top and bracelet, fitzwell shoes (via 6pm.com)

I'm Tania from What Would a Nerd Wear and I'm filling in for Linley as she prepares for her new job. I have neither the willowy figure nor the southern charm of my friend, Linley, but what I lack in leg-length I try to make up in wedges and high-waisted garments, and I have an arsenal of nerdy book references up my sleeve in place of southern charm. The day I wore this was one of the first very hot days of the year, which always gets me thinking about the scene from The Great Gatsby where they drink mint juleps in a hotel room on a hot day. As a 15 year-old first reading this book on a summer day, I thought a mint julep sounded like heaven descended to earth, so a mint julep was the first drink I ever ordered on my 21st birthday (in true nerd and teetotaler fashion). And while I'll always have a sweet spot for the sound of a mint julep, I learned that day that bourbon tastes like gasoline and I really should have been reading The Big Money and ordering highballs instead :)


Karen Kane $200 Giveaway

A couple months back I was contacted by Karen Kane and asked if I would like to do a review of their new Summer 2011 line and host a giveaway. After browsing their pieces and reading up a bit on the company, I was more than happy to say yes

To be honest, I'm always a little weary of new-to-me brands - just because I'm very picky about how things fit my body. I was actually pretty curious about how the brand would fit, that shortly after our first emails back and forth I hopped over to my local Belk and tried on a few of their items. Much to my surprise (and joy!) the pieces fit like a glove. It make my day! (if you're a picky dresser, you know what I mean!)

Some of these items below are linked and some have yet to make it online, but can be found in stores that carry Karen Kane.

Double Layer Drape Jacket
I'm a sucker for soft, tailored jackets and this one is no exception. I love how the material feels - it is amazingly soft to touch and wear. The fit is wonderful - it hugged my shoulders and arms perfectly, but also gave room for the layers underneath. The layers in the front are fabulous too - they drape perfectly. This jacket could easily dress up a look or be worn with jeans and a t-shirt - versatile and comfortable. It's gold! 

Little White Dress
This dress is perfect for summer because it's a.) white and b.) versatile. I love wearing white in the summer - it's clean, fresh, and can be worn with anything. This dress has a leaf-like lace detail laying over top of it and it's sleeveless. The material and fit were beyond comfortable - it would be no problem wearing this dress throughout the day! Being so versatile, I could have worn flats with the dress to make it even more casual or I could have thrown on a blazer and pumps to make it more dressy. Can y'all tell how much I love versatility?

Staying with the white theme - white pants are a favorite of mine. I know many don't wear white for the simple fact that they may get dirty, but I don't care - I'm slightly more cautious of where I sit and how I eat and that's that. These pants are perfect for spring and summer. They go down to my ankles, but I wanted to roll them up for a more easy-going, beach-feel kind of look. These pants are beyond comfortable - I'd even go as far as saying they feel like you're wearing pajama pants (yeah, that amazing!). The material is light, but thick and durable enough for white pants (you know what I'm talking about - we've all seen those women wearing white pants that were just too thin). They are tailored so very well - fitting perfectly through the waist and hips, and down the leg. 

Lace Trim Eyelet Blouson (left)
I love these tops because they are loose and billowy, and perfect for summer time. They also give off a boho-chic feel - which I am loving! I love the easy, on-tend look of the blouson. It's perfect for a summer weekend as the material is light and airy. The pattern and cut-outs on the front of the top give a dainty and feminine feel that's simply gorgeous. 

Contrast Smock Embroidered Top (right)
The embroidered top is perfect for work with trousers or the weekend with shorts. I love the embroidered detailing - it's interesting without being overbearing. Much like the Eyelet Blouson, the material is light and loose. The sleeves are a bit longer, but the lightweight material makes up for any concerns I may have to wear this during the summer! 

How lovely is this top? The picture actually doesn't give the justice it deserves. The beaded detailing is simply gorgeous - so intricate and feminine. This top is made of a cotton and silk blend material - it's sheer and lightweight, and so lovely to wear. The beading gives it the perfect amount of fancy to wear all dolled up or with denim. I really wanted to wear this top with a pencil skirt - the top just deserves to be dressed up, but I didn't want to look too ridiculous sitting around the house, on the weekend, in my pencil skirt and pumps. 

So there are the pieces that I was to lucky to wear and review. If you couldn't tell by each description, I adored all these pieces! They are all comfortable, flattering, well made, and versatile - the perfect combination any one piece could ever be. Now - to the giveaway! 


Karen Kane is being so generous to give one lucky person a $200 Karen Kane Styling Day!! If you live within a 50 mile radius of a Karen Kane store they'll be setting you up with one of their personal stylist for the day. You'll get one-on-one consultation with someone who knows all about the brand! If you do not live within a 50 mile radius - no problem, they'll send you a giftcard to use on Karen Kane at a near-by store (Belk, Bloomingdale's, Dillard's, Nordstrom, etc.).

(enter your email in the middle of the page)

2. Comment letting me know which of the three you did and leave a valid email address. 

be sure to leave a separate comment

1. Do two or more of the mandatory entries. 
(e.g., Like and Follow Karen Kane!)

*This giveaway is open to US readers only and will close Monday, May 23rd at midnight CST. 



Daily Threads: Layers

top + belt: j crew {similar}
dress: target {similar}
cardigan: c/o karen kane {similar}

When it (sometimes, actually, rarely) get's cool during the warmer months, I like three things: longer length on top, shorter lengths on the bottom, and layers. Some cool air has rolled in and this outfit was born. It's beyond comfortable. The material from the dress and the cardigan is ridiculously soft - soft like I want to wrap up in them and take a long nap - and I'm not even tired. It's a perfectly casual, but put together, weekend look. Oh, I love the weekend. 


Daily Threads: Weekend Ready

top: c/o Karen Kane {similar}
shorts: tj maxx
shoes: vera wang

I think this may be my go-to outfit for the summer. It's casual, but pretty and super comfortable. I just have to switch shoes for different occasions. Sandals to the farmer's market, boots to a music festival, and these gladiator heels to brunch. I'm set for every Saturday from now until August. 

See, I'm the world's worse at finding an outfit that I like and wearing it out - usually several days in a row or at least several weekends in a row. It's what I do - I like what I like. Sharing my daily threads on this blog was actually started in hopes that I would stop wearing the same things and really explore my closet more. And it has! I definitely do - but this outfit right here... might just set me back into my old ways. 


Daily Threads: Nautical

top: banana republic outlet
pants: c/o karen kane
shoes: bandolino 
bag: target 

So maybe this isn't your classic nautical look, but I definitely feel as if I should be on a boardwalk, on a pier, or at least near some large body of salty water. Hearing the waves, smelling the sunscreen, eating the fresh seafood... I need to get to the beach. Now. Wouldn't that be so nice? Oh, and as a side note, I general don't like seafood. Tuna and shrimp are ok, but I stop there. I usually don't even go there - but every now and then I can do it.

I thought reminiscing of the beach would help me avoid talking about the weather, but it doesn't. It's hot here. We are in the 90's, people - and no, I'm not talking Gonna Make You Sweat 90's. Although,  the 90's will make you sweat. Wait, what are we talking about?