I Could Scream

...because I am so. excited!

Y'all, I have been on the HUNT for Urban Decay's Naked Palette. I have seen this thing everywhere and heard nothing but the best about it. So last week I decided that this palette was:

1. Versatile for me and my makeup needs.
2. Priced well for all that you get (considering UD eye shadow pods are $18 each - and this one comes with 12 which are the same size as an individual pod, plus two eye pencils - that I've heard fabulous things about, and a travel sized UD Eye Primer Potion) It's a deal.
3. Great for traveling (because it's so slim and versatile).

So I was greatly disappointed when I walk into my local Sephora and it's no where to be found. A lady called the Sephora warehouse and they were out. Ulta was out. UD warehouse was out. Everywhere on the internet - OUT. There's nothing more disappointing than deciding you are going to splurge a bit on something well worth it, and then find out it's nowhere to be found. After the lady hung up the phone, she informed me that the palette was in high demand and was sold out everywhere (and it was only released mid-July). UD is working hard in the factory and would hopefully have some made and back in stock in 3-4 weeks. 3-4 WEEKS??? How can I wait that long when I want it now? I was tapping into my inner Veruca Salt. That's definitely a characteristic of mine: when I want something, I want it then. Instant results. I likey.

So all week long I have religiously, like at least three times a day, been checking Sephora, Ulta, UD, google shopping, and the entire WWW for "Urban Decay Naked Palette". Except today. I usually wake up and immediately check.

I almost didn't check today. But for some reason I decided ehhh I guess I'll take a look - not hopeful at all. Why would I be? They are non-existent for another 3+ weeks. Then... Amazon.com popped up: IN-STOCK. I did a double check to make sure it was 1. New, 2. the real thing, and 3. Still in-stock. My jaw dropped. I added it to my cart, leaped off the couch for my purse, and got through the check out process probably setting some kind of Guinness Book of World Records record. And now... IT'S ON ITS WAY!

Just made my weekend.

Isn't it beautiful?

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