An Off the Shoulder Dilemma

I'm not one to completely give into seasonal trends. I prefer a classic, versatile wardrobe and investing in pieces that can been worn for many seasons; however, off the shoulder and bell sleeves have me giddy this year. There have been very few bell sleeve shirts I've tried on and not purchased. 

This weekend I wore an off the shoulder number. While it's completely gorgeous and flattering, it's not comfortable or functional. If I raised my arms above 10-degrees the shirt popped up over my shoulders. It was a constant game of adjusting my shirt and I don't have that kind of time. Anyone else have this problem? Am I just a rookie to the off the shoulder game? Are there tricks to this? While the shirt is gorgeous and perfectly flattering, it will likely get lost in my closet. It's too much. 

The bell sleeves though, you're going to be seeing them a lot. I can't get enough. Through the recent trends of florals, lace, romantic fabrics and cuts, I've realized my inner self is a boho princess. I want to wear flowy, floral dresses every day and not have a care in the world. Then I remember I have a one-year old and a two-year old and it's back to reality. 

What are your favorite spring pieces?


Weekend Warriors

Since February, it seems like our weekends have been jam-packed with things to do - birthday parties, air shows, strep throat, visitors, traveling, Easter, making flower gardens, enjoying sunshine, festivals, and the never-ending task of getting things done around the house.

Needless to say, our recent weekends have offered very little down-time for our family. I equally love going and doing as much as I do staying home, but I have to say, I'm looking forward to upcoming weekends with nothing to do.

Here are a BUNCH of photos from the past several weekend!