REVIEW: ProfilePRO Customized Hair Care

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I've never been fussy over shampoo or conditioner. I don't have a go-to brand or type of product that I use on a daily basis. I've used everything - drug store brands like Tresemme and Herbal Essence to more expensive products like Bumble and Bumble, Paul Mitchell, and Wen. I've never stuck with one brand too long and I've never been against trying new brands. So when ProfliePRO asked me to try out their customizable products, I was happy to do so!

The Product:

Basically, ProfliePRO customizes and formulates it's products for your specific hair type based on a questionnaire you fill out prior to placing an order.

You answer these questions, customize the name of your own shampoo and conditioner, and then check out. Easy-peasy!

They've put in the work and done their homework. They've analyzed different profile results and tested them on the various hair types to make sure each custom profile works! Their products are made in a manufacturing facility for cosmetics and hair products in Italy. The products are sulfate free for a gentle clean.

The Review:

My initial thought when I read about this product was awesome. Most shampoos and conditioners I've used only consider one (maybe two) characteristics of hair (re: for blondes, thickening, or smoothing). So to come across a product that's formulated for my type, texture, behavior, and scalp - all in one - was pretty impressive and definitely got me interested.

So I customized my products. My hair is wavy, frizzy, and thick. It's colored. And my scalp is between normal and dry. I chose the Jasmine scent. And done. It was being made in Italy and soon would be at my door.

First off, the signature Jasmine scent is ahhhh-stinkin'-mazin' y'all. For real. It's perfectly pleasant. Some beauty product scents are just too much. Over-bearing and sometimes even overcompensating for the product itself. I'm sure the other ProflinePRO scent options are just as great, but I totally recommend Jasmine.

It took me a couple weeks to really use the product and feel comfortable writing about it. I wash my hair 1-2 times a week, so I wanted to get in a few washes before forming any opinions. Because I don't wash my hair daily, it's important for me to have a shampoo that really cleans the scalp. I use dry shampoo daily and between that and just being out in the elements, I get a decent amount of buildup  around my roots after a few days. So shampoo is crucial for me. I don't care about the brand, it just needs to cleanse and restore my hair.

I had just a couple issues with the shampoo. Each time I washed my hair, I found myself having to use excess amounts to cover all of my hair. The website states that the shampoo does not lather due to it being sulfate-free. I've actually used a couple of non-lathering shampoos that have been great. The problem I had with the ProfliePRO was that it didn't really distribute. Once I put the shampoo in one area, it was almost impossible for me to move the product elsewhere. It felt like it just disappeared into my hair. I subsequently had to use more and more of the product to cover my entire head. I do have a lot of hair, but I just found it annoying that I had to go back to the bottle multiple times per wash.

In addition to that, as I mentioned, I need a product that washes away the buildup and grime; however, my scalp didn't feel as clean as I wanted it following a wash - which could have just been a result of having a difficult time moving the product around in my hair. So that was disappointing. In contrast to that, the shampoo is marketed as gentle and if you're someone who washes daily, it would probably be perfect for you. I need a deeper clean because of my washing schedule.

I think if you wash your hair every day or even every other day you need to try this customizable shampoo and conditioner. If you only wash a couple times a week, you may find it to be too gentle for a really good cleaning. Either way, I highly recommend everyone giving it a try!

***For 40% off a trial size at ProfilePRO use code: DT40OFF***


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Jeffrey Olive said...

As I look to recapture my me time as a mom, company's like ProfilePro are giving me hair care product that makes me feel special because they are created for me. It's nice to take my style back and hit the day feeling like a million bucks.