Daily Threads: Fancy

jacket: c/o karen kane, pants: gap, heels: UO

The thing with leather pleather pants is that one wrong piece paired with these babies could really send an outfit off the edge. Keeping it simple and neutral was necessary. However, next time I may throw on a colorful scarf - get wild with it. 

Today is the last day to enter this giveaway - so be sure to enter!



It's been so nice coming home for Thanksgiving. I've enjoyed seeing lots of family and friends that I haven't seen in almost a year. One of my favorite things about coming home is the food. Both of my parent are amazing cooks and we've been enjoying every second of it! The food below wasn't even a fourth of what we had on Thanksgiving day. It was a great day!

Boiling collards 

Dad grilled about 70 Boston Butts on Wednesday for people who wanted one for the holiday. 

The best part about grilling butts... pulling the crispy pieces off the grill!

Dad's homemade bbq sauce that is amazing. 
It's so good we packaged it into 200+ mason jars for our wedding favors last year! 

Mom's homemade pecan pies

My aunt made me homemade apple cider - my favorite! And it makes the house smell amazing.

Sadie making the dressing!

The turkey going in the fryer. 


Daily Threads: Field

sweater: madewell (similar), top: target (similar), jeans: gap (similar)

According to Chris, this is his new favorite outfit of mine. He told me several times throughout the day that he loved this look. I'd have to agree - it's definitely a favorite of mine as well. So cozy and comfy - easy going. I guess I'll go ahead and add this to the rotation. 


Daily Threads: Mod

 dress: forever 21, jacket: j crew, shoes: UO
watch: MK, bracelet: DY

We're in NC and on Thanksgiving vacation! Sadie was well and stable enough to go home Thursday morning from rehab - and we loaded up early Saturday morning to make the 10 hour drive north-east to NC. 

It feels great to be home! I plan on doing a lot of relaxing and eating!


Daily Threads: Nerdy Chic + Giveaway

Cape: Liz Claiborne c/o JCPenney, Top: c/o Karen Kane, Riding Pants: NY&Co (old) similar

This is my version of nerdy chic. I know capes are trendy right, but they also give me a slight nerdy vibe - I think maybe because I link superheros, comic books, and capes. Except this one I'm wearing doesn't help me fly. At all. Trust me. Anyway, I'm really loving them! Add some glasses and we're good to go - see y'all at Comic-Con!

 Moving on, in the spirit of being a nerd at heart, I have a fun gadget giveaway for you all just in time for the holidays! JCPenney has launched a new holiday boutique called WRAPT and one of the lines is X-Treme Geek - which carries several (awesome) gadgets to please your inner nerd. It's a perfect place to shop for those geek-tech lovers you know!

One of you will be getting one of the coolest gadgets they offer - for free! The Mini Fridge! How awesome is that? A mini fridge for a single can of soda that connects to your computer. I really wish I had one of these in college. Take it to the library or to those long 3hr classes I'd have once a week and I'd never have to worry about my drink getting warm. 

Oh my, it's so cute!

All you have to do is visit the X-Treme Geek shop and comment below with the coolest nerdy gadget you've seen lately. Winner will be selected next week! 

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Daily Threads: A New Cowl

Wearing a scarf is one of my favorite things to do during these fall and winter months. They not only keep you warm, but they can do so much for an outfit - they can pull it together, stand out as the main focus, or just add that extra pop of color. The sweet Chelsea of Keeping It Chic hand-made and sent me this gorgeous cowl! The color is amazing and the knitting detail is even better. It's warm, soft, and perfect for these upcoming months. 

If you'd like your own knitted cowl or scarf (or like to give one as a gift!), Chelsea is offering 10% off  until the end of the year - just use code dwellingandtelling at check out! 

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear


Over the Weekend

Wedgefield Plantation - 3rd Annual Scottie Marlowe Memorial Golf Tournament

This weekend Chris and I went to Georgetown, SC for a golf tournament. We were fortunate to spend the weekend with family and friends all for a great cause! It was nice to get away for the weekend as I was in dire for a mental and physical break. Chris was a champ - he drove all weekend and I slept. I've said it before and I'll say it again - what a man! 

Mom has been here with us since Sadie went back to the hospital last Sunday. She's been the one doing most of the visiting the past week - allowing me to focus on work and have a break. I am excited to report that Sadie is back in rehab and doing great! She sounds amazing, is in good spirits, and I'm sure she' going to look fantastic when I see her tomorrow (I haven't seen her since Wednesday)! 

I wanted to thank each and every one of you who have left sweet messages and comments here on previous posts about my grandmother. Each one of them made me smile and thankful for such kind and considerate people who read my blog! Thank you all so much! I appreciate it more than you know!


Daily Threads: Orange

top: c/o Karen Kane, skirt: asos (similar), boots: franco sarto, scarf: H&M

Last week, when Sadie left the hospital and went to rehab, I was counting on life settling down a bit and me getting back to my own schedule. Well, that was short lived. I received a phone call at 3am Sunday morning saying Sadie was being sent back to the hospital for further evaluation. She had an infection and was admitted. She's still in the hospital, but we are hoping in the next day or two she can return to rehab and, hopefully, get closer to going back home in NC. Needless to say, my time has been limited - between working, visiting with her, and being exhausted, I have little time for anything else. So, again, sorry for the recent absence.

I made it home yesterday just before the sun had completely set (this time change isn't helping much either) and was able to snap some photos. I'm not going to lie - it felt great getting dressed and taking photos. I really miss blogging, but family is first. I'm know you understand. Other than all that - Happy Wednesday! I feel like I keep saying this, but I hope to consistently be back really soon!


Steep and Cheap: Trimmed Blazer

I was simultaneous browsing J Crew Factory Outlet and Old Navy when I cam across two different blazers that looked {almost - pretty dang close} identical, but one was over $100 more! I couldn't believe it and had to share. 

Factory wool herringbone professor blazer

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