What an amazing year this has been. Definitely one of the most accomplished and memorable years thus far in my life. I'm always amazed at how quickly years pass by the older I become. A year ago I was starting my last semester of grad school (and last semester of school ever!) and living in the NC mountains; with the blink of an eye it's 12 months later and everything has changed. That's life - always changing. But... if life didn't move we wouldn't grow into who we need to be.

I am overwhelmed with joy to look back on such an amazing year and share it with you all. I am also really embracing the new year; I'm looking forward to what it holds in store for me, my husband, us as a pair, and life in general.

My Memorable Moments of 2010:

1. I finished my seven-year plan of test taking, studying, sitting in classrooms, and reading entire textbooks. At some point I doubted the time would ever come, but it did. And sometimes (dare I say it) I wish I were back in those classrooms.

2. I passed the praxis and my master's project. I feel like I've written on this before either here or on another blog, but I am so very proud of these two accomplishments. I put a lot of hard work, anxiety and stress, and time into these two and passing them reassures all the hard work the past several years has been worth it.

3. Chris and I both graduated. It took a little bit longer than we had planned (and our parents had planned), but we made it. We worked hard and now hold substantial degrees and are very proud of them.

4. I had the wedding of my dreams. I was never one of those girls that fantasized about their wedding from day one. I just wasn't. When I started wedding planning I wasn't even really sure what I wanted, what details were important to me, or what exactly I wanted to look like that particular day.But somehow, with a lot of work and a lot of help, July 17, 2010 turned into the most perfect day I could have ever imagined. I wanted a beautiful ceremony and a fun, all-night reception and I was blessed with both! (This reminds me I need to get back on my BEV posts to share more of our wedding)

5. We honeymooned in St. Lucia and I went out of the country for the first time. This isn't completely true because I have been to Canada, twice, but I usually don't count that (sorry if that offends any of my Canadian readers). I can re-state it: I flew out of the country for the first time. It was gorgeous down in the Caribbean and I hope I get to visit again.

6. I moved from NC to AL. This may not sound like a big deal to some, but I have lived in NC my whole life. 25 years - born and raised. I knew no other state other than a visit. We've been living down here almost five months and I've realized I love NC. It's my state, it's our state, and we have plans to eventually make our way back to the state we call home. This move has been hard on both of us, but it was crucial to Chris's new career and we are so blessed and happy for his opportunities.

7. I turned 26. Which may not seem like such a big deal, but it was to me. I am now officially "upper-twenties." Initially I was scared of 26, but I have definitely embraced it and been enjoying it.

8. I was introduced to Kooley High. You most likely have no clue who Kooley High is and have no clue as to why this is important to me - so let me elaborate. When I went to grad school Chris stayed in Raleigh for school and through a friend he discovered a local hip-hop group called Kooley High. He was immediately a fan and I listened to him rant and rave over this group for months. I finally was able to see them perform on a weekend trip to Raleigh in the Spring and I was hooked right away. They are from the Raleigh area, came together through the NC State hip-hop club, and are currently in NYC making a name for themselves. Over the course of several months we became friends with four of the guys. They are down to earth, humble, and amazingly talented. Even if you do not care for hip-hop, you have to recognize their talents when they hit the stage. KHigh's DJ, Ill Digitz, was the DJ for our wedding, Charlie Smarts (one of the emcees) was our announcer, and all of the guys made it to our wedding and gave a three-songed, late-night performance at our reception. It was amazing! Look out for these guys and check out their tour dates to try and go see them while they play locally!

Several other memorable moments took place throughout this past year, but you would probably just pass by this post if I continued to make it much longer. I hope that 2010 was as good to you as it was to me. I also hope that we all can be blessed, happy, and a little bit wealthier through 2011. Happy New Year!


