Our Friday Night

Chris called around lunch time to ask if I wanted to do a dinner and a movie night. Uh, yes.

So about six we headed out to Olive Garden. Ok it's not Ruth's Chris or anything, but it's the Ruth's Chris of this little town. Never mind. Not at all.

Aside from us both eating some delish chicken parm, I made Chris laugh, he made me laugh, and we left there with an adequate ab workout via laughing. You know what I'm talking about. I guess I get to take this upcoming week off when it comes to working out. Y'all, we laughed a lot. That's too bad because I already had all my workout outfits laid out for the week. Good ones too.

After dinner we drove around for at least thirty minutes looking for the high school to catch a football game - cause they take those games seriously in this state. Well, when we finally find it, it's a dark dungeon. There must be another high school with the exact same name and that's the one the game was at. We gave up and went to give Zaxby's Birthday Milkshake another try. It was better than our initial shake a month ago, but I still prefer a DQ dipped ice cream cone.

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