A Little Update on Life


This picture just makes me laugh. 

So I know a few weeks ago I posted a couple times claiming I would be posting more. And here we are now, three weeks later, and still lacking a regular posting schedule. Let me explain. 

So my first week of work went well. It was four long days of computer-based orientation. So you can imagine that after spending eight hours in front of a computer, I didn't feel like coming home and sitting in front of another computer. Sorry. 

The next week.... Early Monday morning (Dec 18th) around 1:30am central time, I received a phone call from my mother saying my grandmother (her mom) had suffered a heart attack, coded, and was now on a ventilator. I broke into tears and immediately began to pray. I prayed for her to be strong and pull through, but it didn't feel right. So I then began to pray that the Lord take her if it's her time and I prayed for her to not be in any pain. About fifteen minutes later I received a phone call from my dad saying she didn't make it. I cried a cry I had never cried before. 

I've been so fortunate in my 29 years on this earth to have not have to deal with too many deaths. This was my first. Through it I learned many things, but the most important thing I learned (or really realized) is how thankful I am for my faith. Through my faith I know my granny is in heaven with the Lord. She has eyes that see perfectly, she can run around with perfectly working legs, and she's happier than any of us can ever imagine. And that right there gives me a peace that I hold tightly to. 

Needless to say, we packed up and headed to NC for the rest of the week. Her funeral service was that Thursday. The service was perfect. Beautiful words were spoken that made us all laugh and cry. And although I wish the circumstances were different, I was thankful to see friends and family that I had not seen in months - and some in years. 

Last week, Thanksgiving week, I worked three days and my parents came down to spend the holiday with us. So I spent all my free time cooking and spending time with them. The time always goes by too quickly, but it was wonderful having them here. 

This week I am back to work. Finally getting out of orientation and getting out in the field, going to peoples' homes, and doing therapy. So, let me get adjusted to this new job and I will be back. I promise. I always come back - it may not be in the timeliest manner, but I do always come back. It's hard managing a job and a blog - especially when there're not related or intertwined. 

How many of you work a full time job and are able to blog regularly? How do you do it?


Hannah, Here! said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! Praying for you and your family!

The only reason I'm able to keep on top of blogging is because I sit at a computer all day at work and my boss doesn't mind if I surf the web in my downtime. When I was working full time before, my posts were few and far between. But I've always taken a big chunk of time to put together a couple of posts for the near future, instead of blogging one day at a time.

Valerie said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother, but I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.
Hope you are enjoying your new job.

Rin said...

I completely understand your prayers. I, too, have changed my prayers for my grandmother. The Lord knows when the time is that she return to Him, and I put my faith in that. Its comforting, in a way, and helps me grapple with mortality. I send prayers to you and your family!