Daily Threads: Wolfpack Red

{Tee&Skirt: F21 | Belt: thrifted | Scarf: gifted | Tights: Target | Boots: Steve Madden}

Today was not a great picture-taking day. Not due to rain or snow or freezing temperature, but because my belt was crooked in most of the shots, the camera was focused on the trees rather than me, and my scarf was misbehaving. Now that that is over...

I wore red today in lieu of my Wolfpack football team coming out with a huge win in the Champs Sports Bowl over West Virginia. I was {shamefully} doubtful going into the game. WV is #22 and we aren't even ranked, but we came out on top, and by a large margin might I add (23-7)! Not all of you, in fact, very few of you share my love of NC State football, so I'll keep this paragraph to a minimum. I just have to say I am so extremely happy and excited for those boys! Go Pack!

Today I continued cleaning around the house - washing clothes, unpacking, and getting ready for another weekend of traveling. We are {hopefully} leaving for Savannah tomorrow when Chris gets off work. I plan on rising early to finish up some cleaning (it. never. ends.) and then pack up our bag. I hope to make some tasty treats to take with us as well. We are going to spend the weekend with Chris's parents, his brother and wife, and his sister, have our Christmas together, and bring in 2011. I'm super excited to see everyone!


Daily Threads: Christmas Eve

{Dress: TJ Maxx | Cardigan: Liz Claiborne | Tights: Target | Boots: Steve Madden | Belt&Necklace: F21}

In my family Christmas Eve is for looking nice and Christmas Day is for lounging around. So I bring you my Christmas Eve outfit (rather than Christmas Day outfit - I just wore jeans, a tee, a sweater, and uggs). Christmas Eve was filled with baking sweets, church service, and going to grandma's house for finger foods and watching all the kids open presents. 

You see that tinsel on my parent's tree? Did you ever have tinsel on your tree growing up? I did. For several years as a child my mom always let my brother and me hang tinsel on the tree. It was our favorite thing when it came to decorating for Christmas. When we grew up she went for more of a themed tree - matching balls and ribbon wrapped around it. So I was excited and thrown back when I came home and saw the tinsel. It reminded me of childhood trees and felt a bit vintage. I love it. 

I love this dress for winter time. It's a turtle neck, but a dress and it always looks nice with tights, boots, and a  jacket. However, as I was looking through these photos I decided this dress may be getting a little too short. All my life I've dealt with dresses, shorts, and skirts looking short on me when they look relatively normal on other people - this is due to my freakishly long legs. In high school I usually had to buy a size or two larger just to pass the finger-tip rule. (Poor, poor, pitiful me) To the point - either my legs are getting longer or my butt is getting bigger because it has never looked this short. Or, maybe I'm finally being a grown up and noticing when my outfit isn't necessarily age-appropriate. I'm still going to wear this throughout the winter. Maybe more opaque tights next time?


Daily Threads: Snow Day

{Sweater: Banana Republic | Shirt: Jcrew | Pants: Gap | Shoes: Steve Madden | Belt&Necklace: F21}

If I follow your blog and you've posted pictures with snow in the background, it's most likely that I have commented on the snow's gorgeousness and my jealousy. Well, guess what people... I got a present late Christmas night that carried on into Sunday and it was 12 inches of snow! The gift that keeps on giving. The Christmas miracle. It's mine and it has completed my Christmas visit to North Carolina. I could not have enjoyed our last day here any more. 

We lounged around all morning drinking coffee by the fire and watching the snow fall (church was cancelled). When lunch time rolled around I decided I should probably shower and get dressed. We've had a blast! Playing in the snow, watching the dogs play in the snow, and just admiring it's beauty. Around lunch dad started prepping for dinner. He fried a {most delicious} turkey and grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins all came over to spend time with us during out last night in NC. It was wonderful. 

Tomorrow we hit the long road back down to Alabama. The snow has stopped and the interstates are cleared, but getting to the interstate makes me nervous. Bad weather in general makes me nervous when I am in a car, but black ice is scary. I'm going to let my man handle getting us to the interstate and I can take over from there. When we get home and settled I have some uploading and editing to do then I cannot wait to share our Christmas in NC with you!


