Berry Picking

Yes, it's true. We've really made our rounds getting some fresh fruit. Last week we were at the Peach Park, and over the weekend we picked blueberries. Mom and I did the majority of the picking - Sadie Ann just grabbed whatever was within reach, and Allie slept. We did walk away with a gallon of blueberries! I've already made blueberry jelly and blueberry lemon scones - both delicious. We still have over half a gallon left so looks like round two of jelly and scones will be going down tomorrow. 


A Visit to the Peach Park

Thursday afternoon mom and I loaded up the girls and headed up the interstate to the Peach Park. I've lived about 20 minutes from the park for six years and finally went up there. I should have done this a lot sooner. These peaches are insanely good. Take all my money kind of good. There's nothing like a sweet, juicy peach in the middle of summer. 

This Peach Park reminds me of an apple orchard that we visit in the NC mountains. It's simple and perfect and all the products are on point. The main produce is peaches, but there are also other locally grown fruits and veggies. Mom and I could not walk away without a basket full of tomatoes and squash. There are also canned goods like peach jam and peach salsa. Connected to the park was also a restaurant. We enjoyed the free smells of homemade barbecue and peach ice cream. It required quite a bit of strong-will to not stuff our faces (I'm trying really hard to lose some baby weight), but we were successful. However, we did decide that when we head up to Birmingham in the next week or so we would most definitely be stopping to try out the peach ice cream. I'll keep you all updated on how ah-mazing it is when we stop back by there. 

Sadie Ann was completely exhausted by the time we got there. She had swimming lessons and they drain every bit of energy she has. She could barely hold her bottle. Allie, on the other hand, was wide awake and taking in all the sights. 

Mom and I have spent the morning making peach butter and canning it for the winter time. I can only image how delicious some homemade biscuits and homemade peach butter will be around the holidays! 


Sadie Ann // 18 Months Old

Watching your babies grow up is a curious thing. At every age and stage I think to myself, I love this age, I wish she wouldn't grow up. I'm particularly loving 18 months. 
Sadie Ann is constantly learning. 
She looks, listens, observes, and takes in everything. 
She imitates words, sounds, and intonations. 
She uses signs and {mostly} follows directions. 
She loves exploring new things. 

This girl loves life. 

She says dada, kay-kay for Katie, and nana for mama. 
She loves going outside and playing in the grass or with leafs off of the tree. 
She's warming up to her sister - she gives her kisses, plays with her feet, and gives her her paci. 
Sadie Ann is a wonderful eater - some of her favorite foods are avocado, banana, 
canned beets, butter beans, sharp cheddar, and tomatoes. 
Her crawl is lightening fast. 
She is able to stand and balance for several minutes at a time. 
She's taking a couple steps and it's just a matter of time before she is running around our home. 
She loves riding her bike and helping bake sweet treats.  
She loves saying her prayers and shouting Amen! 
She feels all genres of music deep in her soul and lets her body show it - this girls loves dancing! 

Her personality, happiness, and love for life make every single day and joy just to be in her presence. I'm so fortunate to have such a blessing and a miracle in my life everyday. 

This 1 pound, 6 ounces 11.5 inch baby is now 17 pounds, 3 ounces and 28.5 inches long!

Happy 18 months, big girl! 


Allison Paige: One Month Old

The days are long, but the years are short. 

Nothing hurts my heart more than realizing the above saying is completely true. The past four weeks or so have seemed to crawl by slowly. The days and the nights are long. Oh, the nights. Then, out of nowhere, it's May 29th, and your newborn is already a month old. And your other newborn is 17 months old.

How did I get here?

I feel like I am very present in the day-to-day actives - trying to soak in every moment because I am hyperaware that time truly does fly by. I was given this warning several times by my mother growing up: the older you get, the faster times flies. She was right. Time always wins. It can't be paused or stopped - it keeps going and we keep moving.

We can only accept this reality and do our best to look past the laundry, dirty dishes, and messy house to enjoy each and every moment - or, in my case, just to survive the day with two tiny babies! We need to put the distractions away and play with musical barns and Noah's Ark; read books and make a mess at lunch. Otherwise, it won't be just a month that has passed by, it will be 18 years.

Our precious Allison Paige was born a month ago, on Sunday. The past month has been exhausting. Even with the help of Chris, my mom, and my mother in law, it's still been exhausting. It's also been beautiful. I find my life to be most beautiful in the rare moments when I have both of my girls in my arms or in my lap. Those moments are completely rare with a newborn and a one year old, but it's happened a couple times - and I soak up every minute.

At one month old, Allison still basically just sleeps and eats, but we are slowly learning more and more about her.

This tiny one month old has a short patience (and by short I mean no patience) between waking up and wanting milk. Her cry is painfully piercing, but I'm grateful for healthy lungs that have the ability to hit decibels no newborn should be able to hit. She loves nursing. Loves it. She'd stay at the bar all day if I let her! Her dirty diapers are constant. She has a love/hate relationship with a paci and being swaddled. She has piercingly beautiful blue eyes. And she sometimes giggles in her sleep. She loves snuggles and falling asleep on my chest. And that sweet smile melts my heart. 

I'm thankful to have already enjoyed a month with this precious baby. I'm doing my best to enjoy every moment before they all turn into wonderful memories, but I also look forward to seeing her personality emerge and seeing her grow up. Such a bittersweet life we all live.

 Happy one month, Allison Paige! 

I'm currently working on writing up her birth story. I cannot wait to share that special day! 


Pink Paisley

dress // c/o PinkBlush
purse // Kate Spade {similar}

I'm backkkk! I never really went anywhere, but it has been quite some time since my last outfit post. Why? I'm a stay at home mom that really only gets out of the house for appointments, errands, and the occasional leisurely shopping trip. Otherwise, I'm in my maternity leggings, a sweater, and tennis shoes. Not quite blog worthy; however, incredibly functional and comfortable.

A lot has probably changed since you last saw a picture of me. Despite the convincing photographs, I'm not actually wearing white, sheer stockings - I'm just that lilly white right now. Yikes. And although I look as if I am smuggling an over-sized basketball, that's actually a baby that is (thankfully) staying put and growing!

I will say, I am slightly disappointed in myself for not taking advantage of dressing my baby bump this time around. When I went on bed rest so early in my last pregnancy and then delivered at 23 weeks, I felt robbed of being able to shop and wear pieces that look cute with a bump underneath them. However, my priorities throughout this current pregnancy have also been incredibly different now that a one year old occupies all of my being - from the time I wake up until the time she goes to bed. Such is life and I would not change it.

So snapping a picture when I actually look decent has been on the back burner. Until now. Check out this dress!

I've recently had the honor to collaborate with PinkBlush Boutique. Have you heard of them? They are a trendy, online boutique that offer clothes (and a ton of dresses) for women, maternity, plus size, nursing and even baby! They offer such an adorable and wide selection for maternity, but when I saw this particular dress, I had to have it! Yes, it's gorgeous, but even better than that, it's comfortable!

If you're in the market for maternity clothes or any type of pretty clothing, then hop over to ShopPinkBlush and get to browsing. Lightweight, bright-colored dress season is upon us and I'm confident you can find something!