The Sock Bun

Through Facebook I stumbled across a video that claimed putting your hair into a "sock bun" before going to bed would result in beautiful curls the next morning. I was curious. No heat? No slaving over the curling iron and rollers? Yes, please. So I tried it. And it works. Amazingly. And I wanted to share.

Here is the sock bun.

Here is my hair after sleeping in the sock bun.


Kim Barrett said...

So jealous yours worked !?! haha maybe my hair is too short? Have a great day with your gorgeous curls !

Sam said...

I saw the sock bun for the first time here, and while my hair does not curl nearly that well, it does curl. Magic, I tell you!

I've seen what the video says to do, but how wet is your hair when you put it in/do you use any hair products?