Merry Christmas

{pecan pie and ornaments hung in the sun-room windows}

It's Christmas Eve! That's so exciting. We've already started the day making a jalapeƱo sausage dip and sausage balls. We're a big finger food family during this time of year. My two little cousins are over now and we are about to make cookies for Santa! Later tonight we have Christmas Eve Service then my mom's side of the family all head down to my grandma's house (you know, the one who taught me to make biscuits!) and all the children get to open their gift from their uncles and aunts! They usually hear Santa every Christmas Eve as well. 

Tomorrow we will be waking up to see what Santa brings us, then we will have a big Christmas Day breakfast over at my cousin's house, then it's movies, football, and snacks the rest of the day! I love Christmas!

I hope all of you have a spectacular day today and tomorrow. Enjoy your family and friends and take some time to remember why we all come together on this special day. 

Merry Christmas!


DIY: Adding Length to Curtains

Back in August when we moved into our new place, I knew one of the first things (as far as decorating) I wanted to do was add drapes to the living room. So I went on the search for long, neutral drapes - that were affordable. I eventually found two 80" cream-colored, sheer panels that I could live with. That seems long, but not when you have high ceilings and long windows. I (personally) think drapes look best hung a foot or so above the window and fall to where they just dust the ground - rather than hitting a foot (give or take) above the ground. However, even 80" wasn't long enough for this. So I just dealt with them. Then about an month ago I decided to tackle my choppy drapes. 

Panels (already had)
Coordinating fabric (2yrd $4, on sale!)
Fusible fabric iron on ($4.99)
Yard stick (already had)
Iron (already had)
Curtain rod (already had)
Curtain rings (2 7pc pkgs $5.99)

Total: $20.97

Before you get started you may want to see where your current panels hang and then measure how much additional fabric needs to be added in order for them to dust the ground and/or for them to be hung higher. 

1. Lay out your panel so that you can get a measurement of the width. Then lay your fabric onto the panel. Measure and cut off additional fabric length and width wise to appropriate lengths, but be sure to leave a couple inches on each end - just to be safe. 

2. Place a strip of the fusible iron on about an inch from the edge of the fabric, fold over about a half inch of  fabric, and iron the fabric together to create a hem.* Do this all the way down each side of the fabric length-wise only. Since I was working on the floor, I placed an old towel underneath the fabric while ironing. 

*I found it easiest to cut and iron about a one foot piece of the fusible iron at a time.

3. Once the length of both sides of the fabric has been hemmed, position the panel onto the fabric. Again, I went with about an inch of overlap. Once positioned, place your strip of iron-on between the fabrics and iron for about 10 seconds on each strip until you've adhered all of the fabric to the panel.  

4. Once the fabric has been ironed onto the panel you should have a couple inches of fabric left over on each side. Cut off additional fabric on the ends so that about one inch remains. 

5. Again, lay down a strip of iron on fusible tape about an inch from the edge of the fabric, fold the edge over, and then iron to fuse fabric together. Do this on both ends and this will finalize all hemming. 

6. Lay completed panel on the ground so that you can evenly space out the curtain rings. Clip on rings.

7. Slide rings onto existing rod and you will have yourself longer drapes!

So in the picture above my drapes are not dusting the ground. They are hanging out on the ground. When we move into a new place I will hang the rod to where the drapes dust the ground, but this rod was already up and I wasn't going to re-hang it. I really don't mind them being extra long. 

The first panel seemed to take me f o r e v e r! I almost wanted to quit, but I stuck it out. I actually also added fabric to the panels in our bedroom (the blue/green fabric in the first picture) and by the last panel I really was moving quickly.

If something in my directions is unclear, please email me at dwellingandtelling@gmail.com and I will be happy to clarify. I found this DIY to be slightly harder to put into words. Good luck!

