Daily Threads: Yellow

I'm not one to share pictures of my hiney, but I will show off my elbow patches. I'm not sure why I wanted a sweater with elbow patches so badly, but I did. And when I was casually browsing Target's clothing aisles and saw this, I had to. We had cool weather this weekend - so sweater, leggings, and boots were a must. I'm sure we'll be warming back up this week. 

My grandmother is slowly making progress. She walked around in her room with physical therapy Sunday and her diet has been upgraded to full-liquid (which is creamy soups, pudding, and yogurt - instead of broth and juice). She still has a ways to go - so I'm hoping and praying she gets up and moves more and eats well these next couple of days. 

My mom flew back to NC this weekend as she had some work-related things that had to be done. She and dad are coming back later on in the week. I told her there was no reason for her to stay while Sadie is stable in a room - the nurses are taking care of her and I can stop in any time of the day. My sweet mother-in-law is heading over today to come visit with Sadie - I know Sadie is more than thrilled as I have heard her tell everyone she talks to that her granddaughter's mother-in-law is coming to visit her! 

Let's hope this week goes by smoothly and I can get back to a schedule! Happy Monday!


An Update

Hello, friends. I wanted to check into the blog and let you know why I've been absent for the past week and a half. My parents and grandmother came to visit last Friday. The entire trip down my grandmother, Sadie, was sick - throwing up and stomach pains. Well this carried on through Friday night and into Saturday morning - so we decided she needed to go to the hospital. Turns out, we were right. She had a large bowel obstruction and needed surgery. 

It was a waiting game, but she finally had the surgery Monday night. She'd been in the surgical ICU the past couple of days and is now on the floor in a regular room. She was feeling better, but last night began hurting and throwing up again. We are praying this will pass - your prayers are always welcome. We hope she gets well and gets out of the hospital this weekend or, at least, early next week. Luckily, she was admitted and had her surgery in the hospital I work - so I am able to pop in and visit and check up on her any time during the day. I also know many of the nurses, doctors, and others who have been working with her. This has been a blessing. 

Needless to say, I've had little time to blog or think about blogging. I hope you understand - I've definitely missed posting as well as reading other blogs. I hope to be back in the game soon! Maybe even a a post tomorrow! See y'all soon!


Daily Threads: Neons


I actually wore something besides scrubs today! I left work early for a doctor's appointment and decided my outfit, although it's pretty much classic-Linley, was blog-worthy. Ya know, I love my job (and not many can say that), but I really miss wearing my own style out in public. Sure, it's great knowing exactly what I'm wearing everyday - and it's amazing to "feel" like I'm wearing pj's all day, but man, I miss my clothes. I recently purchased a garment rack and I'm thinking I might start planning out daily outfits to put on after work. OK, /end rant/.

Now, a bit of calling myself out - GOMI style. Yes - I am holding my purse the wrong way in every photo, posed like a flamingo in that last picture, and pretty much wearing the same thing in my most recent outfit-post and several other posts before that. What I can I say? I'm a fan of skinny jeans. 


Fab Five Friday

Boyz II Men concert

Yeah, you read that right. Boyz II Men were one of my favorite groups growing up and when we heard they were coming to Montgomery, it was a no-brainer. The concert was awesome! They played all their classics - my two favorites were I'll Make Love to you and Motown Philly - trust me, when you hear this song actually sung by these guys, it's impossible not to get out of your seat and shake it. Such a blast!

State Fair

Funnel cakes and ferris wheels, need I say more?

Seriously, after a long week there is nothing better than sleeping in on Saturday. 

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Chris and I started watching this show a few years ago and we've recently started back watching season 1. It's pretty hilarious. 

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Short hair

When Chris and I first started dating my hair looked like this. A bit lighter in color, but same length. I recently asked him how he likes my hair and his words were, "I really like how it was when we started dating." It's on my mind, but also petrifying.

