Deal of the Day

After lusting over all the designer shoes at Payless, I started browsing through all the shoes. I'll have to double check in the am, when I'm not in bed, but I'm pretty certain I bought these exact wedges at Ross for $14.99.


Y'all, big important designers coming to Payless could be trouble.

You get the point...


On being a grown-up: We aren't children anymore

{Me and Chris with his cousins, Hannah and Thomas - who were a part of our wedding party, during our rehearsal dinner}

Since our parents have left and we've been "officially" on our own, we've tackled some grown-up responsibilities. Quite frankly, these things shouldn't be so novel to us since people five years younger than we are already doing these things; however, Chris and I aren't the kind to jump hastily into things. We chose to make school our lives for a little longer than what may be deemed normal and we are just now experiencing being a grown-up. 

Some of our first grown-up tasks include:

  • grocery shopping together
  • paying bills
  • opening a joint-account
  • opening a joint savings account
  • paying rent
  • cooking full meals on a regular basis 
Just to name a few (I know some of you are thinking, OMG, shut up!).

Being a grown up is exciting and traumatizing at the same time, but I think I'm kind of liking it. 


How I almost had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the movie theater concessions line:

Sounds serious, huh? It is.

Chris and I travel to our local movie theater to catch a showing of The Switch (yes, it's a good one). After we find our seats, I decide a bag of pop corn and a coke would make this good moment great. I proceed to the line and I take a look up at price board. I ask two people in front of me and one guy behind me if we were on Punk'd. I could buy two and a half 12-packs of Coke for the price of a small one here at this theater and I could buy two 6-pack boxes of Extra Buttery popcorn for the price of a small popcorn. I almost jumped out of line six times before the taller version of Justin Bieber asked me what I would like. I shamelessly handed him my card and walked away with our popcorn and coke and my head hanging down in defeat. The theater pricing gods won tonight, but never again.

Lessons learned:
a.) If you contemplate the exit of a line for ill-priced snacks more than five times, let the sixth time be the charm.
b.) Pack your own snacks if you aren't going to the movie theater on Stimulus Tuesdays when popcorn and drinks are $1.


Our Friday Night

Chris called around lunch time to ask if I wanted to do a dinner and a movie night. Uh, yes.

So about six we headed out to Olive Garden. Ok it's not Ruth's Chris or anything, but it's the Ruth's Chris of this little town. Never mind. Not at all.

Aside from us both eating some delish chicken parm, I made Chris laugh, he made me laugh, and we left there with an adequate ab workout via laughing. You know what I'm talking about. I guess I get to take this upcoming week off when it comes to working out. Y'all, we laughed a lot. That's too bad because I already had all my workout outfits laid out for the week. Good ones too.

After dinner we drove around for at least thirty minutes looking for the high school to catch a football game - cause they take those games seriously in this state. Well, when we finally find it, it's a dark dungeon. There must be another high school with the exact same name and that's the one the game was at. We gave up and went to give Zaxby's Birthday Milkshake another try. It was better than our initial shake a month ago, but I still prefer a DQ dipped ice cream cone.


On what I learned while being a bride:

The week before our wedding through the two weeks after our wedding I was extremely anxious and driven to write about my experiences as a bride. Lessons learned, what I wish I had known, and little things you don't think about until you have to. It is absolutely amazing how much time and thought goes into a wedding - if you are that kind of person. Surely you could just get by with the bare minimum and not stress a bit, but that's rare and that wasn't me.

Getting to the point: I am only a little over a month into our marriage and all the wedding shenanigans are fresh in my mind and I feel as if it would be selfish and rude not to share all the things I learned along the way. That's all I'm saying. For now.



Last night I decided to make Rice Crispies Treats. The season finale of RHONJ was coming on and I needed something to munch on during all the drama. Why not RCTs? These are by far one of my favorite snacks to make because:
  • They are super easy.
  • They are super delicious. 
Surely there aren't too many different ways to make these other than maybe the amount/type of butter used and substituting the Rice Crispies for Fruity Pebbles or Chocolate Rice Crispies. I'm guessing this is quite standard, but here is they way I do it:

You will need:

6 c. Rice Crispies
1 pkg Large marshmallows
1/2 stick of butter
Large/deep pot
Cooling dish 

Making them:

Melt butter in a large/deep pot on medium heat.
Add bag of marshmallows.
Continuously stir until all marshmallows have melted.
Take off heat and add Rice Crispies.
Once thoroughly mixed, Pam spray the dish they will cool in*
Pour mixture into dish.
Spray hands with Pam so to pat down and even out the RCTs. 
Let cool, then enjoy!

* Try to spray a very light coat as too much Pam will cause the RCTs to get soggy - and that's gross. 




Here it is! The baby has been born. I've made my decision on Blogger v. Tumblr, I've come up with a name/theme I can live with, and I'm ready to share my life and our life with all of you!