I started D&T in August of 2010 shortly after the mister and I were married, honeymoooned, and left North Carolina for Alabama. I wanted this blog to be a place to share my perspective of our new life. I wanted to share what we do as newlyweds, what I cook to keep him full, what I create to make our house a home, and anything else that I love.

While it is still all those things, it has additionally become a place where I share my style (daily threads, I like to call them), my love for beauty, and whatever else I want. I've always admired the fashion blogging community from a far, but I've also always wanted to be a part of it. I love and appreciate fashion and I have for many years of my life; I'm ecstatic to finally have the courage and support to do so.


Born and raised in a small northeastern NC town. When I graduated high school I went to a small, all girls college in Raleigh, NC. After a year I moved back home. In the process of moving home decided I wanted to be an advertising and graphic designer. Did it for three semesters and changed my mind. Then decided I want to be a speech-language pathologist and transfered to a large university, NC State in Raleigh, Go Wolfpack! After finishing undergrad, I went to graduate school in the NC mountains to get my M.S. in speech.

During the three semesters back home I met my Mr. Right (everything happens for a reason.). We both got accepted and attended NC State. The day before my graduation there, he proposed. I said yes, obvi. We did the two year long distance engagement thing (four and a half hours apart). We both graduated in May 2010 (I'm a SLP, he's a mechanical engineer) and got married in July. We honeymooned and then immediately moved to AL for his new job.

We have a sweet three year old boxer. Her name is Maeby (yes, Arrested Development). We also call her meatball and sweet meat. We are in love with her; she is our baby.

Feel free to ask me a question on Formspring or send an email to dwellingandtelling@gmail.com