just packing a few things for the weekend

This upcoming week is a four-day work week for me! Early Friday morning I'm jumping on a plane for a mini-vacay to Maine! My sister-in-law is graduating from college and I'm so excited I'm able to make it up there for her big day! And I'm also super excited for some cooler weather and the beautiful landscape of Maine (I love Maine!). 

Since it's going to be a short, weekend trip, I'm skipping the checked luggage and just taking a carry-on. I have a little anxiety about this as I tend to thrive on over-packing and knowing I have everything I need and more. This weekend I'm only taking what I need. 

I'm starting today with planning - or else Thursday night will sneak up on me and I'll be doing this in front of my empty bags. Any help from you all as far as packing a carry on, packing liquids and makeup, and any other traveling tips you have would be amazing! Please share! Please! 


Natasha Fatah said...

Ok, you made me laugh out loud with that "I'll be doing this" image! :D

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

Kiki's Corner said...

I feel your pain on only being able to bring what you need and not being able to have all that you want. Its a challenge for me too.

When it comes to make up i pick my largest make up bag and whatever fits in there is what I take and not a thing more (that includes face wash, etc)

With clothes I'm an avid fan of cardigans and simple/natural shirts. It makes it easy to bring roughly 2 of each and depending on the bottoms you bring you'll have at minimum 4 outfits :)

Hope that helps :) Have a great trip!


Lexie said...

I totally suck at packing too. But, a litany of weekend trips the past year has started to whip me into shape.

Kiehl's offers a lot of their cleansers/hair products in airport-friendly sizes, so I try to stock up on those. (If you go there and buy some products, they are very generous with samples!)

With makeup, I tend to just bring the essentials (blush, mascara, eyeliner, lip balm, and concealer) with a fun eye shadow palette so I can change it up a bit.

The biggest key to avoiding checked luggage is wearing all your bulkiest items (boots, jacket/blazer) and using them as cushions on the plane ;) I also try to make sure I pack things that I can mix and match, ie. blazer and heels with jeans or with a dress. And rolling your clothes rather than folding them usually helps save space.

Have a good trip!

Cindie said...

Bring things that don't wrinkle easily, especially camis and tops that you can roll up and stick along the edges of the suitcase instead of folding them flat!

South on Broadway said...

I think you have to lay it all out on your bed and see what layering pieces can go with each other to make multiple outfits. Another tip (that is a constant struggle for me) is minimalizing my makeup and getting ready tools. Taking only what you really need and then 1-2 extra items that can kick up your look will help you save precious space. If all else fails, you can always use your biggest handbag for additional space for a jacket, scarf and a pair of flats. Good luck girl!


Rachel DeSimone said...

I've gone out of town for work twice this month, I totally feel your pain. Thankfully I didn't have to fly this time, so I didn't have to deal with checking my make-up/hair kit AND my clothes. Have fun this weekend and enjoy the challenge of the carry-on bag!