Over the Weekend:

Here is a video of small clips I took throughout our long Thanksgiving weekend. We had such a blast being in Savannah and around family.

So this was my Thanksgiving day outfit. Yeah, it's extremely similar to outfit 11 and this is why I did not count this outfit. I had a cute outfit planned - it involved my lace shirt and black booties, but I wasn't feeling too great and this looser ensemble just made a bit more sense. And in case you were wondering, yes, I was about to pop-lock-and-drop-it in that first picture. 

We headed east to Savannah, where the Mr.'s parents live, for Thanksgiving.

 On thanksgiving day we headed south to St. Mary's, where his grandparents live, for lunch. It was so nice for both of us to get out and be around family (and eat delicious food, of course!). Here's a little bit of what happened.

The football was thrown.

Family portraits.

More family portraits.

And more family portraits. In't Chris's little cousin precious?

Then, after a long weekend of driving and stuffing our faces, we crashed once we were back in Alabama. 

30for30: Twenty

I really love this outfit. And it fits perfectly into today - rainy and gloomy. Chris called me shortly after he got to work this morning to let me know severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings were heading my way. So I spent the majority of the morning watching the news and praying that I wasn't going to have to drag Maeby into the bathtub (which she hates) and keep her in the tub while I maneuver a mattress or heavy blanket on top of us (which she would have not liked). That would have been a nightmare. Thankfully we only had heavy rain and strong winds. 

When everything passed on, I got ready for my day and this outfit was born. I hadn't pre-planned this, I just kind of stared into the closet and eventually walked out with the skirt and cardigan. I'm learning that this skirt is super versatile. It may be making several appearances between 21 and 30. I even topped it off with a Sydney-esq inspired bun.

Cardigan: Liz Claiborne
Skirt: NY&Co
Tights: Target
Socks: We Love Color
Boots: Steve Madden

Temperatures are continually cooling down as the day goes on (yay!), so I may end up adding a scarf and jacket to this ensemble. 


30for30: Nineteen

I knew this day would come. What day am I talking about? The day my pictures are horrible, my hair looks lifeless, and my outfit is just blah. This is a result of not drying my hair, not planning my outfit, and the camera telling the truth. Oh well it gives me motivation for tomorrow and reason to plan ahead on these last 11 outfits.  During thirty days of photographing yourself, not every picture is going to be a favorite. 

Today I am unpacking, washing clothes, and picking up the place - it seems like as soon as you step into a clean house, it gets dirty. Anyone else find this to be true? Or I may just get back under the covers. It's raining here and I find it difficult to be motivated to do anything besides sleep when it rains. 

Later on today or tomorrow some time I will be doing my Over the Weekend post. I took a lot of video, so I'm excited to do another video-recap

Top: TJ Maxx
Cardigan: Target
Pants: TJ Maxx
Belt: Target
Shoes: Sperry


Seven Secrets


I was tagged by Ashley at A Fashion Fixation, Kelsey at Snappy Casual, and Natasha at Required2BeInspired to post seven things/secrets about me. These are pretty random. Really random, but all very true. I hope you all find this interesting!

1. Every single night I fall asleep to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This has been going on for a few years. Seriously. It's our favorite show, we know all the lines to every episode, we are in love with the characters and their relationships to each other, and it's comforting.  

2. I love pickles. Any and all kinds. I especially love restaurants that give a spear with your burger or sandwich. And fried pickles... they are my favorite. With ranch, of course. 

3. I will always have a boxer dog. I may or may not ever have a different breed, but I will always have a boxer. They are the best breed and you cannot convince me otherwise. They are easy to train, committed, expressive, loyal, and (best of all) they just want to be by your side, giving you kisses. They have really cute butts too.  

4. I wash my hair twice a week. That's it. I used to wash it every day. Then I realized it was a pain and not the best thing for my hair. It was a process getting to only twice a week (I sometimes wash three times), but I made it. And I love it. Dry shampoo is my bff.

5. I was on TRL. You remember the MTV music countdown show? Yeah, I went on a high school trip my senior year to NYC and TRL was one of the places we went.

6. I played softball and volley ball in middle and high school. My senior year I won MVP for both sports and athlete of the year at our Athletic Banquet. I went on to play collegiate softball for one year. I pitched.  

7. My first major in college was Advertising and Graphic Design. I only did it for three semesters, I loved it during that time, and I learned a lot. I eventually came to the realization that it was fun stuff, but I enjoyed it more as a hobby and less as what I would be doing forever as a career. 

I'm supposed to tag seven people, but I tagged a few extra and I'm gonna go ahead and tag whoever else wants to do it too.

