J Crew Inspired

black and red 091

black and red 105

black and red 112

black and red 087
sweater: Target, pants: GAP, shoes: Urban Outfitters

I put this outfit together and immediately felt like I stepped out of a Spring J Crew catalog - and I love it. We've all seen this pin, so I made sure to drop into all the larger stores in our town. No biggie, I needed to shop around anyway. So while some of you are all bundled up in your gloves and parkas, I'm over here prancing around like a Spring-Edition, J Crew girl.


Hannah, Here! said...

Very J Crew! Those are the best shoes EVER!

Christine said...

Love this!

Unknown said...

I'm really loving those pants. They work great with your sweater!
Maya F


Lenley, as always your collection rocks. Red shoes are looking good!
~ Mehul
Architectural Stone

Gracie-Lou said...

Love love LOVE the shades of blue in this outfit, and those pants are adorable!


Sara SHOEmaker said...

i'm contemplating getting those shoes....LOVE them with those cropped pants. just found your blog thru google as I was researching those shoes and I love it!!

The House of Shoes