On being a grown-up: We aren't children anymore

{Me and Chris with his cousins, Hannah and Thomas - who were a part of our wedding party, during our rehearsal dinner}

Since our parents have left and we've been "officially" on our own, we've tackled some grown-up responsibilities. Quite frankly, these things shouldn't be so novel to us since people five years younger than we are already doing these things; however, Chris and I aren't the kind to jump hastily into things. We chose to make school our lives for a little longer than what may be deemed normal and we are just now experiencing being a grown-up. 

Some of our first grown-up tasks include:

  • grocery shopping together
  • paying bills
  • opening a joint-account
  • opening a joint savings account
  • paying rent
  • cooking full meals on a regular basis 
Just to name a few (I know some of you are thinking, OMG, shut up!).

Being a grown up is exciting and traumatizing at the same time, but I think I'm kind of liking it. 

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Cindy P said...

I just stumbled upon your blog this afternoon (I'm starting my own soon!) and went back to see some of your old posts and found this one! My husband and I got married in April and the "grown up" tasks that you were experiencing firsts of we had the same things! We both lived at home until we got married (I moved back after graduating college but I lived on campus the whole while I was there). It was really exciting yet traumatizing at the same time! I agree completely. And it gets even better the longer you're married! =) I'm looking forward to following your blog!