I’ve Moved to a New Corner of the Internet

Hello, friends! And anyone visiting! I wanted to share that I have moved to a new corner of the internet. Dwelling&Telling is so special to me, but I recently wanted to start a new blog that focused on motherhood, life, and style and creating a new site felt like the right thing to do. You can find me over at Linley Jackson Blog

I also post regularly on my Instagram @linleyshea account as well!


Skincare Sunday

In September 2015 I said yes to an incredible opportunity. I didn't necessarily have high hopes, in fact, since then, my reasons for starting have completely changed and evolved, but nonetheless, it was a decision I've never reconsidered. And actually, it's a decision I wish I'd made a lot sooner.

Two year ago I said YES to becoming a consultant with Rodan+Fields. At that time, R+F was the #4 premium skincare company in the US. Today, we are the #1 skincare company in the USA and #1 premium skincare company in all of North America. Last year we became a billion dollar company, a couple months ago expanded in Australia, and currently in the midsts of a three-product launch.

Huge things, y'all. And it's just getting started.

I want to take some time to tell you WHY I joined this company and a little bit about R+F - then, each Sunday I am going to share and highlight our products, give advice, and just talk all things skincare. Now I am not a dermatologist, nor am I a skincare expert, but I use and sell products that work and are worth selling. And if you have skin, you're probably going to want to read these posts. Just sayin'.

Why Did I Join R+F? 

In the Spring of 2015, we brought home our micro-premie, miracle baby. Since she was so premature and had a compromised immune system, as well as weak lungs, my husband and I made the decision that I would quit my job as a home health speech therapist and stay home with our daughter. It was too much of a risk to put her in daycare. I was thrilled that I was going to be able to stay home as it was something I wanted to do even before we considered starting a family. However, after a few months of being home and getting into our new routine, I realized that I really missed working. I missed the interactions and socializations that came with a career; I missed contributing financially to our family. While I knew going back to work, even part time or PRN, wasn't an option; I also knew that there were work-from-home options - so I began looking into the world of direct selling.

I did my own research into different direct selling companies and opportunities. I considered the brands, products, business models, the consumers, and overall sustainability (for both the company and myself). Inevitably, R+F won my heart and I jumped all in.

Here's what made sense to me as far as choosing Rodan+Fields and the skincare industry:
  • Everyone has skin, right? Everyone that has skin that's aging. Everyone is a potential customer. 
  • Skin also happens to be the largest organ we have. 
  • R+F's direct selling model was the best as there are NO required parties, NO inventory, and NO paperwork. 
  • Residual income. Anyone who buys skincare products will run out and need to buy again, right?
  • The business is completely virtual - I can work at home, on the go, on vacation, and even if I move. This biz goes wherever I go.
  • R+F is currently the fastest growing skincare company in the US and Canada. 
  • We are currently only in the US, Canada, and Australia. So much potential growth in the future.
  • The products have been created by world-renowned dermatologists (remember Proactiv? These are the same doctors that conquered the global acne market - they owned 86% of the WORLD market with Proactiv. And I know they will do it again with R+F and I want a piece of that pie).
  • All of the products offered are clinically proven. R+F is all about results, results, results!
  • There is no minimum or maximum you can or have to make with this business. 
  • I'm in business for myself, but not by myself. 

So in a nutshell - the business model appealed to me, the dermatological-grade products impressed me, and the opportunity to really build something that could be life changing made me say yes

It didn't take long for me to start bringing in a monthly income that made my husband (our sole provider) say Wow! yeah, keep doing that! And so far on this journey, I have made some incredible friends and business partners - as well as helped others become confident in their own skin.  And I'm just getting started.

I've truly fallen in love with this company and the products and I think everyone deserves to hear about the products as well as the opportunity and so that's why I've decided to share here every Sunday!


