Bride's Eye View: Getting Organized


In my last BEV post I mentioned that there were two things that needed to take place immediately after becoming engaged: setting a date and getting organized. Going ahead and getting organized will help you from the moment you create an organizational system to the moment you say "I do" (and even after).

Things to organize:

  • Guest list
  • Guest addresses
  • Vendor information
  • Vendor contact information
  • Inspirations
  • Ideas

There are many benefits of being organized during this planning time. You are going to be given and juggling a lot of information as you are meeting and booking vendors. So having all your price sheets, contact information, menu options, package options, and phone numbers, as well as ideas and inspiration, in one place is going to make your life a wee bit easier.

This is also a great place to keep several copies of a guest list with address of each guest. As shower invitations, Save the Date cards, rehearsal dinner invitations, and ceremony invitations are being sent out, it's going to help you and others who may need the list/address and it's going to help ensure every one is accounted for - because people who are invited to showers are expected to be invited to the wedding and you don't want to overlook anyone. I'd also say go ahead and put these in alphabetical order - just to help you out.

Not only will having the guest list with address be helpful with showers and invitations, but also having these addresses on hand as thank you notes are being sent out is quite a blessing. Thank you notes will be a whole other post later on, but just let me go ahead an say, gifts can come in waves and before you know it you are needing to write 50+ TY notes (especially after showers) and having all the addresses in front of you will make things that much easier.

Maybe not initially, but as your wedding date approaches your schedule is going to become busier. If you do not already keep a calendar with you at all times, I would suggest doing so - or at least keep one within your organization notebook. You are going to be making and receiving phone calls to set up appointments and meetings and if your calendar is handy, your life will be easier.

If you are more of an electronic person,you can definitely set up a folder with files on your computer using Word and Excel - or whatever other programs you are familiar and comfortable with. For me, although I love my computer, I am a hands-on kind of gal and I preferred having, holding, and flipping through information. If you prefer this method, you have the option of purchasing an organization system - you can find these online or in book stores such as Barnes&Noble; however, I preferred something custom to meet my needs.

In a nut shell: organized = easier life.

Suggestions for an organizing system coming soon.

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