Weekend Warriors 003: Strawberry Farm

Over the weekend we traveled up the interstate to Sugar Hill Farms to pick some strawberries. Right now they are ripe, bright, and delicious, so it was the perfect weekend to visit the farm. Sadie Ann and Chris did most of the picking. Allie isn't quite walking, so she stayed in her stroller and I pushed. She was content to sit there, soak up the rays, and drink a bottle - so it all worked out. 

Sadie Ann loved finding big, red strawberries! We would typically pull them off and hand them to her and she would put them in the buckets. And she did great! She ended up sneaking a bite during the process. That girl loves strawberries. 

We picked and filled two buckets. Once we got home, we enjoyed the fruits of our labor in the form of strawberry shortcakes and they were phenomenal! We're all looking forward to picking blueberries and blackberries next month!