Over the Weekend:

We tackled the nine hour drive to NC over the weekend. And it was well worth it. Here are my highlights:

  • Seeing my mom, brother, and Chloe (the dog) - my dad had to work over the weekend, so I couldn't see him... so sad.
  • Seeing and tailgating with friends (shmeeee, Tyra!).
  • Being in Raleigh. 
  • Feeling and smelling that central NC air.
  • Wearing cowboy boots and shorts together in in public.
  • Participating in the largest party in NC that is NCSU tailgating. 
  • Being in Carter-Finley and cheering with 57K+ fans
  • Seeing the Wolfpack run onto the field.
  • Seeing our new, live mascot, Tuffy.
  • My pre-made mimosa that was carried around in my Sunny D jug. 
  • Seeing red everywhere, seeing people with NC State apparel - and not seeing Alabama or Auburn anywhere!
  • My mommy taking me to Sephora for my birthday present!
  • Being in Crabtree.
  • Crackin' open and eating peanuts during the game. 
  • Eating Bojangles. Twice.
  • Givign high-fives to the three little girls sitting behind us everytime the Wolfpack would score or make a play that was worthy of more than just clapping. 
Although the Wolfpack received their first L of the season, we had a blast. There's just something about being back on campus, back in Carter-Finley, back around people who feel the same die-hard love for the school and the team that you feel. It's like being home. I loved it. And it re-confirmed just how much we love and miss Raleigh. 

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