I tag:

If you want to know anything else, just ask me on my formspring!

30for30: Eighteen

I am bloated, stuffed, and rolling around like a butter ball after shoving food into  my mouth all day yesterday. And that's exactly how I like it. I always make sure to wear a non-form-fitting type outfit the day after thanksgiving.   And this shirt is perfect. It's really long, but I wear it somewhat high and then I have all that material hanging out around my stomach and you can't tell if I ate too much or if the shirt is just loose - except now you can, cause I just told you.

No, I was not up at 3am ready to tackle the stores and kick people who got in my way. I have never done that and never plan on doing that. No thank you. That sounds like a horrible morning. Getting up before 8am would make it horrible enough. I got up my normal time, slowly have been getting ready, and will eventually make it out to the stores. Eventually. 

Top: Banana Republic
Trousers: Banana Republic
Shoes: Target
Earrings: self-made


happy thanksgiving!

{source unknown}

hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving day. enjoy your family, friends, and a big fat turkey (i prefer mine fried). some things i love on this special day: the obnoxious amount of food that is placed in front of me, the best parade of the year, the iron bowl - especially this year since i am living in abalama (it's more fun to say it that way), the shopping that will soon take place, the leftovers, the memories, and the official "ok" to blast christmas jingles as loud and as often as I choose.

whatever it may be, enjoy all that you love about this special day. most of all, enjoy all that you are thankful for.

30for30: Seventeen

Excuse my early-morning face. I took these pictures first thing this morning. I'm up early and I have to get busy after this post packing up (and trust me, it takes me a long time) so when Chris gets back home, we can head over to Savannah. 

We will be spending a little over five hours in the car today, so I remixed something comfortable. Leggings are my go-to traveling pant, and one of my favorite clothing inventions I added the cardigan and headband to spruce things up a bit. I would have belted it, but I decided not to as it may hinder my sleeping positions in the car. Sleeping during car rides is the best. I may end up driving, though. Who knows. 

Tunic: NY&Co
Cardigan: Kohls
Leggings: NY&Co
Socks: We Love Color
Boots: Steve Madden 


30for30: Sweet Sixteen

Ah, sixteen. That was ___ years ago... Eeek! Oh, you thought I was sixteen now? That's really kind of you. I should bake you something. Oh the things I would love to tell sixteen year old Linley. That could be an entirely different post. An interesting post for sure. 

Did you have to take a double look at these photos? Kind of looks like I chopped all my hair off? I did not. Last year this time I swore as soon as we were back from our honeymoon I would chop all of it off. But some time between making that statement and the days after the honeymoon I fell in love with long hair. I usually hate it as it knots up like a nest in the back around my neck (maybe my hair was trying to tell me it wanted to be in dreads?.. yeah, fat chance, hair!) But not this time. It's been very nice to me and I will keep the length around until it turns into a bully. I saw an up-do similar to this and decided to recreate it. I like it a lot. What do you think?

I've had this outfit in my head since before starting the challenge and I've finally gotten around to it. I really wanted a dark, floral print dress for fall and this is the one. It has creams, dark plums and pinks, florals, and lace. It's kind of perfect in my eyes and I'm so glad I have it. This is the only look I've thought to put it in. I guess I need to brainstorm for more ways to mix it up. That's fun and exciting. 

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Target
Tights: Target
Socks: NY&Co.
Boots: Steve Madden
{I think Target needs to be paying me for this look}


 Um. This is me half way laughing /slash/ wondering when the picture is going to take. 

Also, I have a Formspring where you can ask me anything! Seriously, you want to know what's under my bed or in the trunk of my car... I have an answer!

30for30: My Thoughts Half Way Through: Part II

Whoa. That's a lot of me. A little too much of me, but I did want to look at the first 15 remixes side by side by side. And here they are. I like what I have done so far. I've come up with an array of outfits ranging from dressy to relaxed and they are all decently comfortable - and that's great because after the 30 for 30, when I feel like I'm in a rut, I can look back at this post and pick one. And that, my friends, is exciting!

Here are my favorites:
1-5: 5
6-10: 9
11-15: 13

Honestly, I really do like all of these. Some of them are very "Linley" - simple and comfortable. Like I mentioned in my Part I, I really have pushed myself here and there so far in the challenge (see outfits 2, 5, 10, and 14). I've worn the belted scarf look quite a bit and I have to say, I love it. It's different, interesting, and successfully hides a bloated stomach. I never thought I would completely tuck a shirt in while wearing skinny jeans (loved that too!), and finally got myself to wear a pair of winter shorts (love that too!!). So it'be been great. Doing new things and loving them. Woo hoo!