Daily Threads: Monochro

{Top: Old Navy | Shorts: F21 | Tights: Betsey Johnson | Boots: Steve Madden | Scarf: gifted}

Chris is here! Chris is here! My brother and I made the trip to Raleigh yesterday afternoon, did a bit of shopping, dined at PF Changs, and then headed to RDU. He had a late flight and we finally got back home a little after midnight. It's so nice to finally have him here! Maeby Shea was pretty excited to see him as well!

Today is easy. Mom and I are doing some baking a little later and dad's going to be grilling up some delicious steaks for dinner tonight. Everything is perfect and I am so happy to be home for Christmas. 

I hope you all are enjoying your family time and Christmas celebrations and gatherings! 


Daily Threads: Coast Bound

 {Top, Carigan, & Belt: Target | Jeans & Scarf: TJ Maxx | Boots: Steve Madden}

Today we are heading to the beach. Bright and early. Kind of a weird and random trip to take? For most, but my dad's mother lives at the beach {Atlantic Beach, NC} and we are going to spend the day with her - then heading back home. A day of traveling back and forth, but that's what happens during the holidays. I'm glad we get to see and spend time with her. 

Tomorrow I am heading to my beloved Raleigh. Chris is flying in late at night and I am heading to Raleigh a little early to do some {unnecessary} shopping and spend some quality time with my fraannnd, Tyra! {shmeeee! so excited!}

I love Raleigh. It's my favorite city. It holds lovely memories of school and love, moments of personal growth, and an indescribable feeling of comfort. I love First Friday, going to Tobacco Road to watch NC rivalry football and basketball games, watching Kooley High perform, eating delicious pizza at Lily's, and seeing cars pass me on the beltline with NC State decals. It's the perfect city for me. I'll see you tomorrow, Raleigh. 


Daily Threads: Stripe a Pose

 {Top: J Crew | Pants: TJ Maxx | Boots: Steve Madden | Scarf: Thrifted}

Yeah, that title's pretty clever, huh? It only took a couple hours to come up with. It was cold out today. But how can you see my my whole outfit with a pea coat on? (the answer is: you can't) So braved the cold air for a quick two-minute shoot - and I leaped around a bit to stay warm.

Today I'm doing fun things like wrapping gifts, baking tasty treats, and finishing some Christmas shopping with mom. I'm also going to go see my little cousin sing Christmas songs at his preschool. It should be precious. It will be precious, and I can't wait! Other than all that I really don't have much to do today. Just sit by the fire and stay warm!


Daily Threads: Sunday Funday

{Top, Tights, & Cardigan: Target | Blazer: LC for Kohl's | Skirt: F21 | Booties: Steve Madden}

Notice anything new? I thought you might! I don't have a remote in my right hand. I get to pose different ways due to the newly found freedom of an empty hand. It's pretty exciting. Who's the man behind the camera? My brother. He's pretty good too, huh? I asked him if he wanted to come to AL after Christmas and work full time as my photographer. I'd pay him with delicious dinners. He's considering it. 

I am back home. In NC. In my hometown. Never in my life would I have ever thought I would be so happy to return to this tiny, little town, but I am. I miss NC. It's my state. I miss my family. And I'm ecstatic to be here. And I'm ready for Chris to get here. I love the holidays. 

Back to these pictures. I'm in the driver's seat of nostalgia lane right now. This is at my high school. This is the building for lunch time, the gym and locker rooms, and driver's ed classrooms. I spent a lot of time in this building - mostly because of sports. Walking down this breezeway and standing by these doors. Brought back memories. Which is sometimes nice to re-visit. Interestingly enough my high school hosts many fantastic locations for pictures. We'll be back for tomorrow's look. 


Daily Threads: Hooray for Chambray

{Top&Belt : Target | Skirt : F21 | Boots : Steve Madden}

A chambray shirt was not on my "list", but I'd been eye-ballin' one for a while and finally broke down to get it. I have the smallest size available, but I still feel like it's a bit loose, but I'm dealing. I'm hoping a ride through the washer and dryer might shrink him down. We'll see. I've decided I love love love the idea of a chambray shirt. It's the unique neutral and it's perfect for being topped off by an interesting bottom and pearls (not pictured). I'm looking forward to remixing this bad boy!

