WoodWick Candles

Have you used these candles before? I've heard nothing but good things about them, but never had any - until now.

Last week I was checking out at TJMaxx and while I was in line (if you are familiar with the store, you will know all about this) I was browsing the kiosks they have up front that pretty much form the lines (get it?).  One of the kiosks was filled with candles. A particular burnt-yellow colored candle caught my eye and I immediately grabbed it to sniff. In my mind, a fall colored candle = a fall scent. So I looked at it first; it was by WW and it was called lemongrass. Not really a Fall scent, but I like lemongrass, so I had high hopes for this candle as I took it to my nose. I am an OM-moment as I sniffed until my lungs were full. This candle went straight into my cart along with all other visable WW lemongrass candles - it was only two.

After I checked out I saw several more on the other side. And now that I'm writing this, I'm wondering why I haven't been back to snatch up the remaining delicious candles. I will have to stop by. Like, right after I click "publish post." Y'all, this smell. It's one of those smells that is so wonderful you could eat it. I haven't even lit these guys yet, and I get whiffs all the time throughout the house. You know it's a good candle when you don't even have to lite it to smell it.

I couldn't find a picture online, so I don't know if they are limited edition or retired or what, but if you live within a drivable distance to a TJ, I would suggest you go browse the candle section for this one. He's a keeper.

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