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Daily Threads: Snappy Comfy

gap top: similar, j crew pants: similar, tory burch flats
steve madden bag: similarpumpkin spice latte

These pictures were taken about a week ago - which explains the lighter hair color. Maybe you didn't even notice, but I had to acknowledge it.  Make sure you enter the Stella Collection Date Necklace giveaway! And if you can't wait for the giveaway, enter the code D&T20 at checkout for 20% off!


Fab Five Friday

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My birthday. 

Yesterday I officially entered my upper twenties. 27 if you have to know. It's weird, but cool - I guess. But mostly weird. I must say, though, I take pride in the fact I am still always asked for my i.d. - and when I ask a waiter to guess my age before looking at my i.d., the number is usually between 19-22. Which is awesome.

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One of my favorite shows on television started off a brand new season this week. I am so excited for Sunday nights now!

bare minerals ready the top shelf  

Just purchased this eyeshadow duo last night. The colors are gorgeous - actually, all of the duos were gorgeous, but I decided this pair suited me best. Can't wait to try it out!

Sweet Meat

My favorite part of waking up in the morning is seeing Maeby get excited that I'm up. It's like us sleeping through the night is the same as if we had went out to eat. She wiggles, smiles, and licks me for a couple minutes - to let me know she's excited I woke - and then, instead of getting back in her bed, she jumps onto ours and curls up in my warm spot. My little meatball. 

Some people say they can't taste any difference between one water bottle or the next- I can. And smartwater is by far my favorite. Now, it doesn't have a taste, but that's why I like it. 

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Giveaway: Date Necklace by Stella Collections

I love jewelry - no doubt about that, but I especially love personalized jewelry. Stella Collections newest necklace, the Date Necklace, does that so well. In fact, the entire Stella Collections was built around the idea of making meaningful and personalized pieces. 

They sent me a personalized date necklace - a pattern of silver and golden nuggets that represent a date. My date: our wedding day. The way it works: You read the necklace from left to right. The nugget represent a month and a date. I have seven silver nuggets (representing July) separated by two gold nuggets (dividing month and date) and then one silver nugget, a gold nugget, and then seven more silver nuggets (representing 17 with a gold nugget separating the 1 and 7) make sense? Here's a card in case you are move visual. 

I just love this piece as it is unique, yet simple and has meaning. I also think it's an incredible gift for a birthday present, bride to be, or new mother! I bet you want one - and you could have one! Sweet Ann Marie wants one of you to have their own personalized date necklace! Here's what you do...

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Good luck!


Recent Polaroids

01. Berry-pink lips using Maybelline Color Sensational in Party Pink and my favorite gloss over it. 
02. Dark locks for fall via Garnier Nutrisse Hail Color in Roasted Pecan

03. New kicks. I'm in love. So comfy and light. Nike Free Run+ 2.
04. Favorite power breakfast: toasted, whole wheat waffle topped with peanut butter, honey, and walnuts. 

05. Perfect temperatures: 70s in the day, 40s in the night. 
06. Windows in the house up; having a cool, fall breeze all throughout the house. 

07. Perfect sweet'n'salty snack: one part candy corn, one part salty peanuts. 
08. My first, made from scratch apple pie. Used Ina's recipe, but altered it a bit. 


Weekend Cozy

necklaces DIY and F21, UO sunnies

Fall keeps coming in doses around here. We've been getting back and forth weather - some days it's gorgeous and other days it's typical Alabama fall weather, i.e., 80s and 90s. This weekend the high was in the low 70s and when the sun went down it was chilly! So I took full advantage - leggings, sweater, and boots were on! I really wanted to reach for a scarf, but it wasn't that cool. 

In other news - happy birthday to my dad! Happy birthday, dad! Below is a picture of him about to fry a turkey. There's not anything much more delicious than his fried turkey - I'm telling you. He can cook. I can't wait for Thanksgiving this year - fried turkeys, boston butts, and mom's pecan pies... yum!