Berry Picking

Yes, it's true. We've really made our rounds getting some fresh fruit. Last week we were at the Peach Park, and over the weekend we picked blueberries. Mom and I did the majority of the picking - Sadie Ann just grabbed whatever was within reach, and Allie slept. We did walk away with a gallon of blueberries! I've already made blueberry jelly and blueberry lemon scones - both delicious. We still have over half a gallon left so looks like round two of jelly and scones will be going down tomorrow. 


A Visit to the Peach Park

Thursday afternoon mom and I loaded up the girls and headed up the interstate to the Peach Park. I've lived about 20 minutes from the park for six years and finally went up there. I should have done this a lot sooner. These peaches are insanely good. Take all my money kind of good. There's nothing like a sweet, juicy peach in the middle of summer. 

This Peach Park reminds me of an apple orchard that we visit in the NC mountains. It's simple and perfect and all the products are on point. The main produce is peaches, but there are also other locally grown fruits and veggies. Mom and I could not walk away without a basket full of tomatoes and squash. There are also canned goods like peach jam and peach salsa. Connected to the park was also a restaurant. We enjoyed the free smells of homemade barbecue and peach ice cream. It required quite a bit of strong-will to not stuff our faces (I'm trying really hard to lose some baby weight), but we were successful. However, we did decide that when we head up to Birmingham in the next week or so we would most definitely be stopping to try out the peach ice cream. I'll keep you all updated on how ah-mazing it is when we stop back by there. 

Sadie Ann was completely exhausted by the time we got there. She had swimming lessons and they drain every bit of energy she has. She could barely hold her bottle. Allie, on the other hand, was wide awake and taking in all the sights. 

Mom and I have spent the morning making peach butter and canning it for the winter time. I can only image how delicious some homemade biscuits and homemade peach butter will be around the holidays!