Over the Weekend via Instagram

01. Finally decided on what outfits to pack. 
02. Jumped on a plane that carried me to beautiful Maine. 
03. My favorite spring nail polish: Essie's A Crewed Interest
04. My two sidekicks for the weekend: my Brahmin crossbody and my bone-colored, leather jacket.  
05. Julianne after induction into her school's engineering society. 
06. UMaine program for the induction ceremony. 
07. Horses and pearls for graduation and for the derby.
08. Airport style for heading home. 
09. Maine blueberry beer. 
10. Bojangles for lunch in the airport. 

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Natasha Fatah said...

What to see more of those horses and pearls ensemble. :)

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

Roots Out West said...

Looks like a perfect weekend full of great food, great company, and great clothes.

Anonymous said...

Blueberry beer?! I dig this idea...

<3 Cambria