BEV: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Check List


This is the magazine the list was in, and it was one of the first magazines I purchased (ah, nostalgia). I don't know if the checklist is in every magazine, but you can definitely print it off here

Something you should add to your Organizational System for planning the wedding is a checklist. A great checklist (and the one I clung to throughout our planning) was Real Simple's Wedding Planning Checklist. This checklist was in the first Real Simple Weddings magazine that I purchased, and as soon as I saw it I tore it out and put it somewhere safe.

The great thing about this list is that it lays out every. single. thing. that needs to be done between now and I do, and breaks it down month by month. There are thing's you may not have even thought about, no worries though, it's on this list! It's overwhelming to read it at first, but the thing you have to realize is that everything doesn't have to be and can't be done right away. The next thing to realize is that you now have this list and your life is saved. Just follow the list. If there are things to do on that list that don't apply to you, cross through them. If there are things missing from the list that you need to do, add them in at the appropriate month.

In addition to this list (because it stops at the week of) I made a To-Do list for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I made this about a week before the wedding. It definitely helped out because that week of... oh, you are going to be busy. Everyone is going to be calling you. Telling you congratulations, what needs to be done or decided on. I kept a small notebook handy at all times the month of the wedding just for writing down lists, notes, or memos. So, if you have a checklist and a small notepad handy at all times, you are prepared and that's that! Good luck!

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