Lunchtime Links

This is my 100th post at D&T! 

I'm starting something new to celebrate! I hope you all will like it. It's called 
Lunchtime Links
 A couple times a week I am going to share a few links I've found on the world wide web. They will be random - food, music, random facts, interesting site, anything!! So let's start this!

  1. Having a dinner party or get-together at your house? Add this simple detail to the table to impress.

  2. Cats are a little weird, but extremely entertaining

  3. Have you always heard that baking soda has so many uses, but never known what they are? Now you do.

  4. Do your parents deserve to make an appearance on this blog?


megan said...

Love the link idea! Congrats on your 100th post!

Unknown said...

Cats may be a bit strange, but you know your love for Lewis the cat-dog is true and strong! LOL

Linley said...

Rhian, I do have quite a special place in my heart for Lewis. Mostly likely because he is a cat-dog, not a cat. And he insisted on hanging out in the bathroom with me - which was sweet. Until he opened the door for everyone to watch. Cat-dogs...