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After the announcement of wanting to start freestyle FRIDAY last week, I was more than pleased with the response I received! I've gotten several email inquiries about advice, styling help, and how to remixing specific pieces. I'm so excited to share them with you each Friday - and more than anything, I hope they are helpful!

One of my first emails came from Ashley. She had recently purchased this maxi dress from Kohls and wanted my opinion on how to  style the dress, but more importantly, make it office appropriate. So office appropriate is what I made it!

The Look
FSF - Ashley
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The Breakdown

Jacket: My first thought was a cover-up - some type of jacket or cardigan. I've never worked in an office, but I'm pretty sure a sleeveless maxi isn't appropriate in most office situations. I'm also pretty sure that office is a nice name for ice box - they're usually always freezing (or maybe that's just me?). Since a maxi doesn't always offer structure I thought a great way to gain this would be either through a fitted blazer or a belted cardigan.

Shoes: Again with the differences in offices - some allow open-toed shoes and some do not. So I have two options - black sandals or black flats. Given the colors and pattern of the dress, I felt as if a black shoe is a great option - although, I think gold would look fabulous if you weren't keen on black. Now, not everyone likes a flat shoe - if you prefer a wedge or heel instead, go with that.

Belt: I mentioned this above, but I added in a coral belt to a.) give the look some shape by accentuating the waist and b.) to bring some subtle color to the black cardigan and tie in the coral in the flowers.

Jewelry: I went with a beaded cuff - in the color of your choice. I had originally considered bangles, but they can get pretty annoying if you are constantly moving around and especially to your co-workers who are most likely within close proximity. If you aren't a big bracelet person, I think earrings or a pendant necklace would be a great way to tie in the coral or turquoise in the dress. I would advise to keep the jewelry minimal. With such a bold print too many pieces of jewelry can really ruin the look - and honestly, probably isn't that appropriate for the office.

On an "I need your feedback" note, what do you all think? do you like the breakdown and the variety of options or would you rather seen one distinct look and a minimal blurb about what I chose? I'd love to know what you all think!


Mimi said...

I love the options, and I think this is great for the office...well done;)

Aesthetic Lounge

Susanna N. said...

Love that you are doing this, but did you know the dress is navy? Not sure how great it would look with a black cardigan or blazer. It's funny because I actually tried this dress on at Kohl's and work in an office and wondered what I could wear to make it office appropriate. Couldn't come up with anything so I didn't purchase it!

Emerald said...

love this!!

Emma Z said...

I like the break down & I love reading your advice {especially the interview post!}


Jessica said...

I like the options--this gives her two ways to style it or just one if she doesn't like the other. Well done!

Kelly said...

I think this is great advice! awesome post :) And the dress is really pretty.


Anonymous said...

Linley, this is a fabulous segment! I love the format and the length... you are so creative! :) Happy Saturday!

Unknown said...

I love it! I love the tory flats.


Anonymous said...

I really like this idea and the layout. I think it's really clear and I'm super interested in reading about the reasons why you chose each piece. I'd love to see an update with outfit pictures of the subject actually wearing the look, too, if there's a future for that!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Never would have thought you can make a maxi dress office friendly...but done and achieved by Linley!

Emma said...

Love this idea! Maybe if you want options, you could do two images? Like, one image with the blazer and sandals, and another with the cardi and flats. That way, we can picture everything more cohesively.

But both outfits look like they'd be really nice...and I do work in an office, and officially deem them office-appropriate :)

JB said...

This is such a great idea! I can't wait to see what all you come up with!