Giving Thanks


I'm thankful on a daily basis - even on the tough days there are blessings to count. 

As this year's Thanksgiving approached, I couldn't help but think about where I was last year. Physically and mentally. 

I was laying in a mildly comfortable hospital bed - only able to get up to shower every other day and to use the restroom as needed (in a plastic bucket attached to a walker located two steps from my bed). Convenient, yes; modest, not so much. 

Laying in that bed, my mind easily became a mess when I (daily) lost focus of Who was in control. At times I considered my worse fear at 20 weeks gestation and I felt horrible that I pulled family members out of their daily and holiday schedules because they wanted to be with me - which, if you've ever experienced something like this, you know it's overwhelmingly humbling. 

My mom, my sweet, loving mom, spent the day prior making all our favorite Thanksgiving day dishes: over-night apple cider for the parade viewing and then turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, collards, and pecan pie for our meal. She packaged it all up in containers and we had a complete Thanksgiving day meal around my hospital bed. It was as perfect as it could be. A tiny taste and feel of being at home instead of in a L&D room. 

A year later, this last Thursday in November, things are quite different. I'm home in North Carolina and there are countless blessings very present in my life. And today, I'm not just thankful; it's not just something I say or list below. When I write and recount these things, I give thanks to the One who has provided them all. I thank God for everything, big and small - even small blessing play a significant role. 

Today, this year, I thank God for:

Being able to stand up, walk around, and only be in a bed when I want. 

Being able to help my mom prepare dishes and pies for today's dinner. 

To be completely surrounded by my  own little family as well as my parents, brother, cousins, uncles, and aunts. 

To have this beautiful surprise, miracle of life growing inside of me. 

And at almost 15 weeks to have a non-eventful pregnancy this far.  

Most importantly, I'm incredibly thankful to be able to hold, play with, and bring my perfectly healthy miracle baby back to my hometown and to the house I grew up in. That's she's able to meet and be loved on by the people I love the most. That she laughs and plays; and can see and breathe. She's happy and doesn't remember even one of the 115 days she spent fighting for her life. 

Today is simply overflowing with blessings and for all of them, I give thanks.