Chris isn't hear to confirm this, but I feel like his favorite was 12. I'm basing this on the fact that several times that day he expressed how much he really liked that outfit. I'll confirm this when he gets home from work.

EDIT:// Chris said he didn't want to pick just one. His picks were: 4, 5, 6, and 12.


30for30: My Thoughts Half Way Through: Part I

Thoughts and lessons learned thus far in the 30 for 30 Challenge

I don't need more clothes. I have so. so. many. and there are several ways to mix, match, and remix for hundreds of new looks. Now, I'm not saying I'm going to stop buying clothes... but I will think twice. 

And this takes me to the next point: my future purchases will be made with thought. Several thoughts. Do I need this? Can I incorporate this into at least three different looks? Do I already have something like this?

Accessories are your friend. It's almost safe to say that maybe we should sometimes splurge more on belts, tights, and scarfs as they can completely alter an outfit and help with creating new looks.

Try new things. This adds an entirely new dimension to a.) your looks, b.) your wardrobe, and c.) your confidence. Since 30 for 30 started I've incorporated two looks that I have never attempted before: scarf into belt and socks above boots. I've seen these looks all over the place. Wanted to try them. And finally have. Now... let's see if I am brave enough for socks with heels and/or fur vests...

There is such an incredible support system within the fashion blogging world. Everyone supports each other. You may be weary of your look today, but someone is going to stop by and love it, comment letting you know they love it, and that's exactly what you needed to let you know, it's ok.

In addition to the support, I've "met" a ton of amazing bloggers. Women with impeccable style that is beautiful and inspiring. Women whose blogs I would have never come across if it wasn't for the challenge. 

Fashion doesn't have rules. Sure there are trends, faux pas, and do's and don't, but who cares? Who's to say what you are to wear? Fashion is an outward expression of who you are, how you feel, and what you love. That's it. Be who you are.

If you are in a rut, look for inspiration. It's everywhere: Fashion blogs, websites, magazines, catalogs, window shopping. Sometimes I've even gotten inspiration from home decorating photos. I loved the color palette and instantly programmed the color combo in my head. 

I am really excited to get my entire wardrobe back! I appreciate it SO MUCH MORE now - and we are only half way through. If I can make 30 outfits with such few pieces, no telling what I can come up with from everything else. I'm excited to make new combinations, I'm excited to know that I can change the entire look of something with accessories, and I'm excited to see what I actually do. I may even continue style blogging.

On style blogging: it's a lot of work. It's intimidating putting yourself out there, and as if that wasn't enough, I'm throwing myself into a pool of fashionistas (Kendi, Jessica, Jen, Sydney). I was scared people would judge. Call what I am doing narcissistic. Think I'm full of myself. I'm not. I'm not at all. I enjoy it. I enjoy sharing what I am wearing and hearing what other's have to say about it. I enjoy seeing what others are wearing and letting them know what I think about it. I've been a "stalker" of the fashion blogging community for a couple years now and to now be minutely a part of it, is just plain fun. I am 100% a fan of fashion and style and showing what I am wearing today or tomorrow is a lot more fun than posting a dress from Anthropologie and saying I lust after it.

And knowing that an unknown number of people are going to be looking at what you are wearing with a critiquing eye makes you dress yourself differently. Before sharing my daily outfits it was nothing to just throw on a tee, jeans, and flats and throw my hair up - which is A-OK in my book, but it's not something I want to do everyday. I like getting dressed for the day. Even if I have nothing to do.

I could ramble all night... So to sum it all up: I'm so happy I've participated in this challenge; I've learned so many different things and I've had a ton of fun thus far. I'm looking forward to the next 15!

30for30: Half Way There!

Today's outfit definitely isn't a favorite. But I guess less than par outfits are to be expected when you are limited to 30 items (which includes shoes), right? It's just a tee and skinny jeans, but sometimes just a tee and skinny jeans can be nice. It's comfortable and easy. And if's perfect for cleaning bathrooms. We are traveling to Savannah for Thanksgiving and I prefer coming home to a clean house, so that's what I'm doing today and tomorrow. Cleaning. Today's duties: bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry. Tomorrow: everything else. Then Wednesday is packing. It takes me just about all day to pack. I hate it. To the core. One of my most despised things ever. I'm hoping that since my wardrobe is limited it may not be as hard - we shall see. And while I'm on the subject of Thanksgiving, I'm taking that day off. I'm not posting, I'm not coming up with a new creation. I'm making it simple. I'm going to wear an ensemble that I've already worn. And I may take that Friday off as well. I've been pushing hard through the weekends, I deserve a day or two off. What are y'all's plans?