Weekend Warriors 003: Strawberry Farm

Over the weekend we traveled up the interstate to Sugar Hill Farms to pick some strawberries. Right now they are ripe, bright, and delicious, so it was the perfect weekend to visit the farm. Sadie Ann and Chris did most of the picking. Allie isn't quite walking, so she stayed in her stroller and I pushed. She was content to sit there, soak up the rays, and drink a bottle - so it all worked out. 

Sadie Ann loved finding big, red strawberries! We would typically pull them off and hand them to her and she would put them in the buckets. And she did great! She ended up sneaking a bite during the process. That girl loves strawberries. 

We picked and filled two buckets. Once we got home, we enjoyed the fruits of our labor in the form of strawberry shortcakes and they were phenomenal! We're all looking forward to picking blueberries and blackberries next month! 


Lace + Blush

Can I just wear blush and lace every day? Suprisingly, this ensemble is pretty functional in the mom world. A comfortable and easy-going dress is perfect! Throw on some flats and grab a large tote. Fill said tote with diapers and apple sauce pouches and you're good to go! 


To My Rainbow Baby on Her First Birthday

My dearest Allison Paige,

I'll never forget the night I took that pregnancy test. I was suspicious of being pregnant, but honestly, I was taking the test more so to remove the idea of pregnancy from my mind. I didn't really think I was pregnant - but it had been well over a month and I had a cheap Dollar Store test in the back of my bathroom cabinet.

I never imagined watching the test line turn that dark so quickly.

To be brutally honest, I cried. I was scared. Shocked. Nervous. Confused. Unprepared. Worried. Anxious. Every emotion I was feeling was contradictory and frightening. I wasn't ready. An awful lot had happened in the past year and a half - and possibly taking on those challenges again, so soon, I just wasn't prepared.

Despite all of that, I did smile. I did do the typical girl-thing of using my hands to cover my wide open mouth while my eyes opened as big as they could. I did take time to enjoy the moment - finding out I was pregnant in my bathroom. My mind was conditioned to think I would need to take medication, have injections, ultra sounds, procedures, and blood work to ever get pregnant again. I would only ever receive a phone call from a clinic to know if I was pregnant or not. Although this was a moment of mixed emotions, I did take the time to enjoy a moment I didn't think would ever happen for me. A surprise pregnancy. 

Through it all, God used you. He used you to show me and your daddy that pregnancy can be a joyful experience. Birth can go seamlessly. Holding a freshly-born, crying baby can be our reality. And it is possible to take your baby home 48 hours after she is born.

God used you to show us that we could move forward.

You showed us what it's like to cry tears of joy in a delivery room.

We hadn't planned for you, but I can't imagine you coming at a more perfect time. Honestly, I'm not sure we would have ever been ready. God gave us that push by giving us you.

You have been nothing less than a complete joy to our family. Lately, when I talk to others about you, I often mention how you are just happy to be alive. You're always happy - and smiling. You have a easy-going, carefree spirit that I adore. You're curious and always ready to explore the world. Your laughter is the best sound and instantly contagious. Your cheeks are perfectly chubby and that bottom lip never stops poking out. It rocks me to my core in the best way possible.

One of the things I have loved most about this past year is seeing you interact with your sister. She's not too keen on sharing quite yet, but when she pulls her toy away, you just laugh and think it's hilarious. You're just happy to be around her - to watch and learn. And I can already see you are picking up so much from her.

I love it most when the two of you sit across from each other and communicate with giggles. It's the best. I cannot get enough of that. I'm so grateful you both already have a best friend in each other that will last a lifetime - and this happy mommy could not ask for more.

I pray your happy spirit will stay within you forever, that you and your sister will continue to build a friendship and bond that can never be broken, and that I can do the very best in raising you in these upcoming years.

You are most definitely the biggest and brightest rainbow that has ever come into our lives. Your arrival, following such a devastating storm, was exactly what we needed; we weren't planning for you, but I can't imagine life without you. You've given us so much hope moving forward. You are a pure joy. I can't wait to see what God unfolds in your life.

Happy first birthday, Allie Cat. I could just eat you up. I love you so much.