I started packing today. I should have started a couple days ago, but I hate packing. So I do it at the last minute. The one positive thing I can say is that I have totally used my newly acquired remixing skills to help me pack! I found myself grabbing tops and bottoms and coming up with several looks between them rather than trying to rack my brain for a set amount of outfits for the vacay. Now, if only I could learn to downsize the amount of pieces packed. Baby steps. 


Daily Threads: Blazin'

{Top: Gap | Blazer: Kohl's | Jeans: TJ Maxx | Cowboy's: Journey's | Belt&Necklace: Target}

Remember that on-going list I made about things I'm eventually going to buy?... Well I can now mark off that blazer. I feel like the past few days amazing pieces at amazing prices are just falling into my lap. Shopper's luck, I guess? 

I was on my way to Target the other night and {randomly} made a pit-stop at Kohl's. I found myself in the 60-80% off clearance section holding a blazer I had eye-balled before, but couldn't bring myself to purchase a $70+ blazer. But now I could because it was down to $18. $18! Can you believe it? Me either! I absolutely love it because it fits so perfectly, was under twenty-bones, and it's grey - which is my favorite neutral at the moment. It can be dressed up, dressed down, and goes with just about everything! Don't you just love walking out of a store with amazing finds?

P.S. I never made it to Target that night. Oops. 

Bet you didn't know I'm a big huge fan of cowboy boots? I would wear them everyday if I could. They go with everything and they are my favorite. 


The Number Four

I was tagged by Ashley of Hudson's Happenings to fill out this "Four" meme.  And let's be honest, who's going to turn down the opportunity to share random facts about them self? Not this girl.

{Four TV Shoes I Watch}

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Family Feud
True Blood

{Four Things I'm Passionate About}


{Four Phrases I Say A Lot}

Oh, hello! (charlie kelly, anyone?)
Oh yeah! (Pauly D, anyone?)

{Four Things I've Learned From the Past}

Sometimes you just have to do it. Whatever it is.
Everything happens the way it is supposed to happen. Always.
Smiling at passer-bys can do so much for you and the other person.
No matter how bad things get, there's always someone going through something worse.

{Four Things I Did Yesterday}

Went Christmas shopping
Wrapped the majority of gifts purchased
Bought a fabulous blazer (on clearance!)
Made jewelry

{Four Places I Would Love to Visit}

New Zealand

{Four Things I'm Looking Forward To}

Going home for Christmas!
A new year!
Giving all the gifts I've purchased!
Seeing some friends from grad school over the break and in January!

{Four Things I Love About Winter}

Warming up with a cup of coffee
Cold weather and snow
The holiday season - Christmas most of all
Wearing lots of layers

{Four People I Tag}

Lunchtime Links: Boxer Video Edition

{my sleepy baby girl}

So it's no secret I love boxers. So for today's lunch time links I thought I would share funny videos of boxers doing what they do (whatever that is). All these videos make my laugh and make me happy. Enjoy!

Some boxers like to slide down steps.

Some boxers like to exercise on the treadmill

Some boxers like to jump on the trampoline.

Some boxers prefer to hit the easy button. 

Most boxers hate wearing shoes

Some boxers like to be sang to sleep.

And those are just a few...


Daily Threads: Feeling Polka-Dotty

blouse: ny&co | sweater: banana republic | skinny jeans: tj maxx | boots: steve madden

Today is my first day of being a fashion blogger! Kind of - I've definitely been fashion blogging during the past month (duh), but it was part of the 30 for 30 challenge. Now I'm doing cause I want to - and I'm pretty excited about it!