Also, I had to wear this wool jacket today. Not to necessarily spice up the outfit (although, it does that quite nicely), but it's warm outside, which means it's cool in the house. And I need something warm on my body. I hate being cold. Since I am cleaning, I prefer something with short sleeves (the end of the long sleeves would get wet).

Tee: Forever21
Wool Jacket: LOFT
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Boots: Steve Madden

If you haven't seen it yet, check out my DIY for organizing tights.

DIY: Organizing Your Tight Drawer

So the other night I was laying in bed and began to think about all the tights I have. They are scattered about   in drawers and in two different closets. They need to all be in one place and I need to be able to find the pair I need quickly - without having to put my arm into a leg to see what pattern is on the pair or if it's opaque or sheer (it's kind of hard to tell sometimes, with black tights especially). And this idea was born. I hope you all find it useful!

And just for the record - I have tried the hanger method. It works well, but not for me. I eventually got tired of knotting them for hanging and unknotting them to wear. They eventually ended up in drawers and on closet floors.

Cardstock/Scapbook paper of choice
Clear tape
Empty paper-towel tubes

{follow the pictures above}
1. Line the end of the tube with the end of the paper. Cut paper paper to fit length of tube (if necessary). 
2. Roll paper up tube and tape. To make it secure, tape all the way across and leave some extra tape on the end to wrap around and tuck inside the tube.
3. Roll up the tube so that it is entirely covered. Cut off excess paper.
4. Tape the other end of the paper onto the tube. Again, tape all the way across and have some extra tape on the end to wrap around and tuck inside the tube. 

 5. Write color of the tights on the label or name of pattern (e.g., polka dot) and place label on center of tube. (If you have both sheer and opaque tights in the same color place a (O) or (S) on the label.)
6. Lastly, stuff the corresponding pair of tights into the tube. 

7. I also have a few of the We Love Color knee high socks and they fit perfectly into empty toilet paper tubes. 

8. Arrange them how you would like in your drawer.

It's really a great time of year to start this organizational system because presents are being wrapped and empty tubes are abundant (you can cut these to appropriate paper towel tube length). Be sure to ask your friends and family members to keep empty paper towel tubes and wrapping paper tubes for you. 

*I think the floral paper and labels are pretty, but ff you don't want to use the labels, you can always purchase solid colored cardstock to correspond with the color of the tights.  If you have patterned tights, you can do the same thing - polka dot cardstock for polka dot tights, floral cardstock for floral tights, and so on. This may make things easier when looking for the tights you want. 

Let me know if you like this DIY and if you try it out yourself! Happy DIY-ing!


30for30: Fourteen

Today I was feeling neutral and earth-tone-ish. I hadn't thought this outfit up in my head other than just the sweater and the cardigan, but I really love how the scarf, belt, and shoes effortlessly bring everything together. This would also look fabulous with cream colored or brown tights and with a dark brown boot. And maybe sock - just for the comfy-cozy factor. I didn't feel bad about letting my legs go naked - it was 78 degrees today. This weekend the highs are settling down in the 50s, although, I won't be here. Let's hope those temperatures carry right on through into next week. 

Dress: Forever21
Cardigan: Target
Scarf: gift
Belt: Banana Republic
Heels: Vera Wang


30for30: Ah, to be 13.


{ignore all squinty-eyed photos, thanks}

I'm so happy to see the weekend for many reasons. One of those reasons being my man can take my pictures. Do you know how much easier and quicker picture taking is when you don't have to run back and forth for the self-timer? 

I love this time of the day. When the sun is almost completely down and the earth is orange. None of these pictures were re-touched or with any type of filter, only cropped. I love it. I also love when my Wolfpack wins, especially against the Tarheels (I'll refrain from calling them the Tarholes since a great friend of mine reads this blog and went to that school....), and that's exactly what happened today! Go Pack!

I was nervous putting this outfit together today. I knew I wanted (and needed) to wear this dress - or any dress that has yet to be worn from my 30. I put it on and sifted through all the different accessories I had - socks, tights, scarfs... and this is what walked out of the closet. And I like it. I would have liked it a lot more if it were actually cool here. It's not cool at all - definitely not jacked or scarf worthy weather, but since I'm 13 deep into this 30 for 30, I just ignore the weather and wear what I want. 

Dress: Target
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Scarf: TJ Maxx
Socks: NY&Co.
Boots: Steve Madden
Jacket: Expess

I love this grey leather jacket. I searched the shopping world all over for a leather jacket last year. I had my heart set on a cognac one similar to this, but it never worked out. I will go back on the hunt for that jacket when 30 for 30 is no more. 

Meat with her mommy.

Meat with her daddy.