A Baby {Boy} Shower

I love my job for many reasons, but one of the best has been the girl friends I have made. About a year and a half ago I met a girl named Jessica. She was the new Occupational Therapist and we all of a sudden were sharing a tiny office together. Weeks went on and the more we talked the more we realized we shared similar interests, humor, and outlooks on life. After a short period of time, Jessica and I had become the greatest of friends. 

She is currently 37 weeks pregnant and going to be giving birth to baby Whit in the next couple of weeks. About a month ago I put together a little baby shower for her so that co-workers and near-by friends could celebrate and shower her with baby gifts. 

It was the first shower I'd ever thrown. All I knew was that I wanted to do a lot of hand-made decorations, go with a slightly rustic theme, and serve delicious food. I really wanted to throw a cute and personalized shower. And I think it turned out pretty well: mission accomplished. That being said, it would not have gone as well as it did without my mother and mother-in-law visiting and spending their relaxing time scurrying around and helping me decorate and bake for this shower. I can't thank them enough (Thank you!!). 

Here are some photos of the shower, decor, and food!

This was the mantel and the back drop for where she opened her gifts. I made the wooden and madras monogram (her nursery is decorated with madras) and I made the banner - which we are going to hang in her hospital room. 

I did not have any games planned out for the shower, but I did have guests place a sticker and their name on the date they thought she might deliver. I'm still going with Sept. 7th - her due date is the 12th! (And that's a picture of her dog with a "Big Brother" sign - so cute, I know!)

Fun baby blue straws in mason jars.

Another little hand-made banner hung on the tobacco basket with twine and clothes pins. 

The food layout. We had chicken dip, chips and salsa, fruit, veggies, cake balls, candy-dipped pretzel rods, and chocolate covered strawberries (her favorite). 

The cake balls get their own picture. Self explanatory. So delicious.

We served lime infused water and berry lemonade. 

Sweet Jessica and Whit with all the gifts to be opened. She got some adorable things!

The chalkboard wall decor. 

Me and the beautiful moms-to-be!

I have the pleasure of being able to be in the delivery room with Jessica and Brendan when the day arrives. She's asked me to take some photos before and after the birth. I hope I can keep it together in the delivery room. Jessica called me today after her doctor's visit and told me she was 2cm dilated! I instantly became overjoyed - it brought tears to my eyes. I know she's going to do great when that days gets here and I cannot wait to meet Mr. Whitley!