Friday Favorites

I have two today. One beauty related and one not. Let's start with the not.

Five-hour Energy shots. I feel like a lot of people are scared of these or somehow compare them to a Red Bull. No. Not at all like a RB. I've added the nutrition label to show that these aren't effective because of sugar - which means no crash. It's just a tiny shot pack-full with vitamins, and  a lot of them - thus the reason for lots of energy and no crash. Now, I'm no doctor, but I do know it's not that great to take in too much of a vitamin or nutrient because your body can't break down too many things in bulk. So I don't recommend these things for multiple daily use. However, if you are dragging, need to get through a long drive, or didn't get quite the eight hours last night, throw back one of these guys. 

They give a pretty instant boost of energy that sustains itself well. And like I said above, no crash. When I was in grad school I would often drive to Raleigh for the weekend to see my man and my family. I'd leave on Thursdays after a long day of classes and when I stopped for gas, I would grab one of these. Same thing with heading back to the mountains. They just get you going and get your brain a'thinkin. I love them and to anyone who may be weary of them, just give it a try. (the berry flavor kind of tastes like liquid Smarties)

My second favorite: Essie Nail Polish

This stuff. I feel like Essie and OPI are kind of each other's competition. If you are a nail polish guru you either love Essie or you love OPI - me? I love Essie. For me, it applies on the nail nicely, with better coverage, and the colors. Love them. It also seems to offer a bit more glossy finish than OPI when you don't have on a topcoat. 

For some reason, in the past couple weeks, I've accumulated five new nail polishes - four Essie and one OPI. The color above, Forever Young, in on my nails as we speak. I thought I'd support my Wolfpack this weekend via my nails. The other Essie colors I added to the collection are: Mink Muffs (taupe), Sew  Psyched (olive), and Jazz (bone). The OPI color: BYOBoy (it's not as bright pink in person) - this name is so cute, but not the sole reason I bought it. 

Also, Ulta always has a fabulous deal on Essie nail polish. It's buy two, get one free. They can be a bit pricey, but you get three for the price of two and it's definitely a quality product. 

After the weekend, I'm going to move on to Mink Muffs. And come Christmas time, I'll be sporting Sew Psyched fo'sho.

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