Ever since the remixing part of my brain was put into motion I've been planning this outfit. It's a classic "Linley" look: boots, skinny jeans, and a sweater, but normally I would have not worn the polka-dot underneath and probably would have just wrapped a scarf around my neck. It's pretty simple, but I love this look. That bow-tie, polka-dot shirt is my favvvvorite! It's sleeveless and I'm pretty excited I now have a way to wear it during the winter! Boom. I'm definitely going to challenge myself to continue remixing it throughout the winter. 


Now That I Can Shop!


So I ultimately failed at posting my first look following the 30 for 30 challenge... my bad. I do have a good reason - I've been busy out and about doing Christmas shopping. Also it's extremely windy today and if you've read my blog for the past month you know my tripod and the wind do not get along.

In keeping with the 30 for 30 challenge theme, and since I can now shop to my heart's content, I thought I would share the ongoing shopping list I kept during this challenge. I found myself visiting several new blogs throughout these past 30 or so days and I came across several pieces I saw on others that I thought I could use and could definitely remix within my wardrobe.

Here they are:

A black/white or blue/white gingham button up
A pair of black and/or cognac oxford booties
A black and/or cognac leather jacket
Black, polka-dotted tights
Mustard colored cardigan/mustard colored anything
Kelly green cardigan
Black/white or blue/white small-striped shirt
Leopard pint skinny waist belt.
Over-the-knee socks

edit: totally forgot: A BLAZER (or two)
I really need and want a blazer

Obviously I'm not going out to purchase all these things at once. My budget and I are incapable of doing that. This is an ongoing list. A list that will continually receive cross-throughs and new additions (only key items, of course).

What was your first purchase after the challenge? What pieces have you realized you need in your closet?


30for30: Round-up and My Thoughts Overall

Half way through this challenge I posted on lessons learned and thoughts in general {read here}, and although it's only been 15 outfits later, even more thoughts and lessons learned have come about.

I've learned that skirts and dresses should be worn more often. I am a jeans-kinda-gal. I just am. I love my boot cuts and my skinnys. That being said, now I realize a cotton dress or skirt with boots can be just as comfortable to wear during the day. I'd seen so many fashion bloggers wearing dresses everyday - I just admired their talent from afar and went on in my jeans. When this challenge rolled around I knew I wanted to give dresses/skirts a thorough try and that's why seven of my items were dresses and skirts.

This challenge has felt like an eternity and a moment simultaneously. I can't believe we are at the end, but at the same time I am thanking God to have my entire wardrobe back. I'm not going to lie, the second part of this remix was filled with ups and downs. I sometimes found my self anxious to be creative and other times I wanted curl up in my bed and hide from anyone expecting my next look.

If I do this again (which I will), I will be more thoughtful in my 30 item selection. Not that I wasn't thoughtful or didn't enjoy these pieces - because I did! I love the items I chose. The only thing I did not consider is that it is late fall in the south. This means one day the temperatures can be in the high 70s and the next day the high can be in the 40s. I should have planned for that.

Now that I have officially learned to remix, I am looking forward to making tons of new looks using my entire wardrobe. I'm going to have to introduce myself slowly to all my clothes (fellow remixers, I know you understand this) or I might go into clothing-overload and lose all the precious remixing knowledge gained over these past 30+ days. I also have a brand new view on the possibility of being a minimalist when it comes to clothes. 

Overall I thought this challenge was, most importantly, eye opening. I'm sure there are people looking in and not participating in the challenge and they may think it's silly or ridiculous, but to those people I say - why don't you try it? I honestly feel like all my clothes are brand new to me now - I have so many options. I've learned to use belts, scarfs, shoes, hairstyles, and tights to make two completely different looks out of one dress (see here and here). This challenge has offered valuable lessons for me to apply to my closet. For that, I am so glad I participated.

My favorites from the last 15 are: 22, 25, and 27. What was yours?


Finally, I wanted to give a gigantic shout-out and thank you to all of you who have commented, encouraged, and shared your sweet words with me throughout this challenge! Your support has been very much appreciated and it always makes my day when I receive sweet words from you all! I definitely made it through my first 30 for 30 thanks to ALL of you!


