Friday Favorites: September Favorites

Today instead of doing just one favorite, I thought I would share some of my many favorites that I found and enjoyed through the month of September. I know we are over a week into October, but I guess it's better late than never. I'm hopefully going to keep my descriptions a bit shorter than the ones in my Summer Staples.

I hate trying out drug store foundation because you can't try it on before buying it and I almost always pick the wrong color. I had heard people on the internet ranting and raving about this stuff, so I finally put my hate aside and tried it out. Luckily (and seriously, this never happens) I ended up picking the perfect color. And I love it. I've worn this product almost every day since I bought it! It's definitely smooth and gives great coverage - the packaging is kind of weird in that you have to screw open the top to get to the product. If you want to give it a try go to Walmart - it would be the cheapest there or keep a check on your local drug stores. They usually put two to three brands each week on a sale like 40% off or BOGO.

That's a mouth-full. I used this scrub a while back and recently re-purchased it. It smells delicious, it's gentile enough to use every other day, and it does a great job at exfoliating. You may already have or want to add into your routine a scrub that works a bit harder for once a week use, but this stuff is perfect for that constant exfoliating that your skin needs.

The color of this blush is a gorgeous pink-peach. Which I love. This particular product is highly pigmented (which you want so that you use less product making it last longer), it wears well throughout the day, and it's very easy to blend. It's pricey, but like I said above, the fact that it's highly pigmented causes you to use less each time it's worn, thus lasting longer. 

Maybe you have heard of ELF, maybe you haven't. The line used to be solely online, but now it's in Target and I've also seen it in Kmart. It's a super cheap line that offers decent products. I like the eye shadows because they are $1 and are well pigmented. To the brush - if you use brushes to apply makeup, you know they can cost quite a bit of money. Elf's regular brushes are $1 and their Studio brushes are $3. I decided to give the Studio Complexion brush a try because... it was $3... there's barely anything to lose. It's a great brush because it can be used with wet or dry product and the brush is so, so soft! The only thing I can complain about is its density, but it's still an awesome brush for the price. I think the studio line is a great place to start if you don't use brushes and you want to give them a try. The price is low and the quality is high. 

I searched every drug store around, Walmart, Target, and Kmart for this stuff. Couldn't find it. The all of a sudden it was in front of my face at Target - I had just been looking on the wrong aisle. It's not where the medicines is - usually around the medicine there is a lip balm section for sick people - like carmex - no, it was in the makeup section of target. Anyway this stuff is great! I use it every other day. It's packed with lots of different natural oils and made with sugar - so if you accidentally get some in your mouth, it's sweet. Once you scrub, your lips are packed with oils and are super smooth. I usually follow with a generous coat of Vaseline and go to bed. 

I like these for many reason. They come in so many wonderful colors, they can be used by themselves as eye shadow color or they can be used as a base for eye shadow, and they are easy to blend out and into shadows. They are usually around $4 each and you can find them in Ulta, online, and sometimes in certain drug stores. Generally, like mentioned above, drugstores and Ulta will have sales going on for certain brands. I waited to buy mine when Ulta had NYX products 50% off. I will warn... use an eye shadow primer if you use these. I've always used a primer while wearing these, so it hasn't happened to me, but I've heard these pencils will crease up in your eye lid badly if you don't have a primer on. Creasing can ruin your look, especially if you planned on wearing your makeup throughout the day. So make sure to do that, or you may end up hating these!

These paint pots come in several different colors - from natural matte, to iridescent, and to black - it just depends on what you want. The rubenesque color I have is a pink/gold iridescent color. I told the guy working at MAC that day that I generally wear neutrals on my eyes and this was just the color he recommended. And I love it. It's such a pretty color I can even wear it by itself. I use it as a base. I first put on my eye shadow primer, then the pain pot, then my eye shadows. What it does as a base is it helps, like my primer, to keep the color where it is supposed to be and avoid creasing, it also really intensifies the colors of the shadows that I put on. (If I remember, I will take pictures of swatches with the paint pot and without so you can see what it does). This stuff will last forever too because it is highly pigmented and you use very little to cover your lid. 

So those are some of my favorites from September. I guess I failed at keeping each description to a minimum, but I wanted to make sure I said everything I wanted  and what I thought you would need to hear about each product. 

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