Last night I decided to make Rice Crispies Treats. The season finale of RHONJ was coming on and I needed something to munch on during all the drama. Why not RCTs? These are by far one of my favorite snacks to make because:
  • They are super easy.
  • They are super delicious. 
Surely there aren't too many different ways to make these other than maybe the amount/type of butter used and substituting the Rice Crispies for Fruity Pebbles or Chocolate Rice Crispies. I'm guessing this is quite standard, but here is they way I do it:

You will need:

6 c. Rice Crispies
1 pkg Large marshmallows
1/2 stick of butter
Large/deep pot
Cooling dish 

Making them:

Melt butter in a large/deep pot on medium heat.
Add bag of marshmallows.
Continuously stir until all marshmallows have melted.
Take off heat and add Rice Crispies.
Once thoroughly mixed, Pam spray the dish they will cool in*
Pour mixture into dish.
Spray hands with Pam so to pat down and even out the RCTs. 
Let cool, then enjoy!

* Try to spray a very light coat as too much Pam will cause the RCTs to get soggy - and that's gross. 

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M said...

When you melt your marshmallows, stir in a 1/4 cup peanut butter and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Then, after I add the cereal, I pour in plain m&m's. It adds a little extra. Besides, chocolate and peanut butter make everything better :) love all of your recipes. I cook the same way!