30for30: THIRTY!

This is it. The last one. I went out with a bang. And by a bang I mean bright red lips, big sunglasses, and short shorts. It was a little warmer today so this outfit was perfect for the weather and it's perfect as my number 30. I absolutely love this outfit! 

I wanted to wait until a little later to take these in the beautiful Alabama sunset, but Chris called me a little after lunch and said we are going to a Christmas party tonight with several important people he works with. So I rushed out to take these, I'm posting now, and right after this post I'm going to be scrambling around this house to find the right look for a first impression! Despite the stress of what to wear, I'm super excited about going to this party! I can't wait to meet new people - which I'm not always that kind of person, sometimes I thoroughly enjoying being a recluse, but tonight I'm definitely excited to be out and about. 

I can't believe this challenge is over, but at the same time it feels like it's been going on f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I have lots to say about the challenge and I hope to have that post up soon! Until then, you all have a wonderful weekend!

Top/Cardi/Necklace: Target
Shorts: Forever21
Tights/Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson
Booties: Steve Madden

{If you haven't already, be sure to check out my hair tutorial}

Friday Favorites

This is a true gold colored eyeshadow. Which may or may not sound intimidating to you - just looking at it was pretty intimidating to me, but I tried it out not too long ago and I love it! I've been using it on my lid and then a darker brown, gold color in my crease (which I talked about here) just about every day. 

If applied with a light hand, this combo works well for daily wear. It's also a great color for transitioning into an evening look, and just perfect for the holidays in general. This is also a versatile color to purchase as shimmering golds are perfect for summer time. If you are more of a MAC guru, I believe Flip and Amber Lights are very similar. The Loreal HIP colors probably have a nice quality gold as well. 

Love, love, love this color!


Hair Tutorial: My Everyday, Wavy Hair

I've gotten a ton of comments asking to do a hair tutorial on my everyday, wavy hair. Just about every time I post pictures of my outfit and my hair is down, you guys ask me to do this. So I finally got the guts to record myself doing my hair and narrate as I go. This is definitely my first tutorial so ignore the "ums" and any other awkward things I may do or say. 

I hope that it's helpful and close to what you all were asking for. Let me know what you think and if you try it yourself!

30for30: Twenty-Nine

So, I don't mean to be a bummer, but that being said, I don't really like this outfit, my camera died early in the photo shoot, and this lighting isn't ideal (a lot of the pictures were dark). Shew, I'm glad I got all of that out of the way. I wanted to be creative today - so I wore this dress as a blouse. Ehh, I probably will not be doing that again, but it is 30 for 30 and there's no better time to try than now! And I'm not completely convinced these trousers are flattering. I'm just going to blame it on the dress as a blouse. 

Dress: Forever21
Trousers: Banana Republic
Flats: Target
Necklaces: self-made

Also, I filmed a hair tutorial. It's edited and finalized. I'm just super nervous about posting it. I'm going to watch it about 50 more times, then maybe I'll be comfortable sharing. 


30for30: Twenty-Eight

Today I went for simple. It's cold. It's snowing - kind of. The weather man said there was going to be snow above our area throughout the day, but it wouldn't reach the ground. So technically it was, technically it wasn't, but the point is: it's cold. Did I already say that? I roughed it out for three minutes so I could take these photos without a pea coat. I did this for you, guys. You can thank me by sending a Christmas gift. 

Speaking of Christmas gifts. I did some shopping today. To me Christmas shopping and making homemade gifts (which I am doing some of this year) really puts me in the Christmas Spirit. Giving is so much fun. We should all do it more or as much as we can. Whether it's a dollar for the homeless man, a smile in passing, or a gift someone really wants - the end result is a happy person and we need more of those on this earth. 

Tee: Forever21
Cardigan: Target
Skinnys: TJ Maxx
Boots: Steve Madden
Scarf: NY&Co.