Daily Threads: Layers

dress: UO {similar}, top: old navy, vest: jcpenney, shoes: c/o modcloth

Oh, hello! Remember me, Linley? I blog here. Yes, it's been a while, but I have a good excuse: I needed naps. That's right - I nap. I love napping; it's a favorite of mine. And studies show it's a healthy thing to do. So I nap instead of exercise. Makes sense to me. Anyway, today was the first day this week I didn't take a nap once I got home from work (I know, so unhealthy, I'm not perfect). I've been exhausted from last week. We celebrated our first year of marriage, as well as husband's birthday, mom has been visiting, then dad and brother came to visit, and I worked in-between it all! My parents left Sunday and I've needed the past few days to recover. Everyone recovers at their own pace, ok. 

Now that that's out of the way. I've been craving layers lately - thus, this outfit was born. Plus, I recently purchased this vest and this top and wanted to share them with y'all! Sure, it's 100-degrees here, but I ignored the weatherman and wore a long sleeve shirt and a vest, over a dress.


Rack and Sack Giveaway

How gorgeous is this necklace? The sweet Desiree of Rack and Sack sent me this lovely piece from her collection! Rack and Sack is an online boutique that specializes in amazing vintage jewelry. You'll find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories in one place! The best part?... it's one of a kind - and I love that! 

Desiree wants to give one of you a piece of jewelry from Rack and Sack of YOUR CHOICE!

You have a couple ways to enter:

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Additional comments
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GOOD LUCK! The winner will be selected a week from today! 


Sponsor Spotlight: Modcloth

Modcloth is the perfect place for all of your retro and vintage inspired needs! It's also perfect for all of the neon and neutral needs I have been craving recently. I don't know what it is, but this trend of neon and neutral has me obsessed. So here are a few of my favorite pieces to meet those needs!


A Day to Celebrate

circa 2006

Happy birthday to my best friend of six and a half years. You are my love and my rock; you make me laugh all day long and love me like no other. Your birth is something to celebrate each and every day, but especially today. You also think I'm funny, which is awesome.  I love you. 


One Year

Yesterday husband and I spent the day celebrating our first year of marriage! It's so hard to believe it's been a year since that special day. Looking back it was all a blur, yet perfectly clear - it was all slow motion, but gone in the blink of an eye - truly unreal! I loved spending the day with husband and reminiscing about July 17, 2010.

We slept in and then headed up to Birmingham to do some shopping (aka, I got to pick out my one year anniversary gift - husband already got his a couple weeks ago) and just enjoying the day wandering around unknown territory.

From The Summit to downtown, we came across Vulcan Park and Museum. We had no clue it was on the route, but it was - so we stopped. We took the elevator to the top of the tower and looked out over Birmingham. 


We decided to take the stairs down - get in our exercise for the day. 

Then we headed into the museum. Husband loves history - me... I would never use the word love, appreciate it a bit more appropriate. So he read, I looked at pictures, and then he summed it all up for me. He's the best!

Then we hopped back on our route downtown and ended up at Five Points South. We had a late lunch at Fuego Cantina. It was pretty delicious. I meant to snap a photo of our food, but I was too hungry. 

So then we wandered a bit deeper into downtown. We found a cute little cobble-stone back road and we got out to take some pictures. There was an obnoxious number of pigeons in the road and I was encouraged to try to catch one. 

It was a great day - just the two of us, doing whatever we wanted! Expect some wedding photo reminiscing this week!


How To: Neon and Neutral Nails

I am head over heels for the neon and neutral trend that's floating around the fashion world right now. I've failed miserably at finding neon pieces. Everywhere I go, I'm looking - but no such luck. So I've turned to my nails. I grabbed two of my favorite colors - a neon and a neutral - and got to painting.  

Essie's Cute as a Button and Jazz

I first tried out a more subtle approach - one neon tip. It's simple: 

1. Paint your nails your favorite neutral color.
2. Place a strip of tape over your nail leaving a small tip at the top.
3. Paint the tip, let it dry, and remove tape.

If you'd like a little more neon in the mix, go ahead and just paint the whole nail neon. 

I also think a neon yellow or orange would have looked fantastic. 


Daily Threads: Blue

Chambray and white - my current favorite! I've been wearing a white and denim combo throughout the summer, but I flipped it and reversed it and came up with this look. I could have easily switched out the heels for sandals for a weekend look. However, it's not the weekend and these pumps are fabulous. 

It you haven't already, hop over to THIS POST and check out what Karen Kane is offering YOU!


Sponsor Spotlight: Karen Kane

Boy do I have a treat for y'all! 

Karen Kane recently launched their new online site! It's now a place where you can browse current collections, get active in the KK community, and, most importantly, SHOP ONLINE! They have everything you need in one place - whether you are looking for basic pieces, trends, or plus size - it's there! 

The best part? Karen Kane is offering you all 20% off and FREE shipping (US) from now until the end of the month! Just enter the code DWELLING20 at check out and it's done! 

