Holla. Hola. Bonjour. Hi.

It's me, Linley.

It's been so long and I'm slightly ashamed, but I wanted to check in and let you all know I'm here. I'm still running this blog. I'm just not currently doing it consistently.  Life sometimes gets busy and when it's not, I'm resting - probably catching up on episodes of The Walking Dead, Nashville, Grey's, and Parks and Rec... just to name a few. 

I definitely know that I've somewhat abandoned my blog. Not purposefully, of course. I miss daily blogging, but between work (where I don't really have to even get dressed - scrubs aren't real clothes) and the daily tasks of managing a home, being a wife, and having my own time, blogging has hit the back burner. Which makes me sad, because it really is something I love. I recently received an email from a reader suggesting a Spring 30 fo 30. I'm considering it. I feel like it can propel me back into blogging on a consistent basis. And it will keep me from changing directly into lounge clothes when I get off work. 

Since I've been MIA, here are a few things that I haven't blogged about yet. 

Chris and I recently took a trip back to North Carolina. It was fabulous. I hadn't been back to NC in over a year - so it was nice to be with my family, in my hometown, and relax on my parent's super comfy couch. It was a true vacation in the sense that we mostly slept and ate. Again, it was fabulous.

We also recently added another fur-baby to our family. Her name is Katie and she is our second boxer. You can see some adorable pictures of her and Maeby on my Instagram.

Back in February I passed my one-year mark for being a vegetarian. When I decided to be vegetarian last year (on Fat Tuesday, nonetheless) I didn't really know what I expected of myself. All I knew was that I saw a documentary (that can be watched on Netflix) that provided some intense research, trends, and ideas that led me to believe eating mostly fruits and vegetables would be best for my body. I really do feel great - better, even. I won't lie, though. I miss meat. Especially anything that comes from pigs.

Coming up the first weekend in April I'm doing my first Color Run in Atlanta. (Are any of you doing that run?). I'm super excited about it! I've been wanting to do a Color Run for over a year now. A friend of mine from work is getting married in June so a hand full of us girls are going to spend a night out downtown then do the run on Saturday. This video just makes me happy. I'm so excited.

Despite wearing royal blue scrubs on a daily basis, I haven't forgotten about my love for clothes, style and fashion. I haven't been wearing current trends (see first sentence of this paragraph), but I've been pinning some lovely ensembles I'd be wearing if I wore street clothes on a daily basis.

So they're just a few things keeping me busy. Hope you understand. I promise I will get back to a consistent posting schedule. I'm not ready to break away from blogging anytime soon! Hope all of you are doing well! 


A Random #002

Last night I heard the Harlem Shake for the first time on the radio (kind of weird to play that on the radio, but that's not the point here). So of course I had no option, but to do my own Harlem Shake moves. The only bummer was that when the beat dropped, there wasn't a crowd in the car to dance with me. It was a fun time nonetheless.

Both of my alma maters have put together their own Harlem Shake videos: undergrad and grad school.

I could stay on YouTube all afternoon and watch all the different videos. I'm not sure why I'm so entertained by these videos. Heres the original if you haven't seen it.

I hope I can one day be in one.

Are you all as entertained by these videos as I am? No? OK...