Five Things

Smokehouse Potato Soup

It's been a bit chilly down here in the south. Nothings better than hearty, flavorful soups on cool days. This soup is one Chris and I love. Love! It's delicious and even better the next day. Here's the recipe above - just add to the first line "cook until potatoes are tender." Add to the second line "add in crumbled bacon." Enjoy!

Shellac Manicure

The picture above is day seven of my manicure. I use my hands and fingers a lot throughout the day. My regular nail polish usually chips on day two (if not day one). I'm amazed and will definitely be getting my Shellac on when it comes to special events, holidays, and long trips. You literally don't have to take it off until your nail grows out and there's a noticeable gap between your cuticle and polish. They typically last 14+ days. It's a slightly longer and more expensive manicure, but worth the extra time a couple bucks! 

Ah! You've probably heard of these already, but I can't help but mention them. The line comes in an assortment of gorgeous colors and calling them a butter could not be more true! These butters are moisturizing and have great pigmentation. I have berry smoothie, peach parfait, candy apple, and cotton candy (not pictured). Go try one! I promise you'll love them - and you'll probably buy more. 

I received this in a sample size in a more recent Birchbox. It smells amazing, works wonderfully, and you don't have t worry about that greasy film that lotion can sometimes leave. It's jam-packed with minerals and other goodies to keep your hands looking and feeling great! I love it!

Jimmy V's ESPY Speech circa 1993

If you're a college basketball fan, you know this week is Jimmy V week. If you have 11 minutes today (or tomorrow, whenever) I urge you to watch this speech. This is his acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award; it is sincere, emotional, and motivating. He speaks powerful words and you can't help but smile when you listen - you'll probably cry too. Less than two months following this speech he lost his life to cancer (bone cancer). 


Tyra said...

I know that recipe! Yum!! Miss you friend, hope we can play soon!

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Those lip "butters" sound great! I'm a sucker for a great lip gloss. And what do you think of Birchbox? I have heard of it and been interested, but I wasn't sure about committing $10 a month to it just yet.



Annie said...

HUGE fan of college basketball...love Jimmy V week...so inspirational and I cry every year when I watch that speech!

The Other Side of Gray

Jessica Gitler said...

I just got my first "real" Shellac manicure and what an amazing thing it is ... I am right there with ya!! Love the "5 things" post, so much fun!!

San y Pimienta said...

I watched that speech a few days ago and cried my eyes out while doing so. It was so touching and SO AMAZING. As a cancer survivor, I was just so inspired by those incredibly wise words :-)

Stephanie said...

you can get the gelish polish at some beauty supply stores (or ebay or amazon). I've been doing my own shellac manis at home for almost a year - you just have to buy the uv light (mine was about $50). it's WELL worth the investment if you love to have your nails polished all the time.

Cara-Mia said...

What a great looking manicure! Sounds like it's definitely worth the extra bucks. And now I really want to try the lip butters.