Some of my favorites online right now are:

This Little Black Dress! How adorable? I know the emphasis is usually on "the" LBD, but I think you can't have too many LBDs! This one is perfect all year long (you know me and my love for versatility)! You can throw on some sandals and a turquoise pendant in the summer OR layer on a jacket, colored tights, and boots in the fall - perfect! 

I love floral prints, but if you take a look in my closet, you'd see very few floral pieces - it's really a shame now that I think about it. Anyway, I'd love to add this gorgeous, floral blouse to my closet. The colors are spectacular, the ribbon trim is so unique, and I love the tie at the waist!

I love a fitted jacket. I love ruffles. I love the Olive color. Obviously this jacket makes me drool. How adorable? Perfect over a fitted, white tee or over a little back dress (scroll up if you've already forgotten).

Now, y'all get your hind parts over to KarenKane.com and browse to your little hearts desire! Remember, when you find something you love enter DWELLING20 for 20% off and free shipping! Happy shopping!

Also, be sure to follow along on the Karen Kane LIFEstyle blog
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Birchbox: July 2011

Friends, have you heard of Birchbox? Yes, no, maybe so? Well, if not, let me tell you about it... It's basically a $10 monthly subscription service where you receive 4-5 deluxe, high-end beauty samples from a variety of brands - such as NARS, Too Faced, Stila, and Benefit (here is a list of all the brands). The box features makeup, skincare, and lifestyle product samples.

As if the generous samples aren't enough, once you use your products you can go to the website and review the products to accumulate points - points that turn into dollars that you can use to purchase any of the products you've used and loved! It's really a fabulous deal that pays for itself! The mission behind starting the company was to "help women cut through the clutter of the beauty world to find products that work for them."

So I signed up last month and I have been anxiously waiting for this first box to arrive! So, without further adieu, here is a step-by-step photo of me jumping into my first (of many) Birchbox!


This month Birchbox collaborated with Cynthia Rowley to guest-curate the box! This gorgeous sleeve was over the box - it's so pretty.


Once you open the box, you are greeted with a card that gives a bit of background on Birchbox and that month's items/events going on - like the collaboration with Cynthia Rowley. On the back side of the card is a list of all the items in your box, a brief description of each, and the full-size price of the item. Pretty convenient. 

This is what my box looked like inside, once I peeled back the tissue paper. Look at those goodies! 

Here is a look at my items and my card with their descriptions. An extra treat was included - a favorite of Cynthia's. It was a Kind Almond and Apricot snack bar. I haven't tried it out yet, but I hear it's delicious. So I'm going to get busy using my samples and next month, when my new Birchbox arrives, I'll share my new goodies and give you all a review of this month's items. I'm off to use all my items. Maybe even all at once! 

This service is wonderful if you are really into makeup and beauty. You get to try out a variety of  brands and products without committing. If you love the item, then you can feel confident in an investment of a full-sized item and if you don't like something, you've lost nothing! It's truly win-win!


Daily Threads: A Skirt

I bought this skirt over a month ago and this is my first time wearing it. I'm bad about that - buying an item I am excited about and then just letting it sit; it's almost like I don't want to mess it up. Anyway. This skirt is fabulous. It's full of fun colors, a fun print, and it's super comfortable and airy. I might not take it off. 

Guess who took my pictures today? No, not husband; no, not Maeby (she doesn't have thumbs)... Mom! She flew in Sunday afternoon to visit for a while and I'm so happy to have her here! So is Maeby - they have a special grandmother/grandoggy bond that I can't dissect. At least we are all happy! Isn't she pretty?

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear



Recently, I've been thinking about scheduling a hair appointment for a chop! When my hair gets a certain length, I'm usually really to get rid of it. I was sure I would chop my hair up to my chin after our wedding; it's a year later and I'm still loving the long hair.However, recently I've been considering a collar-bone length. 

My hair is super long right now - perhaps longer than it's been for years, but I work in healthcare. It's not necessarily appropriate to be around patients leaning over them, giving them food, or being in their personal space with long, flowy curls all over the place. Most days I wear my hair either completely up or partially up - which isn't a big deal, but I have a lot of hair and when it's all up, all day long, I get headaches - weird, but true. So I'm thinking a chop might solve some problems. 

There are pictures like this that make me want to run to the salon.

Then there are photos like this that make me want to keep my locks. 

But, of course, there are always hair extensions.

What's a girl to do? What would you do?


Daily Threads: Orangina

This outfit was created thanks to the magical awesomeness of Pinterest - the inspirational photo. The orange, white, and gray combo is genius. I considered wearing my nude pumps, but the oxfords just felt right - sometimes putting on heels just isn't going to happen. I just love this, I need more orange and grey in my life. And I mean now!
Oh, also, the title of my post - have you ever had an Orangina? No? It's so delicious and refreshing. Go buy one and enjoy your Friday!