30for30: My Thoughts Half Way Through: Part II

Whoa. That's a lot of me. A little too much of me, but I did want to look at the first 15 remixes side by side by side. And here they are. I like what I have done so far. I've come up with an array of outfits ranging from dressy to relaxed and they are all decently comfortable - and that's great because after the 30 for 30, when I feel like I'm in a rut, I can look back at this post and pick one. And that, my friends, is exciting!

Here are my favorites:
1-5: 5
6-10: 9
11-15: 13

Honestly, I really do like all of these. Some of them are very "Linley" - simple and comfortable. Like I mentioned in my Part I, I really have pushed myself here and there so far in the challenge (see outfits 2, 5, 10, and 14). I've worn the belted scarf look quite a bit and I have to say, I love it. It's different, interesting, and successfully hides a bloated stomach. I never thought I would completely tuck a shirt in while wearing skinny jeans (loved that too!), and finally got myself to wear a pair of winter shorts (love that too!!). So it'be been great. Doing new things and loving them. Woo hoo!

Chris isn't hear to confirm this, but I feel like his favorite was 12. I'm basing this on the fact that several times that day he expressed how much he really liked that outfit. I'll confirm this when he gets home from work.

EDIT:// Chris said he didn't want to pick just one. His picks were: 4, 5, 6, and 12.


kelseychristiansonwilliams said...

what happened to the loafers from #1? they're cute :)

isn't it crazy how everyone has their different favorites? i just love #7!!!

Jill GG said...

I love seeing all of these in one place since I am new to your blog! My faves (or two cents, for what it's worth):

2, 4, 6, 11

BUUUUT, that being said - I pretty much love them all!

Kirby said...

I am terrible with fashions, really I am! So I want to thank you for this post; I have to go shopping today for an outfit to wear to a dinner, and I'm using you as inspiration! Love your blog!

No Guilt Fashion said...

I think you've got some great remixes here. I think 2 is definitely one of my faves.
No Guilt Fashion

Alessandra said...

13 definitely my fave, together with 3 and 9.

here's to the second half!

Anonymous said...

It's funny- I think I would pick different favorites, although all of your outfits are just so cute!

kimmie said...

love love love ALL your remixes. I can't decide on a favorite. You have impeccable style, Linley! :)

SJ said...

I love your style! I think 4 and 14 are my favorites. Funny, considering I have yet to try the belted-scarf look.

Katelyn said...

You wouldn't even know you were only working off of 30 items! Very cute looks.


Unknown said...

My favourite of the bunch is 10 and 14....but I love all your outfits...you always look sooo cute and put together...I have a bit of a style crush on you! (and major hair envy)

Anonymous said...

I think 3 and 4 would be my favorites. I've yet to try the belted scarf look...and must do that!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I like 1,10,11 best! :)

Let's see more of the cute loafers from #1...please?

Leiah said...

5 is really classy, I like it! You would never guess that all these outfits came out of just those 30 items... great job mixing 'em up!

smalltownchic said...

Wow! You have great style!!! I am just happening upon your blog and am also doing the 30 for 30 although I am a little behind (maternity leave will do that to you!) Good luck with the rest of your challenge. I will definitely be getting some inspiration from you.


Lisa D. said...

I love all of these looks. Seeing #2 again reminds me of thinking you looked so much like an old friend of mine in that photo because it was the first time I visited your blog! I did a double-take, for sure! You mentioned that you may be applying for jobs, and I've got to say -- I think #3 would be the perfect interview outfit. You just look so polished and professional -- it's a great photo of you.

#6 is also one of my favorites. That red necklace just makes you look effortlessly awesome.

You, my friend, have super awesome hair. :) Can't wait to see the second half of your 30 for 30 looks.


Ashley J said...

I love seeing all of those side by side....I just started following your blog like a week ago so great to see all your 30 for 30 in one spot!


Millie said...

I love love love number seven! It is sooo classy! I am one of your newest followers, so I can't wait to read more from you!!