Thank you, Martha.

Oh Martha, so good at what she does everything.

Because Chris and I do not yet have little ones running around, I don't feel compelled to do extreme decoration come holidays like Halloween and Christmas - you know bright orange pumpkins, neon green and electric purple witches or colored blinking lights covering every inch of the house. However, I like getting into the spirit of whatever holiday or season is lurking and provide a subtle, classy decor.

So Martha Stewart has made this extremely easy for me come Halloween (and I even think this particular project can hold up through Thanksgiving).  What is it? Glittered Pumpkins. Ah.

Don't they just look fabulous! Can you imagine buying these things? They would set you back quite a bit, but you can make them yourself! 

- Bottles of loose glitter powder (the orange and pink look beautiful, but I also think white, silver, and gold would be fabulous as well - and very sophisticated!)
- Adhesive (glue, spray, mod podge)
- Foam brush
- News paper
- Plastic pumpkins of varied sizes

- Sit pumpkin on laid out newspaper.
- Use foam brush to apply thin layer of glue - I'd recommend doing small sections at a time
- Add glitter to glued section
- Continue these steps until entire pumpkin is covered. 
- Let dry, decorate!

I've yet to actually do this project, but by the end of next week I hope my house will be filled with glitter-covered pumpkins. I think they'd look so good on candlesticks on a shelf, in the middle of the dining table, or on the coffee table. 

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