I've had my eyes on a few things as of lately.

I first saw these pumps on a style blog I read daily, and I instantly feel in love. Aren't they fabulous? I had  a difficult time trying to decide between the yellow and the red, but I just can't stop starting at the red. I love them. I want them. They are gorgeous. 

Something else I have been wanting for quite some time. And yes, I want these in red too. I have zero shoes in red, so it's ok. Hunter makes so many vibrant colored rain boots, and this is my favorite. And sometimes you need a pop of color on those gloomy days. Last night I entered a contest to win a pair of these - so let's keep our fingers crossed!

Ahh, the clipless curling iron. For quite some time, a long time, I have been using my regular curling iron as a clipless iron. I just use my thumb to hold the clip up and then wrap each section of hair around the barrel. To me, it creates a much more natural and flowing looking curl. So I think it's almost time for me to get a clipless curling iron. I like this one for it's price, but hopefully I'll work my way up to this one

This spray adds texture to your hair, giving it that been on the beach all day hair - which I think is gorgeous any time of year. I've heard nothing but positive reviews on it, so I think it may actually do what it says. I definitely want to try it. 


kelseychristiansonwilliams said...

i approve all these items! :) and definitely get the surf spray--i love it!

Linley said...

thank you (: i hope to eventually have all of these! esp. the surf spray! glad to know it's recommended!