Lunchtime Links: Boxer Video Edition

{my sleepy baby girl}

So it's no secret I love boxers. So for today's lunch time links I thought I would share funny videos of boxers doing what they do (whatever that is). All these videos make my laugh and make me happy. Enjoy!

Some boxers like to slide down steps.

Some boxers like to exercise on the treadmill

Some boxers like to jump on the trampoline.

Some boxers prefer to hit the easy button. 

Most boxers hate wearing shoes

Some boxers like to be sang to sleep.

And those are just a few...


sydney said...

awww, these are all such cute videos! we've only had our boxer a few days but he is just so funny and cute! :)

megan said...

ha, the trampoline one is definitely my fave! :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, she almost looks like she is having a 'sick day' in bed there. I adore boxers, too, I hope one day my hubby will let us get one for the boys!

thedemuremuse.com said...

Linley, your boxer is SOOOO cute!! I can't believe she's cuddled up under the sheets when she sleeps. How adorable is that? xo

Tyra said...

ok. i laughed so hard my stomach hurts.