Over the Weekend:

This is Friday morning, before my parents, grandmother, and Chloe arrived. Maeby decided she wanted to sleep in just a few extra minutes to rest up before Chloe came. 

Mom and dad (so generously) purchased a large, flat screened television for us a few months ago (it was sort of wedding/birthday/early Christmas gift, if you will...). It wasn't able to be shipped so we had to wait until they came to visit. The new tv is up and running. And we love it!

On their trip down to AL they took the scenic route and went through the mountains - where I used to live. They knew it would be perfect timing to see the leaves changing and they wanted to stop by Barbers Orchard Fruitstand in Waynesville, NC. They bought apple cake (my favorite), apple pie, gala apples, fugi apples, apple butter, blackberry preserves, hot salsa, and pineapple salsa. Nom. Nom. Nom. 

Mom and Sadie sat outside with the girls while Chris put together our much needed entertainment system. We couldn't have our nice new tv sitting on a tiny little table anymore. 

They got a little anxious and bummed out that they couldn't be a part of the action going on inside.

Chris finalizing the new cabinet. 

Then some cooking took place. Above is dad's delicious sautéed onions and mushrooms that are a must have when he grills streaks. Honestly, I could eat this by itself.  

Here are the steaks before hitting the fire. 

Here is dad charring up the steaks initially - to keep all those delicious juices inside! 

Here are mom and Sadie in the kitchen (excuse the mess, but that mess means people are working and when these people are working that means deliciousness is on the way!).

The next night (Sunday night) dad battered up some fresh bass and fried them along with hush-puppies, homemade french fries, and homemake sweet potato fries. 

That's everything frying away!

Mom made some homemade slaw. 

The girls wrestled. Quite a bit. 

And got to tear up a cardboard box. Chloe, Maeby, and Ally have all thoroughly enjoyed tearing up boxes... is this a boxer thing? Or do all dogs enjoy that feeling?

Chloe posing. 

And Sadie taught me how to make homemade buttermilk biscuits. It was a bit easier than I had thought and they are the most delicious biscuits. Ever. I plan on making them everywhere I go! (recipe to come)

It was absolutely wonderful having family around. It makes me get really excited and even more so look forward to all the holidays and the time we get to spend with the Jackson's and the Johnson's. Can't wait!

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Tyra said...

love th post! fun family visit! it's all dogs. or at least mine.