This song:

It's been around. I'm sure you've heard it.

Well not too long ago I was in our general living area (living room/dining room/kitchen - it's an open concept) cleaning and such. I had the tv on one of those music/digital/xm channels that we luckily pick up because of some fancy tiny chip our tv has. The channel I had it on was playing pop music - similar to any 20-22 xm station, I imagine.

Three or so songs passed and then this one begins. It's a catchy, feel-good kind of song (go ahead, listen). As it starts I begin to bob my head, maybe do a little shoulder twist - a subtle one, of course - and then throw a little hip action into the mix. Well, the chorus sneaks up and as soon as the "oh-oh" starts, I find myself forgetting whatever I was doing and I'm full-on bouncing around the living room, in front of the tv - hands up and swaying, smiling, and singing. (It had to be the animal.) It was a happy little high and I enjoyed it up until the point where I turned towards the kitchen and saw Maeby staring at me. Confused and slightly worried. I then stopped, and got back to cleaning or whatever it was that I was doing that didn't involve bouncing around.

I declare this song to be the best for jumping around your living room and throwing your hand up in the air while doing so. Try it out.

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