Now That I Can Shop!


So I ultimately failed at posting my first look following the 30 for 30 challenge... my bad. I do have a good reason - I've been busy out and about doing Christmas shopping. Also it's extremely windy today and if you've read my blog for the past month you know my tripod and the wind do not get along.

In keeping with the 30 for 30 challenge theme, and since I can now shop to my heart's content, I thought I would share the ongoing shopping list I kept during this challenge. I found myself visiting several new blogs throughout these past 30 or so days and I came across several pieces I saw on others that I thought I could use and could definitely remix within my wardrobe.

Here they are:

A black/white or blue/white gingham button up
A pair of black and/or cognac oxford booties
A black and/or cognac leather jacket
Black, polka-dotted tights
Mustard colored cardigan/mustard colored anything
Kelly green cardigan
Black/white or blue/white small-striped shirt
Leopard pint skinny waist belt.
Over-the-knee socks

edit: totally forgot: A BLAZER (or two)
I really need and want a blazer

Obviously I'm not going out to purchase all these things at once. My budget and I are incapable of doing that. This is an ongoing list. A list that will continually receive cross-throughs and new additions (only key items, of course).

What was your first purchase after the challenge? What pieces have you realized you need in your closet?


Jill GG said...

oh... this is a GOOD list! I could use a few of these things too!

Mandy said...

I usually have one of these all the time! I try to use it to help me make too many impulse buys although it doesn't always help it. I definitely vote for buying mustard colored anything!

Sands said...

Oh yes! I've been keeping a list of things I want to buy as soon as the challenge ends. I still have 2 more outfits to go so my shopping urge will have to wait (for a few more days)... but then I dunno if I'll be able to control myself, ha! :P


Stefanie said...

I also want a blue/white checked shirt, mustard cardigan and polka dot tights!

Mimi said...

Great list! Mine is ongoing! And I'm never satisfied...always want to shop more!!
Aesthetic Lounge

Natalie said...

Love seeing/reading what other people's wardrobes look like. Great list of things!

Virginie Bardot said...

Getting shopping inspiration from the other bloggers: love it! One of the many positive effects of remixing :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for posting this list--the "gingham" shirt seemed to be a popular item, as well as the lace skirt from Target.

I keep a list too that develops over the course of a week of blog-visiting. If I can't find it in a thrift the following weekend, it generally falls off the list.

Jo said...

I can totally relate. I recently went a wee bit of a splurge post-30. I wrote a post about it here: http://dailyjohaiku.blogspot.com/2010/12/joys-and-pains-of-online-shopping.html

Liz said...

You know you can get the most fabulous leopard print belt at the limited! It's amazing because its adjustable - you can wear it with pants or higher on your waist. At most it's $20.

Tyra said...

hey frand! i have a leopard print skinny belt that i got at NY and Co. I got it a while ago, but they may still have them or a "newer" one. just an FYI!

SJ said...

I can vouch for the leopard print belt Liz is talking about! I have the same one and was about to recommend it.

Anonymous said...

I've definitely also been inspired by other bloggers. I totally second you on the skinny leopard belt, the plaid shirt and knee socks!!

I also really want a pair of like red or blue pumps (a la Kendi)--such an awesome pop of color!

Linley said...

@Erica... um, yes! i definitely put the UO red pumps on my christmas list this year!

Kristen said...

Forgive me for completely copying your entire shopping list just now. It was too good to pass up. :)

kimmie said...

That's a really good list!!

Mine is pretty much the exact same as yours, with the addition of a pair of black skinny jeans. I'm eyeing the J brand ones. LOVE!

Lisa D. said...

Great list! I've been working on one, too (since about day 10...haha). Target and TJ Maxx are great places to find over-the-knee socks. That's where I found most of mine right before the challenge. I think my first two post-challenge purchases will be a full-ish black skirt and a navy and white striped long-sleeve top. I'm going to post the rest of my list later this week.

Happy shopping!


Looks and Books said...

I didn't participate in the 30 for 30 this time around, but I do keep a shopping list of items that are missing from my closet--quite a few of which are on your list as well! My biggest holes in my closet right now are a white button-up and black skinny pants.

Looks & Books

Anonymous said...

great list! my first purchase was a panda stocking hat. it will be on my blog later today! :)

Jan said...

I'm looking for a big handbag made from durable black leather that I can slip over my arm, has a zip closure, can fit a laptop and will ultimately make a very stylish diaper bag at some point in the way-off future. I've yet to find said bag yet tho...the hunt continues!

sydney said...

i love all of your shopping items. and i have a blazer, and i love it. it seriously goes with everything in my closet. also...i love all of your 30 for 30 outfits! you have the cutest style! i'm so excited to have found your blog :)

Kenziefaith said...

Ooh, I'm giving away a mustard scarf & mustard gloves on my blog :)

I would looove a leopard print skinny belt & over the knee socks, too! Gosh. I need a good shopping trip!

KF x