Over the Weekend:

We had a blast over the weekend. We were able to see Chris's parents and his brother, Maeby behaved throughout the entire trip (even though she had to spend lots of time alone - at least she was in a nice suit), and the Wolfpack came out of the game with a W. Awesome.

On Friday, before we got all packed up and headed out, I decided I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make a video of our weekend. Take several clips of things we did and put them all together. So I did. I enjoyed it and I plan on continuing this for this upcoming weekend. I learned a lot while filming and putting the video together, so I hope I get better at it. (I also hope to eventually get a nice video camera - cause this weekend was filmed using the video option on my digital camera - and it's not that great)

I could kick myself in the butt for forgetting my camera for our trip downtown. After the game we showered up (cause we were nasty, sweaty, and stinky) and then headed off to dinner and a car ride. We went to Buckhead and ate at Fellini's Pizza. It was delicious and reminded me a bit of Lily's in Raleigh at Five Points. We ate outside and enjoyed great conversation, good food, and nice cars. After our bellies were full of pizza and beer, we hopped in the truck (the driver's belly was not full of beer) and rode around throughout downtown. We saw business headquarters, the Fox, more of GT's campus, and finished the drive with hot and fresh doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

We were all so tired from the game and the sun kicking our butts that we called it a night after that. My friend and roommate from grad school, Meg, stopped by our room when we got back and I was so happy to spend a little bit of time with her (and so was Maeby!) I also got to see my friends Michael and Teresa (also from grad school) at the game. Seeing people you miss is great.

Sunday morning we had breakfast and then hit the road back to Alabama and central time. Since we've been back the weather has be FABULOUS! (and I put that in all caps because I am screaming it to you!) It's been cool in the morning and late afternoons and only warm during the middle of the day - I love it!

Here is the video I put together. Let me warn you: the combination of the song with some of the sped up video clips may cause vertigo. My bad. Otherwise, enjoy!

(my favorite part of the video is when I wave to the mirror in the hotel room and then look back at Maeby and she is looking for who I was waving to - classic Maeby Shea)

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