New Favorite Pair of Pants

sweater: c/o Karen Kane, pants: c/o Karen Kane, shoes: TJ Maxx (similar), purse: Brahmin
bracelets: David Yurman, watch: Michael Kors

Y'all, let me introduce you to my new favorite pair of pants. There are a couple reasons they are my favorite. First, they are my favorite color to have colored pants. (I love red pants) Second, they are skinny. Third, they are a great length for my legs. Finally, they are made of an amazing material that stretches perfectly to hug my legs, but isn't too tight. Seriously, I want these pants in black, gray, mustard, navy, green, blue, and every other color. 

On a side note: you might be thinking: Linley, why are you wearing pants and a sweater in the summer? Don't you live in Alabama where it's 100 degrees out? Yeah, but I wore this over the weekend to go see Batman and I freeze in the movie theaters. So this was perfect for the evening. I'm also planning ahead for fall ensembles. (:


French Blue

dress: c/o Karen Kane, sandals: Jack Rogers, clutch: Francesca's 

I'm telling y'all, maxi dresses are where it's at. When I'm not in my scrubs, I'm in a maxi dress. Or my pj's. Anyway, I won't write two posts in a row all about maxi dresses - but do know this dress (and this one) are both on Karen Kane already marked down on sale and if you use the code DT30, you can get an extra 30% off!

That's not a deal, that's a steal.

Sooo.... we officially closed on the house! It's ours. We've spent the past weekend and afternoons this week over there painting. We plan on renting a storage truck this weekend to move the furniture and boxes. So I'm hoping in a couple weeks we should be mostly moved and hopefully starting to settle down. We were lucky enough to have a month and a half before we have to be out of our apartment. It definitely gives us some time to move at our own pace, but we're just ready to be completely over there. We'll get there eventually!

Hope y'all are doing well and enjoying your summer!


Burnt Orange


maxi dress: c/o Karen Kane, sandals: Jack Rogers, necklace: Francesca's, purse: Brahmin

I've mentioned previously that I am loving maxi dresses this summer. I'm starting to think it's mostly because  I am pale-white and a maxi covers 80% of my blinding brightness. No worries, though, we close on our house in two days and after it's all painted and we're all moved in, I'm planing my butt beside our new pool, lathering up in SPF 50, and getting myself some color. 

Speaking of closing on our house in two days <-- that's my excuse for being completely absent from the blogging world and Internet in general. I check my email on my phone and that's about all the current Interneting I'm doing. My life consists of working, packing, sleeping, and then doing it all over again. So as I have said in most of my recent posts, please excuse my absence. I will come back full-force when things settle down and I can't wait to share all my home projects that are on my to-do list. 

Back to the dress. How perfect is this dark coral for summertime and then into fall? Yeah, I think so too! Karen Kane has recently re-cut some of their popular maxi dresses in fun, bright colors for the summer! This dress fits perfectly and is super soft and comfy. Better than that, you all can get this dress and others at 30% off in any color you'd like! Just enter DT30 at checkout and voila! Happy Summer! 


A Girl's Best Friend

I was recently contacted by the people at Anjolee to review their products and speak about their site. Review diamonds and talk about buying diamonds? No problem! 

The necklace above is the sweetest and daintiest little thing I've seen. So delicate, yet beautiful and such a centerpiece on the decollete. I chose the Citrine stone and I love the subtle distinction between the sparkle and color. It's easy to wear with a white tee or a fancy, A-line dress. 

I've thoroughly browsed Anjolee's site (cause let's be honest, it's pretty easy to stare at lots of diamonds and wish they were all over your face, neck, and hands) and there is such a variety of diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, and diamond pendants to design and choose from.

If you're in the market for diamonds, check out Anjolee. If you're not, at least go have fun creating your dream pieces.