The Number Four

I was tagged by Ashley of Hudson's Happenings to fill out this "Four" meme.  And let's be honest, who's going to turn down the opportunity to share random facts about them self? Not this girl.

{Four TV Shoes I Watch}

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Family Feud
True Blood

{Four Things I'm Passionate About}


{Four Phrases I Say A Lot}

Oh, hello! (charlie kelly, anyone?)
Oh yeah! (Pauly D, anyone?)

{Four Things I've Learned From the Past}

Sometimes you just have to do it. Whatever it is.
Everything happens the way it is supposed to happen. Always.
Smiling at passer-bys can do so much for you and the other person.
No matter how bad things get, there's always someone going through something worse.

{Four Things I Did Yesterday}

Went Christmas shopping
Wrapped the majority of gifts purchased
Bought a fabulous blazer (on clearance!)
Made jewelry

{Four Places I Would Love to Visit}

New Zealand

{Four Things I'm Looking Forward To}

Going home for Christmas!
A new year!
Giving all the gifts I've purchased!
Seeing some friends from grad school over the break and in January!

{Four Things I Love About Winter}

Warming up with a cup of coffee
Cold weather and snow
The holiday season - Christmas most of all
Wearing lots of layers

{Four People I Tag}


Morgan said...

You won MAJOR points for quoting Antoine Dodson! LOVE HIM!

Brooke T said...

This is great!! I love the bed intruder song haha you should look at this:


It's really cool!

Jenni King said...

I am so excited you tagged me! Reading yours and Ashley's made me smile. I can't wait to put together my post for this!

Jill GG said...

I always love learning about the gal behind the blog... I also love the Freudian slip of "shoes" instead of "shows" - a girl after my own heart!

Linley said...

@Brooke - omg! that was great!! and keeping with the bed intruder theme and my love for boxers, i can't believe i haven't shared this:


@Jill - um, oops. i must have had fashion on my mind. maybe i should just go ahead and convert this whole blog to a fashion one... (:

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Antoine, & Pauly D. & Family Feud? A girl after my own heart!

I love that we share so many things in common...and I'm so happy you had fun doing this little meme!

Such a great list, Linley!!

p.s. please show us the blazer, very soon! :)

Linley said...

@ashley - i'm going to put together tomorrow's outfit around the blazer. (:

Cara-Mia said...

Great list! I love Weeds & True Blood too, & am missing them. They need to come back. I reeeeally need to catch up on It's Always Sunny. Perhaps over break? :)

JennaStevie said...

This is so great!! I love this idea. I love all those things about winter too, your blog is super cute, I'm following it now :)

ps. Congrats on finishing 30 for 30!! Great job

Sam said...

Oh yeah! is completely trademark Republic of Doyle. Haven't watched it? You shoulddddd.