Hello 26!

I took yesterday off from blogging. To have "Linley time*" and to enjoy my birthday. The day was wonderful and, as always, I am thankful to welcome a new year.

I spent the majority of the day (because Chris is off at work) by myself just roaming around the town. I went to Michaels for some home decor, scored some amazing skincare products on clearance at Sephora (80% off!), and bought my new favorite purse with a gift card from TJMaxx. Later in the afternoon my friend Brynn and I sat outside, drank a glass of red wine, and let our puppies run around and get out their energies. When Chris got home, he and I drove to Old Cloverdale in Montgomery and ate at a yummy restaurant called Sinclair's. It was delicious and cute, and I can't wait to share it with visitors! When we got home I got to open really sweet cards from Chris and Maeby that made my day!

So, hello 26! You have a lot to live up to as 25 has been the best year of my life so far. Good luck and let's get going!

*Linley time - time to myself. doing things i want to do. it can be sitting around the house in my pj's watching re-runs of jersey shore and keeping up with the kardashians, it could be going to sephora and playing with everything in the store, it could be driving around and exploring; it can be anything of the sort. take your pick. 

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