Friday Favorites

Yesterday when I was out and about, I stopped by Rite Aid who happened to be running a sale for 40% off all Maybelline products. I grabbed a couple things I had heard good reviews on and wanted to try and while I was there I took a look through their lip products. 

Now, I am a very picky lipstick kind of gal when it comes to color. I prefer places like Sephora, Ulta, and department stores where you can try on the color before purchasing, but this Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick had an entire line of nothing but neutrals. I love neutral lipstick. (They also have an entire red line, pink line, plum line, and pearl line) So I am looking through the natural line's swatches on the display and finally decide to purchase Totally Toffee

I check out, get into my car, and immediately pull out the lipstick. I run it across my lips and boom. It is a perfect color. I nailed that one and I was so excited. Not only was the color exactly what I wanted, but it was moisturizing and smooth. And not too shiny and not too matte. Perfect. Looove.

My luck with lipsticks that work for me goes a little like this: find perfect color, use up the tube, go back to purchase new tube, color is discontinued. I swear. Like every single time. (I'll never forget you Sephora brand #49. Moment of silence, please.) So on the way home I have to pass a Walmart. The idea of this color and line discontinuing or being limited edition or whatever is running through my head and I determine, I need to stock up. So I stop by Walmart - and surprise, surprise, I think the Walmart price of these things was less than the sale price at Rite Aid (so if you decide you want to try these, go to Walmart). I grab myself another Totally Toffee - which is like a taupe with pink undertones. I then decided since I am having luck with this neutral line, maybe I should branch out. And by branch out, I mean stay in the neutral line, but buy a pink and a red toned neutral. So I ended up leaving there with Warm Me Up (neutral pink) and Warm & Cozy (neutral red). 

Again, as soon as I get in my car I try out my new colors - and, I love them. They are definitely my new favorites right now - and this lipstick goes on and looks like a lot of $20+ lipsticks out there, so who doesn't like a great deal like that? Definitely go try them out if you are in the market for a new lipstick that has great quality and a great price!

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