Journey to Baby: Sweet Success

Y'all… we are having TWINS! 

I have a lot of posts I want to share (that admittedly are not typed yet…) for you all to get up to date from our first visit with the fertility doctor back in May up to this point! I'm so excited to share the last couple of months of this journey and I promise I will share soon. 

These little miracles have me constantly tired exhausted and any free time I've had outside of work I've been sleeping. Like hardcore three hour naps in the afternoon - in addition to the ten hours I'm getting at night. So blogging, internet, cleaning, cooking, unnecessarily leaving the house, and life in general have not been happening; however, I'm 12 weeks along and I'm pretty sure (fingers crossed) the exhaustion is slowly lifting (and let's pray the nausea lifts as well)! 

I want to thank all of you who have reached out, shown your support, and provided prayers since I first shared our journey! They work! And God is good! For those of you still struggling, I hope my upcoming posts on how this happened gives you hope. Please know I pray for you all! 

Can't wait to catch you all up and start sharing bumpdates!